New York State Center for Clean Water Technology to be Established at Stony Brook


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced the establishment of the New York State Center for Clean Water Technology at Stony Brook University, initially tasked with developing and commercializing the next generation of nitrogen removal technology for on-site septic systems and cesspools.

“Superstorm Sandy showed us how important coastal resiliency is to helping Long Island communities withstand the impact of extreme weather. Today we’re acting on that lesson and strengthening our natural defenses against future storms,” Governor Cuomo said.

Currently, technology does not exist to effectively remove nitrogen from septic system and cesspool effluent in an effective and cost-efficient manner. These are the major sources of nitrogen that is polluting Suffolk County’s waterways and destroying protective wetland habitat that is vital to improving storm resiliency. Stony Brook University’s New York State Center for Clean Water Technology will research, develop and commercialize the next generation of technology to remove nitrogen from septic system and cesspool effluent. The Center will establish New York State as a global leader in this industry as this technology could help communities on Long Island, across the nation and around the world address this issue.

Governor Cuomo, Suffolk County and Stony Brook University have agreed to designate $2 million from this year’s budget as initial seed money to establish the Center as part of a larger long-term initiative. Stony Brook University will dispatch the appropriate human capital resources including research faculty and graduate students, and designate laboratory facilities to anchor the work to research projects needed to move the initiative forward.

“Stony Brook University is committed to this extremely important initiative that, through research and technology transfer, will help identify and establish new resources to improve water quality on Long Island for the near- and long-term,” said Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD. “We thank Governor Cuomo for this financial and environmental commitment, and for entrusting this important piece of the puzzle to Stony Brook University. Thanks to that commitment, I’m confident that our students and faculty will make significant contributions to this initiative.”


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