Mandatory Infirmary Fee

The State of New York requires every student at Stony Brook to pay a mandatory (required) infirmary fee. This fee covers comprehensive health services for both medical and mental health problems, for students and visiting scholars. This fee permits ONLY students to use the Infirmary on the West Campus, where most services are free. The Infirmary is not a hospital, and cannot take care of serious medical problems. The Infirmary fee cannot be used for medical services outside the Infirmary.

Medical Services that are beyond the scope of the Student Health Service can be obtained either at University Hospital Medical Center or through other medical providers in the community. However, the infirmary fee will not cover the cost of any medical services outside the Student Health Service building. Call (631) 632-6740 for further information.

The Infirmary Fee is part of your Comprehensive Fee and is currently $123.00 per semester.

The Student Health Service building is the only location on campus where the mandatory health fee can be used. The hours are 08:00AM to 12:00PM and 01:00PM to 05:30PM Monday through Friday. For emergencies call (631) 632-3333.

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