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State Open Enrollment Notice

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To: State Employees Enrolled in a Health Insurance Plan
From: Lisa Coleman, Manager of Employee Benefits, Human Resource Services
Date: November 5th, 2007

Option Transfer Period

The Health Insurance Option Transfer Period began on November 1 and will end 30 days from the date that premium information is distributed. During the transfer period, you may elect to change your health insurance options. We recommend that you evaluate your health care needs to determine if a change should be made. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO MAKE ANY CHANGES, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RESPOND TO THIS MEMORANDUM.

To assist with your evaluation, we recommend you read the "Choices" booklet which provides specific coverage information for each health plan. You may email or call the Benefits Office for the “Choices” booklet which will help you to make an informed decision. The Benefits staff can be reached by phone at (631) 632-6165 or by email at

Your health plan options for 2008 are:

  • Empire Plan (877-769-7447)
  • HIP (800-447-8255)
  • Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield HMO (800-662-5193)


The Division of Employee Benefits in Albany will send premium information to your home address shortly.

To Change Your Health Insurance Option

To change your option, you must complete form PS-404; if you select an HMO, you must also complete an HMO enrollment form which can only be obtained from the Benefits Office. You may obtain the PS-404 from the Benefits Office, Administration Building, Room 390; or, by visiting our website at, click on Forms and Publications, click Benefits and select PS404 NYS Health Insurance Transaction Form (Non-Student Employees); or, by emailing

Pre-Tax Program

When you enrolled in a health insurance plan, you were automatically enrolled in the Pre-Tax Contribution Program (PTCP) unless you signed a waiver. To determine if you are in the pre-tax program, please look at your pay stub under “Before Tax Deductions”. You are in the pre-tax program if the description states “Regular Before Tax Health”. The PTCP allows you to have your share of the health insurance premium deducted from your gross biweekly salary before taxes are calculated. Participation in this program saves you money by decreasing your taxes but, it also takes away flexibility in making changes to your health plan during the calendar year without an IRS “qualifying event”. Such changes might include canceling your health plan or changing from family to individual coverage. Examples of IRS “qualifying events are: divorce, only dependent child losing eligibility, spouse gaining or losing employment. Participation in the PTCP allows you to make the above changes to your health care plan only during the Option Transfer Period.

If you wish to change your PTCP status, you must complete a PS-404 and re turn it to the Benefits Office, Z=0751 by NOVEMBER 23, 2007 close of business.

CC: L. Johnson,
R. West