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Urban Omnibus - tags: essential,sustainability,nyc,architecture,infrastructure,energy,design

Energy and Climate News | InsideClimate News - tags: essential,news,nyc,climatechange,energy,science

InsideClimate News is an award-winning, non-profit, non-partisan news organization that covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science—plus the territory in between where law, policy and public opinion are shaped. Our mission is to produce clear, objective stories that give the public and decision-makers the information they need to navigate the heat and emotion of climate and energy debates.

Urban Green Council - tags: building,essential,leed,advocacy,community,nyc,education,research,city,environment,sustainability,energy,design

Urban Green Council is the New York Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Their mission is to lead in advancing the sustainability of urban buildings through education, advocacy and research.

USGS: Hurricane Sandy - tags: longisland,geology,essential,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,beach,nyc,climatechange,newjersey,energy

USGS crews are out surveying the damage, recovering the sensors deployed before the storm, and collecting data that will be crucial to recovery efforts.

MTA - tags: longisland,essential,transportation,nyc,energy

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is North America's largest transportation network, serving a population of 14.9 million people in the 5,000-square-mile area fanning out from New York City through Long Island, southeastern New York State, and Connecticut.

Center for an Urban Future - tags: technology,essential,ngo,planning,news,future,sustainability,nyc,energy

The Center for an Urban Future is a public policy organization dedicated to improving the overall health of New York City and serving its long-term interests by targeting problems facing low-income and working-class neighborhoods in all five boroughs.

Recommendations to Improve the Strength and Resilience of the Empire State’s Infrastructure - tags: essential,hurricane_sandy,smartgrid,stormsurge,nyc,nys,transportation,climatechange,hurricane,longisland,weather,sustainability,government,infrastructure,energy

Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline (CARP) - tags: gas,politics,essential,queens,pipeline,rockaway,nyc,energy

Inhabitat New York City - tags: essential,sustainability,architecture,nyc,infrastructure,energy,design

Superstorm Sandy: Before, During And Beyond : NPR - tags: fema,essential,hurricane_sandy,erosion,gasoline,superstorm_sandy,beach,nyc,climatechange,hurricane,longisland,npr,connecticut,nj,superstorm,newjersey,energy

The Northeast region recovers from the massive storm, which blew through coastal regions late Oct. 29, killed more than 100 people, and destroyed homes and businesses.

MetroFocus | THIRTEEN - tags: television,essential,pbs,nyc,media

MetroFocus is a multi-platform magazine covering news, culture and life in and around New York. MetroFocus delivers local content with a public media sensibility to help fill the gaps left by commercial news coverage and to amplify the excellent work of niche media and nonprofits in the region.

CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities - tags: building,essential,cuny,community,nyc,education,blog,climatechange,research,city,planning,sustainability,energy

The CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities (CISC) works to realize cities as part of the solution to global sustainability challenges.

Home - WNYC - tags: npr,essential,wnyc,news,radio,nyc,media

WNYC 93.9 FM and AM 820 are New York's flagship public radio stations, broadcasting programs from NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio International and the BBC World Service, as well as a wide range of award-winning local programming.

(UPDATED) NY MTA: Some, Not All Buses Back, No Timetable for Subways | Transportation Nation - tags: essential,subway,hurricane_sandy,weather,transportation,nyc,masstransit,energy

Millennium Pipeline Company, LLC - tags: gas,essential,pipeline,nys,nyc,energy,marcellus

Transportation Nation - tags: journalism,essential,train,radio,nys,nyc,transportation,blog,design

Home – Indianpoint Website - tags: New York City: Energy,essential,nuclear,indianpoint,nyc,energy

Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) is owned and operated by Entergy Corporation, the second largest nuclear generating company in the United States. IPEC houses three nuclear units, one of which has been decommissioned. The operating units, Unit 2 and Unit 3, generate a combined total of 2010 megawatts of electricity at an average capacity of 98% which is among the highest in the power generation industry. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year, except in the case of repairs and maintenance.

PlaNYC 2030 - tags: New York City: Energy,essential,environment,sustainability,government,nyc,energy

Released in 2007, PlaNYC was an unprecedented effort undertaken by Mayor Bloomberg to prepare the city for one million more residents, strengthen our economy, combat climate change, and enhance the quality of life for all New Yorkers. The Plan brought together over 25 City agencies to work toward the vision of a greener, greater New York. Since then, we have made significant progress towards our long-term goals.

Verdant Power : The RITE Project - tags: longisland,essential,nyc,tidal,energy

The High Line - tags: politics,building,essential,park,high_line,activisim,manhattan,architecture,nyc,garden

The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by Friends of the High Line.

New York Metropolitan Transportation Council - tags: essential,connecticut,nyc,transportation,nys,newjersey,energy,masstransit

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) is a regional council of governments that is the metropolitan planning organization for New York City, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley. NYMTC provides a collaborative planning forum to address transportation-related issues, develops regional plans and makes decisions on the use of federal transportation funds.

Regional Plan Association - tags: longisland,essential,planning,sustainability,nyc,transportation,infrastructure,energy

RPA prepares long-range plans and policies to guide the growth and development of the New York- New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region. RPA also provides leadership on national infrastructure, sustainability, and competitiveness concerns. RPA enjoys broad support from the region's and nation's business, philanthropic, civic, and planning communities. - tags: essential,government,nyc provides access to hundreds of City services, forms, jobs, and resources.

The New York Times - tags: Times,ny,news,my,nyc,media,essential

Articles and Other Sources of Information

Brooklyn Arts Council - tags: brooklyn, art, nyc,

ChocolateFactoryTheater - tags: theater, nyc, queens

The Trust for Governors Island - tags: nyc, governors_island

Mayor Bloomberg Opens Affordable, Rentable Work Space for Artists in Long Island City - tags: studio,art,nyc,real_estate

Spaceworks NYC: Home - tags: studio,art,nyc

Spaceworks is a nonprofit real estate organization dedicated to expanding the supply of long-term, affordable rehearsal and studio space for artists in New York City.

To Create Housing for Homeless, Landlords Evict Paying Tenants - WNYC - tags: nyc, homeless, housing, economics,

Amtrak Made a Smart Call to Let Tunnels Flood During Sandy - WNYC - tags: transportation, hurricane_sandy, energy, nyc, newjersey, train, flood, stormsurge,

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo Links from Around the Web - WNYC - tags: transportation, energy, nyc, train, newjersey,

RED HOOK, Brooklyn | | Forgotten New YorkForgotten New York - tags: brooklyn, nyc, redhook, architecture,

Red Hook Waterfront - tags: brooklyn, nyc, architecture, redhook,

Chinese Invest in Queens Real Estate - - tags: nyc, queens, china,

Revised Plan for Taller Midtown Fails to Assuage Critics - - tags: building,manhattan,nyc

Big Personalities Are Front And Center In NYC Mayoral Race : NPR - tags: nyc, politics, election,

Shelter from the Superstorm | Center for American Progress - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,breezy_point,nyc,recovery

Solarize Brooklyn - tags: solar,nyc,energy,brooklyn

Williamsburg Design: Mostly True Grit - - tags: nyc, williamsburg, art, brooklyn,

‘Underbelly Project’ Hidden Art Show in Abandoned Subway Station - - tags: art,nyc

The Underbelly Project, an exhibition of street art in an abandoned New York subway station, is extravagantly out of reach of the public.

Sunlight in Store for Downtown Subway Crossing - - tags: fulton,subway,art,nyc,light,energy

Building Blocks: A huge artwork incorporated in the dome of the Fulton Center subway hub under construction in Lower Manhattan will let in daylight in distinct ways and help define the station.

