Health Sciences Bulletin

Academic Regulations and Procedures


The academic regulations and procedures in this Bulletin apply to all students in the Health Sciences programs. Exceptions are noted where applicable. Regulations and procedures that are specific to a school or degree program are listed in the “School” or “Program” section of this Bulletin.

Registration and Academic Records

Completion of registration (enrollment of coursework), in accordance with instructions issued by the Health Sciences Office of Student Services, is a prerequisite to class attendance. Registration for all students is conducted each term by the University’s online student system, SOLAR. Advance registration begins in November for the following spring and winter, and in April for the following summer and fall. Final registration takes place through the first 10 days of classes. Registration on or after the first day of classes will result in a late registration fee.

In exceptional circumstances, students may request late petition to enroll in coursework after day 10. If approved by the academic department and dean of the school. Late registration fees will be processed according to procedures implemented by the Bursar and Student Accounts Offices.

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