Prostate Cancer Screening (PCS)

Legislation enacted in July 2004 (Chapter 237, Laws of 2004) amended the Civil Service Law to entitle State employees to take up to four hours of paid leave (without charge to leave accruals) annually for screening for prostate cancer. There is no requirement that employees be subject to the Attendance Rules in order to be eligible for this benefit.

Prostate cancer screening includes physical exams and blood work for the detection of prostate cancer. Travel time is included in the four hours of paid leave. Absence beyond four hours must be charged to leave accruals.

Employees who undergo prostate cancer screenings outside their regular work schedule (pass day or holiday) do so on their own time. Leave for prostate cancer screening is not cumulative and expires at the close of business on the last day of each calendar year.

Employees must indicate "PCS" (Prostate Cancer Screening) on their time sheet when the leave is used and attach appropriate medical documentation to support the absence.