Bloomberg Plan Aims to Require Food Composting - - tags: food,compost,sustainability,nyc

City Adds 600,000 People to Storm Evacuation Zones - - tags: stormsurge,nyc

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center - tags: technology, engineering, art, music, nyc,

Time Lapse: The Making of a Carousel - tags: carousel,nyc,video,entertainment,brooklyn

Watch Time Lapse: The Making of a Carousel video online. News and opinion video from The NYTimes including breaking news, investigative reporting, national and international coverage. Style and celebrity video.

Summer’s Steeds, Back Home - - tags: carousel,nyc,entertainment,brooklyn

Just Food - tags: farm,urban,food,agriculture,nyc,city

Just Food is a non-profit organization that connects communities and local farms with the resources and support they need to make fresh, locally grown food accessible to all New Yorkers.

One Ny Artist - WNYC - tags: nyc, art, music, poetry,

Four Pounds Flour - tags: history,food,nyc - tags: nyc

New York Moon - tags: news,nyc,blog

List of museums and cultural institutions in New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,museum,culture

None - tags: history,immigration,architecture,nyc

Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation - tags: history,manhattan,nyc,preservation

Hotel Saint George - tags: building,nyc,architecture,brooklyn


Subway Service Is Returning to Old South Ferry Station - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,flood,nyc,recovery

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that trains would arrive in time for the morning rush on Thursday.

Saint George, Staten Island - tags: neighborhood,statenisland,nyc


None - tags: nyc

NYC Architecture - tags: building,architecture,nyc


Hearst Tower - tags: building,green,nyc,architecture,energy


Sustainability Management: Lessons from and for New York City, America, and the Planet: Steven Cohen: 9780231152587: Books - tags: book,sustainability,nyc,energy

Sustainability Management: Lessons from and for New York City, America, and the Planet [Steven Cohen] on *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers.

MTA Adaptations to Climate Change: A Categorical Imperative - tags: mta,transportation,nys,nyc,climatechange

PDF file link

E.P.A. Plan to Clean Up Gowanus Canal Meets Local Resistance - - tags: water,gowanus,pollution,nyc,brooklyn

The Environmental Protection Agency’s $500 million proposal to clean the Gowanus Canal has worried Brooklyn residents about the effects on the air and a beloved swimming pool.

A Parade of Vintage Trains, Unnoticed in the Harlem Night - - tags: history,train,transportation,nyc

A collection of privately owned train cars made their way to Grand Central late Thursday night, though Harlem appeared unmoved.

Public Art Fund : Home - tags: art,nyc

Public Art Fund is New York'Õs leading presenter of artists' projects, new commissions, installations, and exhibitions in public spaces. Since 1977, Public Art Fund has worked with over 500 artists to produce temporary exhibitions throughout New York City. Current exhibitions include Peter Coffin and Franz West.

Welcome Aboard! | Waterfront Barge Museum - tags: water,museum,nyc

The Waterfront Museum, founded in 1985, is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It is housed aboard the 1914 Lehigh Valley Barge #79, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Offering Tours, Circus Sundays, and many other programs.

Citizens Committee for New York City - tags: politics,advocacy,nyc

neighborhood open space coalition nosc nyc ny - tags: politics,advocacy,sustainability,nyc,design

NYC urban environmentalism, community gardens, open space, public space, waterfronts, greenways, safe and green streets, calendar, events

The Street Vendor Project - tags: politics,advocacy,food,nyc

New Yorkers Lauded For Work to Improve City's Quality of Life - New York Times - tags: advocacy,community,nyc

LEAD: The Citizens Committee for New York City has chosen three prominent New Yorkers and five neighborhood organizations to receive its annual awards for ''enhancing the quality of life in New York City.''

New York City Allocates Nearly $300 Million Of Sandy Funds For Climate Change Resiliency Plan | ThinkProgress - tags: sustainability,nyc,climatechange

Living Inside the Box - tags: housing,sustainability,nyc,architecture

Michele Bertomen and David Boyle bought an empty 20-by-40-foot lot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and built a home constructed from shipping containers.

New Interstate Gas Pipeline Fuels Debate Over Safety and Fracking | MetroFocus | THIRTEEN - tags: gas,pipeline,nyc,newjersey,energy

The New Jersey-New York Expansion Project has sparked protests and legal challenges along its proposed route, particularly in Jersey City and the West Village.

Yes Gas Pipeline | NJ & NY | The proposed New Jersey-New York Pipeline will be among the safest natural gas pipelines ever built in the United States. - tags: gas,pipeline,nyc,newjersey,energy

None - tags: gas,pipeline,nyc,newjersey,energy

New York: A Concrete Jungle And 'City Of Trees,' Too : NPR - tags: trees,nyc

People generally don't associate trees with New York City, and if they do, they tend to think only of Central and Prospect parks. But the city is filled with old, beloved trees, some dating back more than 200 years, many of them located in the unsung outer boroughs.

Experts Urge Caution As $50 Billion In Sandy Aid Passes House : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc

City's 'Greenest' Building Opens in Queens - - tags: queens,botany,nyc,architecture,energy

City officials hail the opening of the “greenest” building n New York City, a 15,831-square-foot Visitor and Administration Center at the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing.

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research - tags: nyc,research

The Mission of the Manhattan Institute is to develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility.

None - tags: water,saltmarsh,environment,nature,wetlands,queens,ecology,ocean,nyc,jamaica_bay

Sheepshead Bites Sheepshead Bites » Sheepshead Bay's Only Independent News Blog - tags: news,nyc,brooklyn

Types of Fuel Oil in NYC | Green City Challenge - tags: heating,nyc,energy,oil

New York City’s Effort to Track Energy Efficiency Yields Some Surprises - - tags: architecture,efficiency,nyc,energy

Turning Subway Tracks Into Ad Hoc Wishing Wells - - tags: groundwater,subway,nyc

6 Months After Sandy, Rebuilding but Not Necessarily Better - WNYC - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,nys,nyc,recovery

The city of Long Beach broke ground this weekend on its new boardwalk: 2.2 miles long, it will feature special ...

Damaged Coastal Neighborhoods Worry About Tourist Season - - tags: hurricane_sandy,tourism,nyc,recovery,brooklyn

Many restaurants and other businesses still closed since Hurricane Sandy, in places like Sheepshead Bay, Red Hook and the Rockaways, are concerned about the coming season.

Who Says New York Is Not Affordable? - - tags: housing,food,economics,nyc,affordability

You’ll spend less here on everything — but only if you’re rich enough to pay the rent. The typical American’s shopping habits don’t really apply to the typical New Yorker.

Bulk Electricity Grid Beginnings - tags: electricity,renewable,nyc,light

It was exactly 3 p.m. on Sept. 4, 1882 when Thomas Alva Edison stood in the Wall Street offices of financial mogul J.P. Morgan and switched on his Edison incandescent light bulb – a bulb powered by a generator at his new Pearl Street Station power plant several city blocks away. | Capital Programs Building the Future - tags: longisland,lirr,grand_central_station,train,nyc,transportation

The first expansion of the LIRR in over 100 years, East Side Access is the largest transportation project in the country, and will provide LIRR customers with a one-seat ride to a new station beneath Grand Central Terminal.

East Side Access - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: longisland,lirr,grand_central_station,train,transportation,nyc

PlaNYC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: PlaNYC,sustainability,nyc,infrastructure,energy

PlaNYC is an effort released by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2007 to prepare the city for one million more residents, strengthen the economy, combat climate change, and enhance the quality of life for all New Yorkers. The Plan brought together over 25 City agencies to work toward the vision of a greener, greater New York. Since then, significant progress has been made towards the long-term goals set by the Plan.

Stony Brook University Manhattan in NYC - tags: university,sbu,college,nyc,education

Flushing, Queens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: neighborhoods,flushing,queens,nyc

Tribeca Film - tags: film,nyc,media

Tribeca Enterprises is a diversified global media company based in New York City. Established in 2003 by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff, the company currently operates a network of branded entertainment businesses including the Tribeca Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival International, Tribeca Cinemas and Tribeca Film, a distribution initiative.

