What Makes You a Seawolf Contest


Nearly two decades ago, Stony Brook University Athletics adopted the Seawolves as its official team name, and since then, has built its program on five pillars: commitment, passion, pride, respect and swagger. Now Athletics is asking you to help find people in the community that illustrate these characteristics.

If you know someone who truly embodies what it means to be a Seawolf, please nominate that person by emailing SeawolvesTickets@stonybrook.edu. Include a brief description of the individual along with the reasons why he or she is the ultimate Seawolf.

Five winners will receive two complimentary men’s basketball season tickets for the 2014-2015 inaugural season in the new 4,000-seat Stony Brook Arena.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 14.


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  1. Lautaro Epstein on

    I would like to nominate Shaun Lally. Lally is my, and my team’s wrestling coach for the club team at Stony Brook. Lally is truly a Seawolf. He has done things for the wrestling program that no one has ever done before. He got us involved in competition in the NCWA. Thanks to him, we have an actual team. He goes out of his way to promote our program and raise money, and get us to competitive events, and the craziest part of all is he doesn’t even get paid, he does it out of straight love for this university, program, wrestling, and us, his second family, as he calls us. Coach Lally is an incredible individual, he really is a true example of everything a Seawolf should be. He shows his commitment to his team. He shows passion; it is an understatement how much passion he shows, words cannot explain how much this man loves this university, and our wrestling program. The amount of pride he shows to be a Seawolf, and coach of seawolves is also great, always wearing stony brook wrestling gear, and promoting our program throughout social networks, or even face to face with people. Lally is a very respectful, and respected individual. He always teaches us to be respectful to other teams, and athletes, and anyone that may cross our path. Other schools, coaches and programs also show him great respect for everything he does for our team, and the way he handles himself in life. And lastly, the swagger that coach Lally has is out of this world. He’s a young fellow, even though we have that respect barrier between athlete and coach, he is still very involved, and one of us. We always have fun on trips, we joke around, have awesome personal conversations, and he always has advice for how to handle life. He designs our warm ups, and shirts, always swagging them out.
    I truly think Shaun Lally deserves to be one of the winners, because he is everything a Seawolf should be, and more.

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