Payments and Anticipated Aid

All students, after registering for classes, will be sent a billing statement with instructions for making payments. Each billing statement will list University charges less any anticipated aid. Anticipated aid is any award that has been accepted but has not yet been disbursed to your University account. Please note that award estimates, stipends, Federal Work-Study, and student reported awards are not recorded as anticipated aid. Only charges for tuition, fees, campus room and meal charges (not charges for graduate campus apartments), and Bookstore Campus Account may be covered by anticipated aid. In addition, anticipated aid that is not disbursed after a period of time will expire and will no longer be taken into account against any outstanding university charges.

If the current bill does not reflect anticipated aid, you must pay the amount due by the date indicated. If financial aid is received after the bill is paid, you will receive a refund. Failure to apply for financial aid in a timely manner does not relieve you from the obligation to meet all payment deadlines or late payment fees. All university charges for tuition, fees, room and meals must be paid in full before you are allowed to register for classes for the next term. Visit University Billing and Payment for details.

Time Option Payment Plan In addition to financial aid, Stony Brook offers the Time Option Payment Plan (TOPP). This program allows you (and your parents) to make equal and consecutive payments throughout the term, rather than paying the total balance of the bill.