Rooftop Films 2013 Summer Series | Underground Movies Outdoors - tags: film,nyc,media

New York League of Conservation Voters | Electing for the Environment - tags: politics,environment,conservation,nyc,nys,energy

The Moth | True Stories Told Live - tags: stories,literature,nyc,media

The Moth is a New York City based nonprofit organization that conducts live storytelling events.

Curbed National : Interior Design, Decor, and Real Estate - tags: neighborhoods,nyc,blog,real_estate

Project: Interaction - INVENT DESIGN CHANGE - tags: community,nyc,education,design

Project: Interaction is a 10-week after school program that teaches NYC high schoolers to change their communities through design. Invent Design Change!

NYC-ARTS | The Complete Guide - tags: news,events,art,nyc

NYC-ARTS promotes cultural groups’ activities and events to the New York tri-state area.

Second Ave. Sagas - tags: subway,transportation,nyc,infrastructure

A New York City Subway Blog

Crain's New York Business - tags: nyc,business

Geothermal Energy Advocates Hope Systems Get a Second Look - - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,geothermal,manhattan,nyc,energy,brooklyn

Digging geothermal wells can be expensive and difficult, and the systems have been slow to catch on in New York City, but the benefits may eventually outweigh the costs.

Trinity Wall Street - tags: church,manhattan,nyc

Trinity Wall Street is an Episcopal church located in Lower Manhattan

Trinity Church in Manhattan Is Split on How to Spend Its Wealth - - tags: building,church,nyc

The Trinity Church in Manhattan, which traces its holdings to a gift from Queen Anne of England in 1705, has been racked by infighting in recent years over its mission.

free wi-fi hotspots - wifi cafes parks restaurants - in New York City - tags: wireless,nyc,internet

The most reliable, up-to-date guide of free and open wifi hotspots in New York. Enjoy free wireless internet access from dozens of independently reviewed wi-fi cafes, restaurants, parks and public spaces throughout the city.

NYCwireless - tags: wireless,nyc,internet

Bridges and tunnels in New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: transportation,bridge,nyc,tunnel

New York Daily Photo | Stories of the ordinary, the extraordinary, the classic, the unexpected and the hidden gems by a long-time resident who shares his love of New York City. - tags: news,nyc,photography

ASCE Metropolitan Section - Home - tags: nyc, infrastructure, engineering,

ASCE Metropolitan Section - Infrastructure Seminar Looks at NYC Storm Surge Barriers - tags: stormsurge,nyc

MTA 'Pump Train' Teams Under NYC - Business Insider - tags: flooding,restoration,subway,hurricane_sandy,nyc,transportation

Around the clock.

New York City Geology - tags: geology,amnh,nyc

Interested in the geology of New York City? Read this article on the local geology.

Sand coming to Rockaway beaches in June  - NY Daily News - tags: sand,restoration,hurricane_sandy,rockaway,beach,nyc

The first extra dose of sand is coming this June to storm-worn sections of Rockaway’s beaches. The most eroded sections between Beach 89th and Beach 149th Sts. will get 1 million cubic yards of sand dredged from the East Rockaway Inlet, officials said Tuesday.

The Cooperator, The Co-op & Condo Monthly - tags: news,housing,architecture,nyc

New York cooperative and condominium community magazine

Source of New York Steam Blast Is a Literal Mystery - IEEE Spectrum - tags: districtenergy,nyc,energy,steam

Steam power is a technology whose time may have come and gone

Why District Steam Heat Flopped in Gilded Age New York - Bloomberg - tags: history,districtenergy,nyc,energy,steam

In this age of extreme weather, blizzards seem more and more frequent, with increasing costs to the U.S. economy.

Bedrock Geology of New York City: More than 600 m.y. of geologic history - tags: geology,bedrock,nyc

New York Geology - tags: geology,nyc

NYC Food Guy - tags: food,nyc

Urban Omnibus » Letting Off Some Steam - tags: nyc,energy,steam

Jeff Maki explains Manhattan's District Steam Service as a case study in how citizens can engage in the maintenance of infrastructure.

What is the steam rising from below New York City streets? Our latest ‘What’s That Thing?’ - tags: nyc,energy,steam

It’s back to Gotham for the latest in our quest to dispel the mysteries of the modern visual landscape. For previous columns, click here; to submit your own suggestions, e-mail us. This series started with a look at mysterious wires that run mostly unnoticed over many city streets, especially in New York. Now it’s...

Waterproofing NY - tags: flooding,stormsurge,nyc,infrastructure

Conference at CCNY to Explore ‘Waterproofing New York’

Architects Propose 'Soft Waterfront Infrastructure' to Protect NYC From the Next Big Storm | Inhabitat New York City - tags: hurricane_sandy,sealevel,hurricane_irene,stormsurge,nyc,infrastructure

By using natural resources like marshlands and green infrastructure, we can prime NYC to deal with storms better instead of fortify itself against storms.

Under construction at Columbia: a revolution in New York City's infrastructure - tags: nyc,infrastructure

A Tale Of Mice And Medical Research, Wiped Out By A Superstorm : Shots - Health News : NPR - tags: mice,medical,hurricane_sandy,flood,nyu,manhattan,nyc,research

When Superstorm Sandy flooded lower Manhattan last year, thousands of lab animals drowned and many scientists lost months or even years of work. The specialty animals can be very difficult to replace, but researchers say the loss of animal life is emotionally devastating and difficult to get over.

New York City Water Supply System - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation - tags: water,environment,catskills,nyc

New York City's water supply system includes the following reservoirs: Cannonsville, Pepacton, Schoharie, Ashokan, Rondout, and a number of reservoirs in the Croton Reservoir System. There are also 69 wells located in Queens, N.Y.

List of New York City newspapers and magazines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: magazine,news,nyc,media,newspaper


Media in New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc, media, news, radio, television, history,

Your Complete Guide to New York City's Central Park | - tags: centralpark,nyc

Your complete guide to New York City's Central Park, including attractions, activities, tours, hotel information and the Zoo. Explore using our maps, see photos, stay updated with events, and even plan your wedding.

NYU > Sustainability - tags: nyu,sustainability,nyc,education

New York Politics | - tags: politics,news,nyc

New York's Number One Political Resource

Government of New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc, government, - tags: politics,economics,nyc

The official website for the New York General Assembly and the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

InsideClimate News Hopes to Build on Pulitzer - - tags: journalism,news,web,nyc,climatechange,energy

InsideClimate News, which won the Pulitzer for national reporting, exemplifies a new breed of news organization that depends on donations.

IDEAS CITY - tags: sustainability,nyc,architecture,design,city

School of Architecture Faculty and Students in the New Museum's IDEAS CITY Festival | Cooper Union - tags: city, design, sustainability, nyc, architecture, nyc,

NYS Board approves Quebec-NYC underground power line | NCPR News - tags: quebec,electricity,nyc,nys,energy

The New York State Public Service Board approved the Champlain Hudson Power Express Thursday. The Power Express is a proposed underground transmission line that would bring hydropower generated in Quebec under Lake Champlain, under the Hudson River, and...

A Green Building, for Those Without Much of the Green Stuff to Spare - tags: housing,bronx,sustainability,nyc

A nonprofit group is signing up low-income New Yorkers for affordable housing in the Bronx in a bid to prove that eco-friendly construction can be cost-effective.

OPB: NYC Sustainability Chief Reflects On Portland - tags: sustainability,nyc,pdx,energy

Former Metro president David Bragdon left Portland in 2010 to take a job as New York City's sustainability chief.

Housing & Urban Planning Research | CHPC New York - tags: planning,housing,nyc

Non-profit research organization that has influenced public policy to improve the New York City housing stock and the quality of life in our neighborhoods since 1937, Citizens Housing & Planning Council of New York.

