In Huffington Post Op-ed, President Stanley Calls for Research Funding


In a recent Huffington Post article, “Federal Investment in Research Still Essential,” Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD, discussed why our government’s investment in basic research is vital for the United States to remain a global leader in innovation.

“Our federal government’s investment in basic research has formed the backbone of some of the most advanced technology and life transforming discoveries that benefit us every day,” President Stanley wrote.

Figures cited by Stanley show that federal research funding is in a drastic decline and private funding, meanwhile, is failing to make up the difference.

“The fact that many enlightened philanthropists are lending their support to basic and applied research is wonderful, but it should not and cannot replace government support for basic research,” Stanley wrote. “Our country’s investment in basic scientific research has changed the world, and helped make us the global leader for innovation.”

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  1. Nothing made me more GLADD than this publication and presidential policy position. Sam Stanley has gone above and beyond down in D.C. and around the campus community by setting the benchmark for innovation and the pursuit of educational excellence. As a member of Alumni networks and current class, I truly stand firm behind his leadership and challenge the administrative agenda with veracious vigor as long as they allow me too…

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