October 22 Provost’s Lecture with Catherine Malabou


From Sorrow to Indifference
Catherine Malabou is a professor at the Centre for Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University, London. A former student of Jacques Derrida, she is the author of The Future of Hegel (1996), The Heidegger Change (2004), What Should We Do With Our Brain? (2004) and The New Wounded (2007).

Abstract: In light of the most recent neurobiological research on the emotional brain, Catherine Malabou proposes to replace Deleuze’s statement about Spinoza — “inspiring sad passions is necessary for the exercise of power” — with “inspiring indifference has become necessary for the exercise of power.” Have coolness and unconcern replaced wonder?

This Provost’s Lecture, co-sponsored by the Humanities Institute and the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory, will be held on Tuesday, October 22, at 4 pm in Humanities 1008.
 A reception will follow the lecture.


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