Leonard Lauder Is Giving His Cubist Collection to the Met - - tags: cubism,art,nyc

Leonard A. Lauder, the cosmetics tycoon, will donate his collection of 78 pieces of Cubist art to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, filling a glaring gap.

Time Is Past for Many of City’s Old Cobblestones - - tags: nyc,stones,design,roads,brooklyn

To make the streets of Dumbo and Vinegar Hill more accessible and bike-friendly, the city is offering to install new stones that are aged artificially, like a pair of stonewashed jeans.

GPRO | Green Professional Building Skills Training - tags: sustainability,nyc,architecture,education,energy - tags: hurricane_sandy,resiliency,sustainability,nyc,climatechange - tags: carbon,sustainability,architecture,solar,nyc,climatechange,energy - tags: geothermal, energy, nyc,

Natural Heating and Cooling: Tapping New York City’s Earth | New York City | United States | Epoch Times - tags: geothermal,nyc,energy

Geothermal, an energy source commonly used in Iceland, may be increasing its influence in New York City.

An Inside Look at the Geothermal System in New York's Center for Architecture | Inhabitat New York City - tags: geothermal,architecture,nyc,energy

Inhabitat recently took a tour of the geothermal system at New York's Center for Architecture.

About New York - Contemplating Heaven, but Drilling Deep Down - - tags: geothermal,manhattan,nyc,energy

A seminary in Chelsea is harvesting heat and energy from a water source thousands of feet below the earth's surface.

Can Wind, Water and Sunlight Power New York by 2050? - - tags: longisland,wind,hydropower,geothermal,sustainability,solar,nys,nyc,energy

A group of researchers proposes a way to power New York State entirely with wind, water and sunlight by 2050.

Deadly Topography: The Staten Island Neighborhood Where 11 Died During Sandy - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,statenisland,nyc

When Sandy hit, one section of Staten Island's Eastern Shore was particularly vulnerable: it sits in a bowl, several feet ...

Flipping The Switch: What It Takes To Prioritize Electric Cars : The Two-Way : NPR - tags: car,electricity,transportation,nyc,energy

Estonia now has the world's first nationwide electric car charger network. What would the U.S. have to do to make a similar leap?

Nightlife Carries On in Blackout New York - - tags: photographs,hurricane_sandy,nyc

The darkness that descended over Lower Manhattan after Sandy gave way to dimly-lit oases of post-storm comfort and camaraderie. If you knew where to look.

Can 10,000 Charging Stations Make New York America's Top EV Market? - tags: car,electricity,nyc,energy

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is targeting 10,000 public charging stations by 2020 in his push to make New York City America's national leader in EV technology

East Midtown Transit Plan - - tags: train,manhattan,nyc,transportation

Mayor Bloomberg's rezoning plan doesn't really grapple with transit.

Flood Control in the Netherlands Now Allows Sea Water In - - tags: water,hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,nys,nyc,climatechange,hurricane,netherlands

The Netherlands has held back the sea for centuries; now it is letting it in, as the Dutch realize they are facing a losing battle.

EBie Awards - Urban Green Council - tags: building,sustainability,nyc,architecture,energy,design

Postal Service Considers Sale of Bronx General Post Office - - tags: history,postoffice,bronx,art,mural,nyc,architecture

A money-saving move by the Postal Service would put under new ownership a building that houses a gallery of the work of a leading Social Realist artist.

Environmental Group Targets Spewing Buildings in Pollution Report - - tags: carbondioxide,building,carbon,pollution,electricity,nyc,climatechange,energy,astoria

The Urban Green Council is calling largely for greater efficiency and common-sense moves to reduce carbon emissions in New York City, where homes and offices release more carbon than motor vehicles.

Sandy-Shaken Staten Island Applauds Cuomo's Proposal To Buy Out Destroyed Homes - tags: hurricane_sandy,buyout,statenisland,nys,nyc,climatechange,usa,recovery

Three weeks after Hurricane Sandy destroyed his home, Joe Monte stood up at a meeting of Staten Island storm survivors and implored them to give up on any hopes of rebuilding. "I personally don't want no bleach, no sheetrock, that's not what we're here for," he said.

Cuomo Seeking Home Buyouts in Flood Zones - - tags: hurricane_sandy,buyout,flood,stormsurge,government,nyc,nys

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has a proposal to spend as much as $400 million to buy homes wrecked by Hurricane Sandy, demolish them and preserve the undeveloped land.

Grand Central, A Cathedral For Commuters, Celebrates 100 : NPR - tags: history,grand_central_station,train,manhattan,transportation,nyc,energy

The largest railroad terminal in the world opened its doors for the first time in 1913. And while Grand Central Terminal, in the heart of New York City, no longer serves long-distance trains, it is still a vibrant part of the city's ecosystem.

The Ways We Wait: A Train Station Tribute For Grand Central's 100th : The Picture Show : NPR - tags: photographs,grand_central_station,train,manhattan,transportation,nyc,energy

Anyone who spends a lot of time on trains also spends a lot of time waiting for them. In honor of Grand Central's centennial we looked back through the years and around the globe to find images that capture the time we spend waiting for our trains to arrive.

From Salt Marshes to Sea Barriers, Preparing for the Next Sandy Defense - tags: sand,dunes,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,beach,nyc

“If Sandy had happened three weeks before when it did,” she said, “we would have lost the Belt Parkway.”

Steven Smith, Developer, Hopes to Restore a Fleeting Paradise in the Bronx - - tags: restoration,saltmarsh,hurricane_sandy,bronx,nyc

Steven Smith envisions an $80 million project at Oak Point, where Hurricane Sandy’s 13-foot surge washed away a shoreline haven he had helped create.

Adapting Cities to Climate Change in a Post-Sandy World | The New York Academy of Sciences - tags: nyc,climatechange,energy

Bronx Chess Team Goes for Gold, and Then Some – SchoolBook - tags: bronx,chess,nyc

The top high school chess teams meet this weekend in a hotel ballroom for the citywide chess tournament. "It’s just so quick with tension in there," said Matheu Jefferson, a senior at Bronx Center for Science and Math. "There's nothing like being in that room. It is the loudest quiet I've ever heard in my life."

NYCEEC | New York City Energy Efficiency Corp. - tags: building,finance,nyc,energy

New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation's mission is to encourage and promote energy efficiency throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Foraging for Food Trends in Brooklyn - WNYC - tags: food,nyc,greenpoint,brooklyn

When I think of foraging, I think of adventurous foodies on their hands and knees in the woods, looking for ...

Brooklyn Meets the Balkans at the Zlatne Uste Golden Festival - WNYC - tags: music,nyc,brooklyn

Brooklyn is getting a taste of the Balkans this weekend.

Sony’s NYC Tower Draws ‘Aggressive’ $1.1 Billion Price - Bloomberg - tags: nyc,architecture

Sony Corp.’s U.S. unit said it agreed to sell its 37-story New York headquarters to investors led by the Chetrit Group for $1.1 billion. The shares surged the most in more than four years.

Gagosian Gallery - Gagosian Gallery - tags: gallery,art,manhattan,nyc

Current Exhibitions at all Gagosian Gallery Locations

Gotham Fish Tales - tags: water,food,fish,movie,documentary,nyc

Gotham Fish Tales - A Film by Robert Maass

Weathering The Coming Storms: Governor Cuomo's Climate Panel Offers Smart Plan For Adaptation And Mitigation | ThinkProgress - tags: climatechange, nys, government, energy, nyc,longisland, newjersey,

Post-Sandy the Generator Is Machine of the Moment - - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,generator,electricity,stormsurge,architecture,nyc,energy

Galvanized by Hurricane Sandy, buildings are madly waterproofing and, just in case that doesn’t work, investing in backup generators.

