Areas of Responsibility

Professional Appointments

This section is responsible for:

  • Appointments including UUP 211 waivers, re-appointments, permanent appointments, term appointments and summer session appointments.
  • Extra service/dual employment appointments.
  • Resignations, non-renewals, terminations.
  • Graduate and Teaching Assistant appointments, re-appointments, salary changes, terminations.
  • Performance programs and evaluations.
  • Leave, salary changes, title, status and FTE changes.
  • Maintaining Immigration/Visa information and I-9 file retention.
  • Personnel transaction notices to employees.

Classified Appointments

This section is responsible for:

  • Liaison between Civil Service and West Campus Human Resource Services.
  • Appointing eligible persons from Civil Service lists to State classified positions.
  • Determining and ranking eligible persons for non-competitive State classified positions.
  • Appointing eligible persons to Labor Class positions.
  • Utilizing PeopleSoft and NYSTEP Systems to input all State classified appointments, changes and terminations.
  • Processing State Classified probation forms, reviewing requests for extensions and terminations.
  • Processing and reviewing performance programs and evaluations.
  • Advising employees on Civil Service examinations and their placement on Civil Service lists.
  • Arranging Employee Health Service physical examinations.
  • Re-certifications and re-classifications.
  • Reinstatement of former employees to state service.
  • Job placement for 55b candidates.
  • Administer typing performance tests.
  • Initiate background investigations for prospective new employees.

State Payroll

This section is responsible for:

  • Payment for all appointments and leaves.
  • Payments for overtime, standby/on-call, lost time, extra time, pre-shift briefing, uniform allowance, shift pay, vacation lump sum pay, longevity, inconvenience pay, extra service, negotiated salary increases, salary deferral & payback.
  • Overtime journal entries.
  • Salary calculations and re-certifications.
  • SFE, Hourly/Fee Payroll.
  • Graduate and Teaching Assistant payroll processing.
  • Maintain general payroll coding.
  • Hourly/Fee journal entries.
  • Paycheck adjustments.
  • Retroactive salary adjustments.
  • Performance advances (step increases).
  • Salary increases and corrections.
  • Salary overpayments.
  • Payroll Schedule.

State Tax & Deductions

This section is responsible for:

  • Tax deferred annuities.
  • Name and address changes.
  • Supplemental retirement annuities.
  • Employee retirement system.
  • Aetna annuities.
  • Arrears payment for retirement.
  • Retirement loan repayment.
  • United Way / SEFA.
  • Higher education loan repayment.
  • Federal withholding taxes.
  • New York State withholding taxes.
  • Social Security / Medicare taxes.
  • Advanced Earned Income Credit.
  • Disciplinary fines.
  • Traffic fines.
  • Monthly parking garage fees.
  • Credit Union.
  • Direct Deposit Program.
  • Processing and distributing W-2 Forms.
  • Duplicate W-2's.
  • Duplicate 1042S
  • Form 8233 for NRA's.

Student Employment

This section is responsible for:

  • Student appointments and payroll processing.
  • Student payroll split changes.
  • Student employment verifications.

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