Undergraduate Living at Stony Brook

The Division of Campus Residences Stony Brook University

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E-mail Address: reside@stonybrook.edu
General Housing Information: www.studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/res/

Housing Styles

All rooms come furnished with an extra-long twin bed, desk, chair, dresser, and bookcase for each resident, have high-speed networked access to the Internet, and are equipped with state-of-the-art phone systems featuring digital phone mail, conference calling, and call forwarding. A cable access connection in each room provides Cablevision’s® premium service (currently offering HBO1 and 2).

Mendelsohn Quad
  • Undergraduate College of Information Technology Studies (for Freshmen)
  • WISE (Women in Science and Engineering)
  • Science and Engineering Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
Buildings: Ammann, Gray, Irving, and O’Neill Colleges

Mendelsohn Quad is conveniently located near the Student Union, the Melville Library, LaValle Stadium, the Sports Complex, and the Student Health Service. Irving College, which is open during winter break, offers its residents cooking facilities. O'Neill College offers a 24 hour quiet community while Gray College offers a substance free living environment.

H Quad
  • Undergraduate College of Leadership and Service (for Freshmen)
  • Community Service Learning, Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
  • Leadership Development Living Learning Center
Buildings: Benedict, James, and Langmuir Colleges

H Quad features a residential dining hall called Campus Connection. James is open during winter break and Langmuir offers a 24 hour quiet community as an option.

Tabler Quad
  • Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture, and Humanities (for Freshmen)
  • Media Arts Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
  • Interdisciplinary Arts Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
  • Honors College
Buildings: Hand, Douglass, Dreiser, Sanger, and Toscanini Colleges

Tabler Quad surrounds an apple orchard. Residents dine at the nearby Roth Quad Cafeteria. Hand College is open during the annual winter intersession and features kitchenettes in each suite area. Dreiser College is a 24 hour quiet and substance free community.

Kelly Quad
  • Undergraduate College of Human Development (for Freshmen)
  • Human Sexual and Gender Development Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
  • Health and Wellness Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
Buildings: Baruch, Dewey, Eisenhower, Hamilton, Schick Colleges and Lauterbur Hall

One of three residential cafeterias is located in this quad. Schick offers a 24-Hour Quiet Community and Baruch offers a substance free community.

Roth Quad
  • Undergraduate College of Science and Society (for Freshmen)
  • Environmental Studies Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
Buildings: Cardozo, Gershwin, Hendrix, Mount, and Whitman Colleges

Close to academic buildings, Roth Quad surrounds a pond—the site of the annual Roth Pond Regatta, a Stony Brook tradition that brings students, faculty, and staff together to race cardboard boats. Roth Quad Cafeteria features a food court. All Roth Quad rooms are air conditioned. Gershwin College offers the option of cooking and a 24-Hour Quiet Community. Mount College offers the options of a Substance Free community.

Roosevelt Quad
  • Undergraduate College of Global Studies (for Freshmen)
  • International Studies Living Learning Center (for Transfers)
Buildings: Greeley, Keller, Stimson, Wagner Colleges and Yang Hall

All buildings are accessible to students with physical disabilities. Roosevelt has limited availability of single rooms. Stimson College is designated as a 24 hour quiet community while Keller College is designated as a substance free community.

Recommended for students in Nursing and School of Health Technology and Management clinical programs

Chapin, Schomburg, and West Apartments

Click to view floor plans for Chapin, Shomburg, and West Apartments.

The West Apartments feature single and double occupancy bedrooms in an apartment-style setting for upper-division Stony Brook students with at least a semester of prior residency in Stony Brook residence halls as well as a 3.0 GPA. 24-Hour Quiet and Substance Free Communities are available within West. All Apartments are open on a 12 month calendar basis.

Chapin and Schomburg combine the privacy and comfort of apartment living with the convenience of living on campus. Designed to house graduate and family applicants, both facilities offer year-round housing.

For a virtual tour and more information, call (631) 632-6767 or visit the Campus Residences Web site at www.studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/res/.