MulchFest Aims for No Christmas Trees Left Behind - WNYC - tags: recycling,tree,christmas,nyc

Curbside pickups for Christmas Trees ended Saturday, but New Yorkers who still want to give their dried out trees new ...

AFSE Academy For Software Engineering - tags: programming,nyc,education,coding

WayFinder NYC - Find the nearest and best directions to New York City subway and NJ Path stations on your Android phone - tags: nyc, maps, subway, transportation,

New Tech City: The Future of Libraries - WNYC - tags: technology,library,manhattan,nyc,brooklyn

Despite the growth of e-readers and digital technology, New Yorkers are spending more time in libraries than ever.

GOP amendments could derail Sandy aid again - tags: politics,connecticut,hurricane_sandy,nys,nyc,government,superstorm_sandy,newjersey,usa,recovery

Buckle up: The Hurricane Sandy disaster relief bill could be in trouble. Again. At least that's what some House Republicans fear. Or hope, depending on whom you ask. Republican leadership plans some legislative jujitsu to pass the Sandy bill, and top Republican aides say they are likely to allow amendments that would call for offsets or spending...

Amendments Threaten to Stall Sandy Aid - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,government,nyc,usa,recovery

House lawmakers are filing multiple amendments that have the potential to sidetrack the $50 billion Sandy relief package ahead of ...

NYS2100 Full Report: Start an Infrastructure Bank, Build BRT, and More Transit - tags: hurricane_sandy,smartgrid,stormsurge,sustainability,nyc,transportation,climatechange,hurricane,energy

Cuomo Panel Says 'Maybe' to Massive Hurricane Barrier - tags: hurricane_sandy,sustainability,stormsurge,nyc,infrastructure,energy,barrage

The preliminary report (PDF) by an expert panel does not make New York’s solution to climate change look easy.

Home | The New York Review of Books - tags: books,reviews,nyc

Occupy the Rockaways! by Michael Greenberg - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,nyc,recovery

Superstorm Sandy Victims Resettle, Thanks To Small Town's Efforts : NPR - tags: connecticut,hurricane_sandy,nyc,homes,recovery

A rural Connecticut town is now home to 13 families from Staten Island who lost everything after Superstorm Sandy — and more families are on the way. Locals and members of a megachurch helped build 20 mobile homes in New Milford, Conn., for the displaced families.

Science, satellites and superstorms: Preparing for the next big one - tags: barrierisland,malcolm_bowman,dunes,hurricane_sandy,sustainability,stormsurge,superstorm_sandy,nyc,superstorm,hurricane,barrage

The technology exists to protect communities from devastating superstorms. But, are cash-strapped governments willing to pay for it?

A Bold Concept for Post-Sandy Manhattan - Design - The Atlantic Cities - tags: hurricane_sandy,sustainability,manhattan,nyc,climatechange,design

Imagine marshes, floating neighborhoods, and hydroponic farms on city land.

Manhattan, Re-imagined For A Climate Changed Era : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,sustainability,manhattan,nyc,climatechange,design

A local plan for a global city in a changing climate. Here's what New York could be.

Deadly 2012: The Year of Storm Surge - - tags: hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,nyc,newjersey

Get the latest weather news from From Superstorm Sandy to Isaac, and even Debby, storm surge was a deadly, miserable part of many American's lives. Storm Surge is a term that got a lot of media attention in 2012.

Eric Klinenberg: How Can Cities Be “Climate-Proofed”? : The New Yorker - tags: hurricane_sandy,cities,sustainability,nyc,climatechange

For the past decade and a half, governments around the world have been investing in elaborate plans to “climate-proof” their cities. After Sandy, can New York do the same?

Deal on Taxes Hits Wealthy in New Jersey and New York - WNYC - tags: nyc,nys,usa,newjersey,taxes

As 2013 begins, you can expect to pay more taxes as a result of the deal Congress reached on New ...

Neighborhood Connections Key To Surving A Crisis : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,sociology,sustainability,nyc

Know thy neighbor — it's not just a creed to live by, turns out it can save your life. Steve Inskeep talks to sociologist Eric Klinenberg about how vibrant, tight-knit neighborhoods could fare better in a disaster. Klinenberg is a professor of sociology at New York University. His article "Adaptation" appears in the current issue of The New Yorker.

Predicting When the Next Sandy Will Hit - tags: longisland,insurance,hurricane_sandy,connecticut,prediction,nyc,newjersey,climatechange

Maps detailing actual and expected flooding show that Sandy’s storm surge exceeded many of the 100-year flood zones, seeping into ...

Hurricane Sandy Brings One Family Closer : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,family,nyc,brooklyn

The Hardy family goes back generations in a tiny neighborhood called Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn. For them, Superstorm Sandy has created an extended family reunion. Not only is their small, barely livable home bursting with family members — the storm brought an emotional change, as well.

House Sets Vote For Sandy Aid After Criticism : NPR - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,connecticut,nys,nyc,newjersey,recovery,energy,relief

The House is headed for a vote on aid for Superstorm Sandy victims. After angering Republicans from New York and New Jersey, House Speaker John Boehner scheduled a vote Friday on $9 billion for the national flood insurance program and another vote Jan. 15 for a remaining $51 billion in the package.

Hurricane Sandy Alters Utilities’ Calculus on Upgrades - - tags: connecticut,hurricane_sandy,utilities,electricity,nys,nyc,newjersey,recovery,energy

It is typically much cheaper for a utility, and its customers, to skip prevention measures and just clean up the mess after a catastrophe, but Hurricane Sandy has changed that thinking.

Shael Shapiro, Guiding SoHo’s Transformation - - tags: history,soho,manhattan,nyc

An architect who helped shape the legislation that allowed artists to legally occupy newly available lofts in SoHo.

Voting on Hurricane Sandy relief postponed until next Congress | The Raw Story - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,nyc,nys,newjersey,recovery

Billions in Aid for Hurricane Sandy Victims in Danger of Stalling - - tags: politics,congress,connecticut,hurricane_sandy,nyc,nys,newjersey,usa,recovery

A bill to provide federal aid to states pummeled by Hurricane Sandy was in danger of dying on Tuesday night as the House seemed headed for adjournment without taking up the legislation.

NY MTA Tepidly Explores Platform Barriers After Subway Track Deaths … Again | Transportation Nation - tags: subway,safety,nyc

Time Ticking Down for Sandy Aid Package - WNYC - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,government,nyc,usa,recovery

Even as a grand bargain to avoid the nation from going over the fiscal cliff is preoccupying lawmakers in Washington, ...

Three Commissions Set to Make Post-Sandy Recommendations - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,sustainability,nyc,recovery

It's been ten weeks since Sandy hit our region, and reports are coming due for the three commissions investigating the ...

Breezy Point and Midland Beach Residents Say They Need Sandy Aid - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,rockaway,breezy_point,statenisland,nyc,recovery

As the $60.4 billon Sandy aid package remains stalled in the House of Representatives, residents of two of New York ...

A Busy And Head-Scratching 2012 Hurricane Season : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,weather,stormsurge,nyc,climatechange,hurricane

Superstorm Sandy is what most people will remember from the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. But Sandy was just one of 10 hurricanes this year during a season that was both busy and strange. From an El Nino that never materialized to meandering tropical storms, meteorologists were baffled.

Could Post-Superstorm Sandy Rebuilding Energize The Economy? : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,economics,nyc,nys,newjersey,recovery

Some economists predict that the reconstruction from the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy will produce a stimulus effect for the U.S. economy in 2013 — especially in construction and related industries. Others say the losses associated with a storm will outweigh any positive effects from the rebuilding.

Mapping | This American Life - tags: history,northcarolina,geography,california,food,sound,map,nyc,health,city

Five ways of mapping the world. One story about people who make maps the traditional way — by drawing things we can see. And other stories about people who map the world using smell, sound, touch, and taste. The world redrawn by the five senses.

Sandy Aid Bill Moves with Uncertainty to the House - WNYC - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,nyc,recovery

With the Senate passing the $60 billion Sandy aid package by a vote of 61-33 on Friday, attention is now ...

Urban Design Lab - tags: planning,columbia,nyc,design,city

Best New Restaurants of 2012 are in Brooklyn, Jersey City and Downtown Manhattan - tags: restaurant,newjersey,nyc,food

Life after Sandy: Stress and Relationships During the Holidays - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,nyc,newjersey,brooklyn

Stress is often associated with Christmas along with its promise of holiday cheer. But for residents who suffered great losses ...

Take a Tour of a Tiny Living Space - WNYC - tags: building,housing,apartment,architecture,nyc,design

It might seem inhumane to some New Yorkers – the idea of a 275 to 300 square feet apartment – ...

"Twelve Thirty" The Mamas & The Papas - YouTube - tags: music,clock,sustainability,nyc

"Twelve Thirty" written by group member, John Phillips, was released as a single on the Dunhill label in 1967 reaching # 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was included in their 1968 album, Papas & Mamas, on Dunhill Records and is available on CD in the Complete Anthology box set on the Universal Uk label and Creeque Alley: The History Of The Mamas & The Papas on MCA.

Steven Cohen: The Growing Momentum Behind Sustainability Management - tags: hurricane_sandy,sustainability,nyc,education

We have developed a highly mechanized, energy intensive, high throughput economy that is chewing up the planet's resources at a ferocious pace.

Sustainability Management: Lessons from and for New York City, America and the Planet - The Earth Institute - Columbia University - tags: book,sustainability,nyc

Steven Cohen: Green Jobs and Educating the Sustainability Managers of the 21st Century - tags: sustainability,nyc,education

In some ways, the specific definition of a green job is less important than the fact that it is now measured and considered important enough to track.

Made In New York Digital Map - A visual testament to the vibrant state of New York's digital industry. - tags: map,nyc

The Made in NY Map is a visual testament to the vibrant state of New York's digital industry.

Superstorm Sandy: NYC - tags: google,geography,hurricane_sandy,map,nyc

MyBlockNYC - tags: video,nyc,geography,map,community,crowdsourcing,photographs,news,media is an interactive mapping website that captures and presents personal video accounts of the life and culture of New York City in order to create an intimate, evolving, and complete portrait of this great city. Users upload videos geographically, building the first fully interactive video map of New York City.

Hudson Yards Tower Construction Begins With Groundbreaking Ceremony (IMAGES) - tags: development,manhattan,hudson_yards,nyc

NEW YORK -- Work to transform the largest undeveloped property in Manhattan from a railroad storage yard into a sleek new neighborhood of spiky high-rises and graceful parks got a formal start Tuesday, with developers and officials heralding it as the next big thing in a city known for them. The $15 billion project, called Hudson Yards, calls for angular office skyscrapers and curvy apartment towers, a slate of shows and restaurants, an arts building and a public square in a 26-acre stretch of the island's far West Side off Midtown – eventually.

Union Square Events - tags: food,nyc

Union Square Events is the catering, culture, sports and events business from Danny Meyer’s renowned Union Square Hospitality Group.

Tour Queens via the 7 Subway - Neighborhoods and Sites on the 7 Train - tags: neighborhoods,subway,queens,food,nyc

Guide to visiting Queens, New York, along the 7 subway line. Visual tour of the neighborhoods and sites and restaurants to visit during an afternoon in Queens, all accessible via the 7 subway. The diversity you experience along the elevated 7 line is simply astounding and has earned the train the designation

MoMA PS1 - tags: museum, art, queens, nyc, moma,

7 Subway Extension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: subway,development,hudson_yards,manhattan,nyc


Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: hudson_yards, manhattan, nyc, community, development,

Hudson Yards - New York City Department of City Planning - tags: planning,community,manhattan,hudson_yards,nyc

Information tied to the various aspects of the planning process in the Hudson Yards area of Far West Midtown.

Photos: The Hudson Yards "Mini-City" Begins Its Ascent: Gothamist - tags: development,community,manhattan,hudson_yards,nyc

Hudson Yards Development Corporation - tags: community,manhattan,hudson_yards,nyc

Free Toy Shop Brings Cheer To Sandy's Displaced Families : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,toys,children,statenisland,nyc

Many Staten Island residents are still not back in their homes since Sandy washed ashore. Local volunteers have opened a toy store where FEMA-registered families with children can pick up donated toys, holiday decorations and stocking stuffers. Thus far, the shop has given away more than 2,000 toys.

Arm the Schools? NYC Educators and Parents Respond to NRA's Proposal – SchoolBook - tags: guns,school,bloomberg,security,nyc

The NRA's proposal to put armed security guards or police officers in every public schools was mostly met with outrage by parents, teachers and educators in New York City. We have a roundup of views plus one Staten Island parent's call for using retired police officers to bolster school security.

'Miss Subways': A Trip Back In Time To New York's Melting Pot : The Picture Show : NPR - tags: subway,advertising,nyc

Between 1941 and 1976, New York commuters were charmed by posters of regular New York women while riding the city's trains and buses. "Miss Subways" was selected each month by New Yorkers, in a pageant that reflected America's diversity long before the nation's other beauty contests.

New York City News - tags: news,nyc

Breaking news about New York City. Find the latest articles, videos, photos and blogs about New York City.

NYT: A Critic's Tour of Literary Manhattan - tags: food,literature,manhattan,nyc

Have Manhattan's literary haunts faded away? A tour reveals hotels posing as libraries, bookstores buzzing with browsers and bars in which a book is still a calling card.

City Teachers Pledge $1B Pension in Sandy Rebuilding - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,education,usa,infrastructure,investment,recovery

The president's proposal for Sandy recovery money is currently moving through the Senate, but in the meantime, New York City ...

Chelsea Clinton Moderates NYU Hurricane Sandy Panel, Explores New York's Climate Change Challenges - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyu,nyc,infrastructure,climatechange,energy,chelsea_clinton

At a panel discussion at New York University on December 5, Chelsea Clinton said it was "deeply sobering" that no set of U.S. voters prioritized climate change as a top three voting issue in the 2012 election. With climate change back on the national stage after Superstorm Sandy, Clinton and several experts came together for the Institute for Public Knowledge's "Public Forum on Climate Change, Sandy, and the Future of New York City."

Documenting Recovery in the Rockaways - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,rockaway,nyc,recovery

Over 100 homes in the Breezy Point neighborhood in Queens burned to the ground during Sandy. Hundreds of other homes ...

CHARTS: Whites Ride Transit Less Often Than Everyone Else | Transportation Nation - tags: subway,transportation,nyc,atlanta,masstransit,city

New York Planners Prep For A 'New Normal' Of Powerful Storms : NPR - tags: dunes,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,nyc,beach,climatechange,infrastructure,energy,recovery

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, New Yorkers, local politicians and scientists face a tough decision: How to spend limited funds to defend themselves in a world where climate change is making flooding from coastal storms ever more likely.

Seafood Sleuthing Reveals Pervasive Fish Fraud In New York City : The Salt : NPR - tags: fish,food,nyc,fraud

Red snapper, wild salmon, and other fish sold in some outlets were other, cheaper species, according to DNA tests done by an ocean conservation group. The report is just the latest in a string of investigations revealing that seafood mislabeling is commonplace.

Solar Panels for Every Home - tags: nrel,hurricane_sandy,electricity,germany,solar,nys,nyc,storm,newjersey,usa,energy

As we rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, let’s reduce our dependence on the grid.

The Cracks in the Nation’s Foundation - - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,nys,transportation,newjersey,infrastructure,usa

Republicans have demonized them, but investments in public projects are needed more than ever.

PHOTOS: Sandy Halts Transportation, Floods Roads | Transportation Nation - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,flood,nyc,transportation,road

Right now: LIRR tracks partially submerged, flooding on the FDR Drive, encroaching waters at JFK Airport, shuttered subway stations. We'll be updating this throughout the storm. Send your photos to or @transportnation.

Climate Change Fears Meet Development at the New Hudson Yards - WNYC - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,development,flood,train,hudson_yards,manhattan,stormsurge,nyc,transportation,build,climatechange

After nearly a decade of planning and debate, ground was finally broken last week on a set of office and ...

NYC Subway-Station-Turned-Fish-Tank Poses $600 Million Dilemma - tags: water,subway,hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,nyc,transportation,recovery

In March 2009, Elliot Sander stood in Lower Manhattan outside South Ferry, New York’s newest subway station. Addressing a crowd, the head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority hailed it as the first major transit project to open downtown since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Warm-Water Fish Invade NYC's Waters - tags: water,fish,ecology,nyc,climatechange

Do you know how to make an app? @newtechcity explores the process - and how one can learn to be a developer - tags: app,phone,programming,nyc

Apple's App Store and Google Play have hundreds of thousands of smartphone apps. When it comes to the megabytes, however, ...

Bloomberg Pledges to Fortify New York’s Waterfront - tags: hurricane_sandy,bloomberg,stormsurge,sustainability,electricity,nyc,infrastructure,climatechange,energy

With Al Gore in attendance, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg gave his first major address on what New York City should do in a post-hurricane world.

New State Senate Leadership Focuses on Sandy Recovery - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,nys,nyc,government,recovery

The new co-leaders of the state Senate had a kind of unveiling party on Rockaway Beach on Monday when former ...

With Bellevue Psychiatric Unit Offline, Mentally Ill Face New Challenges - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,health,hospital

The temporary shut-down of Bellevue’s psychiatric ward has led to concerns about possible crowding at the other facilities where patients ...

Acme Smoked Fish - tags: fish,food,williamsburg,nyc,greenpoint,brooklyn

Acme's history dates back to the early 1900's when Harry Brownstein arrived in Brooklyn, NY. Four generations later, Acme continues to be family-owned and operated.

Life After Sandy: Stories from the Storm - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,rockaway,community,cooperation,nyc,newjersey,recovery

For homeowners of flooded houses along the shores of New York and New Jersey, the post-Sandy to-do list is endless: ...

At Acme Smoked Fish, Lox Is the Lure - - tags: fish,food,factory,nyc,greenpoint,lox,brooklyn

Acme Smoked Fish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, sells its products through shops like Zabar’s, but fish fanatics flock to the factory on Fridays to snap up delicacies at drastically reduced prices.

Next Post-Sandy Challenge: The Sea Of Damaged Cars - tags: insurance,hurricane_sandy,cars,nyc,recovery

Hurricane Sandy wrecked hundreds of thousands of cars along the New York and New Jersey shorelines, and could cost auto insurers around $800 million. That's not the companies' only problem, though; disposing of these water-damaged vehicles isn't so simple.

A N.Y. Cop's Good Intentions, Complicated Results : NPR - tags: shoes,police,homeless,nyc

After an act of kindness by a New York City cop, Jeffrey Hillman went from being an anonymous, overlooked street person to a public figure whose life was dissected as if he were running for office.

Welcome Aboard! | Waterfront Barge Museum - tags: water,barge,shoreline,museum,nyc,boat,brooklyn

The Waterfront Museum, founded in 1985, is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It is housed aboard the 1914 Lehigh Valley Barge #79, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Offering Tours, Circus Sundays, and many other programs.

Flooding and Flood Zones | WNYC - tags: longisland,geography,hurricane_sandy,wnyc,flood,map,stormsurge,beach,nyc,newjersey

In Rebuilding NJ’s Beaches, Debate Brews Over Replacing Sand - tags: longisland,sand,hurricane_sandy,flood,map,stormsurge,beach,nyc,newjersey,recovery

Two weeks after Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a clear message: “We’re not closing down the New Jersey ...

FEMA Says No to Trailers in New York City - tags: fema,trailer,hurricane_sandy,nyc,homes,recovery

Federal disaster relief officials have ruled out deploying mobile homes to shelter city residents whose own homes have been damaged ...

The Many Languages of New York City - tags: graph,communication,data,nyc,language,linguistics

Just 51 percent of New Yorkers speak only English at home, according to recent data from the Census Bureau's American ...

Staten Island's Hurricane Sandy Damage Sheds Light On Complicated Political Battle - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,development,statenisland,stormsurge,nyc

On the southern shore of Staten Island, the remains of a street called Kissam Avenue stretch across the marshland, a trail of ruins leading to the sea. When Pedro Correa first drove down the street six years ago with his wife, their young son and a real estate agent, he was amazed that a street so secluded and serene still existed in a city of eight million people.

Post-Sandy Fixes To NYC Subways To Cost Billions : NPR - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,transportation,nyc,recovery

Most New York City subway stations affected by Superstorm Sandy are up and running again. But others, submerged by seawater during the storm, will need to be gutted before they can reopen. The South Ferry station in lower Manhattan alone could cost $600 million to repair.

Mayor: City Working on Storm, Climate Prep - WNYC - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,bloomberg,stormsurge,nyc

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that New York City needs to work on upgrading building codes and evacuation-zone maps, hardening power ...

Map | The Region’s Pockets of Wealth and Poverty - tags: geography,map,income,poverty,wealth,nyc

White House To Seek Emergency Sandy Funds : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,rockaway,government,nyc,usa,recovery

The Obama administration is expected to ask for $50 billion to $60 billion. Top administrators told Congress Wednesday that they want at least some of that money to go toward preventing the kind of devastation caused by Sandy and other recent storms.

Living on the Edge - WNYC - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,storms,nyc,climatechange,zoning,energy

Look at a New York City evacuation map and you’ll notice something about many of the red areas along the ...

Cooper Union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: cooper_union,college,nyc,education


Cooper Union Quickly Convenes "Teach-in" on Preparing Cities for the Next Storm | Cooper Union - tags: cooper_union,hurricane_sandy,sustainability,nyc,education

None - tags: protest,economics,tuition,nyc,university,college,education

Welcoming Climate Skeptics Back To Science : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,climatechange,science

There are two paths forward and only one of them embraces the reality of science, its methods and its ethics.

Bloomberg's Waterfront Development Comes Under Scrutiny from Sandy's Impact - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,flood,bloomberg,stormsurge,nyc

Sandy is making planners, architects and scientists take another look at Mayor Bloomberg's effort to put high-rise apartments on New ...

Work in Progress: Photos from NYC’s 7 Line Extension - tags: subway,manhattan,nyc,transportation,construction,masstransit

Even subway construction projects share on Facebook. Here's a visual status update of the Flushing Line extension, which will begin service to Manhattan's Hudson Yards area in 2014.

Why the City's Flood Maps Got It Wrong | The Brooklyn Bureau | Investigative Journalism, Citizen Commentary & Multimedia - tags: water,geography,hurricane_sandy,maps,flood,stormsurge,electricity,nyc,energy

The city's evacuation zone maps used 2003 data. Some federal maps may have predicted a wider area of flooding. But scientists also made Sandy storm-surge predictions that were dwarfed when the tropical system rolled in.

Solar Generators Power Sandy-Stricken Areas - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,solar,nyc,energy,relief

A non-profit clean energy group, Solar One, has been deploying solar generators to areas most affected by Hurricane Sandy. The ...

Mayor to Wastewater Workers: Keep Up the Good Work - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,sewage,nyc

Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued to thank city workers for their efforts during Sandy when he toured the Oakwood Beach Wastewater ...

The Brian Lehrer Show: It's the System - WNYC - tags: music,sewage,hurricane_sandy,nyc

Hurricane Sandy left New York and New Jersey waterways with a big raw sewage problem and revealed the flaws in ...

New Tech City: Networking and Coworking in Silicon Alley - tags: technology,nyc,business

As Silicon Alley has boomed, so has the market for events that cater to tech sector employees and those that ...

NY/NJ Port Official: We Never Thought We’d See 13-Foot Storm Surge - tags: port,shipping,hurricane_sandy,flood,economics,electricity,stormsurge,transportation,nyc,newjersey,energy

Little Known Parts of City Dominate Tragic News | MetroFocus | THIRTEEN - tags: hurricane_sandy,rockaway,community,statenisland,nyc,brooklyn

Most reports of the deadly Hurricane Sandy devastation come from tight-knit communities in New York City that few outsiders are familiar with, or can even place on a map.

Sandy Clean-Up Puts Businesses to Work | MetroFocus | THIRTEEN - tags: hurricane_sandy,rockaway,nyc,garbage,recovery

The Army Corps of Engineers estimates 3.6 million cubic yards of debris will ultimately be carted out of NYC.

Homeless Man Given Boots By NYC Police Officer Chooses To Go Barefoot Again - tags: shoes,police,homeless,nyc

"I could lose my life," Jeffrey Hillman tells The New York Times. He fears being killed for the boots, so ...

WNYC: Staten Island Sandy Volunteers Concerned About City Scrutiny - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc,government,recovery

In the aftermath of Sandy, volunteers set up local donation centers where residents could pick up hot meals, dry clothes ...

Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department - tags: broad_channel,queens,nyc,jamaica_bay,island

Brilliant Corners - tags: geography,nyc

nyc24 | the INDEPENDENT issue - tags: nyc, news, media,

Brooklyn-Queens Interconnect: Environmental Assessment Statement - tags: gas,environment,queens,pipeline,rockaway,nyc,energy,brooklyn

Grassroots Groups Have Taken Over Sandy Relief | The Brooklyn Bureau | Investigative Journalism, Citizen Commentary & Multimedia - tags: hurricane_sandy, brooklyn, nyc, relief, - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,community,nyc,relief

None - tags: queens,hurricane_sandy,rockaway,nyc

Rockaway Pipeline Project Set to Move Forward - tags: gas,hurricane_sandy,queens,pipeline,rockaway,nyc,energy,brooklyn

A pipeline operator is moving forward with plans to build a natural gas pipeline through the Rockaways and under Jamaica ...

Catholic 'Hero' Dorothy Day's Road To Sainthood : NPR - tags: catholicism,Christianity,dorothyday,nyc

Weekend Edition host Scott Simon talks with the Rev. James Martin about the push for the canonization and eventual sainthood of Dorothy Day, the American-born mother of the Catholic Worker movement.

Broadway Housing Communities - tags: housing,poverty,nyc

Dorothy Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: anarchism,nyc,activisim,Christianity,biography,justice,dorothyday,religion,catholicism

New York Personal Computer User Group - tags: computer,software,programming,community,nyc

NYPC is the largest computer user group in New York City. Run by volunteers since 1981,NYPC provides Special Interest Groups, monthly general meetings and economical computer training.

Sewage Flows After Hurricane Sandy Exposing Flaws in System - tags: longisland,water,hurricane_sandy,sewage,pollution,electricity,nys,nyc,health,newjersey,nassau,energy

Hurricane Sandy crippled treatment plants in New York and New Jersey, revealing problems in the region’s wastewater infrastructure that could take several years and billions of dollars to fix.

New Tech City: Teaching a New Generation of Coders and Web Developers - tags: computer,programming,nyc,education

No one knows who the next Mark Zuckerberg will be, but 135 high schoolers at New York City's Academy for ...

Listening to the Trees - tags: tree,bronx,nybg,nyc,climatechange,energy

The New York Botanical Garden has enlisted a band of “citizen scientists” to record changes in trees amid concerns about climate change.

On Staten Island, Residents Face a Hard Decision to Stay or Go - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc

President Barack Obama’s pointman for the region’s Sandy recovery told WNYC in an exclusive interview that the federal government wants ...

Seeking Sandy Aid, Cuomo Set to Travel to DC on Monday - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,nys,government,usa

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will travel to Washington, D.C., on Monday to make his pitch for Sandy relief funds, ...

Tempers Flare at Staten Island Town Hall - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc

Hundreds of frustrated Staten Island residents seeking answers packed the New Dorp High School auditorim Thursday night where an informational ...

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan Urges Congress to Approve Sandy Aid - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,nyc

President Barack Obama’s pointman on regional Sandy rebuilding efforts said tackling immediate needs such as minimizing the number of displaced ...

Welcome - The National Arts Club - tags: art,nyc

The National Arts Club

Walt Whitman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: longisland,nyc,poetry,biography,brooklyn

Fresh Pond Junction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: queens,freight,train,transportation,nyc


Oak Point Yard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: transportation,bronx,nyc,train,freight

Hunts Point Cooperative Market - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: food, nyc, bronx, produce, market, farm

Hunts Point Produce Market - tags: market,food,bronx,nyc,produce

BMT Franklin Avenue Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: subway, brooklyn, nyc, train, transportation,

Franklin Avenue Shuttle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: subway, brooklyn, nyc, transportation, train,

The Sixth Borough - tags: water,shoreline,nyc

A tour of the New York City farm-to-table food chain, with guest-star onions from Texas or Mexico | Capital New York - tags: farm,food,nyc

The tour was organized by the James Beard Foundation in anticipation of their James Beard Food Conference, which begins today. (Among the honorees at tonight's $1,000-a-chair dinner are first lady Michelle Obama, California whole-food advocate and restaurateur Alice Waters, and Fedele Bauccio, chief executive of Bon Appetit Management.

New York City News Service » Scenes of Sandy - tags: photographs,hurricane_sandy,nyc

A Student-Powered Service at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Inside Brooklyn’s Bat Cave - tags: history,subway,train,nyc,architecture,transportation,energy,brooklyn

Squatters and graffiti artists turned an old MTA power plant along the Gowanus Canal into their own playground, named after Batman’s old haunt.

New York City News Service - tags: journalism,university,news,cuny,college,nyc,media

A Student-Powered Service at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Home - tags: history,subway,train,nyc,transportation,bmt,brooklyn

Brooklyn–Manhattan Transit Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: bmt, brooklyn, nyc, transportation, train, subway,

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: train,energy,brooklyn,transportation,nyc

Common Ground - tags: building,housing,homeless,community,nyc,energy

Common Ground’s mission is to create permanent solutions to homelessness. Since 1990, we have been at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative, cost-effective solutions that transform people, buildings, and communities.

NY-NJ Economy Will Recover Quickly from Sandy: NY Fed - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,economics,nyc,newjersey

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said the New York-New Jersey regional economy will recover from Sandy by early ...

Sea Level Rise Accelerating Faster Than Initial Projections - tags: hurricane_sandy,sealevel,nyc,climatechange,energy

From Climate Central's Michael D. Lemonick: Sea level is rising as the planet warms up, but how much it will rise, and how fast is still something climate scientists are working out.

Cost of Coastal Living to Climb Under New Flood Rules - - tags: longisland,insurance,hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,nyc,newjersey

Insurance premiums will increase as standards for rebuilding become stricter and costlier, posing a serious threat to low- and middle-income enclaves.

WNET: Hurricane Sandy - tags: hurricane_sandy,wnet,nyc,newjersey

None - tags: energy,nyc,health,hurricane_sandy,carbon_monoxide

Gothamist: 27 Injured From Fire At Power-Less Financial District Building - tags: blackout,skyscraper,hurricane_sandy,manhattan,electricity,nyc,energy,fire

Art Project Turns NYC Subway Map into Musical Instrument | Transportation Nation - tags: transportation, nyc, music,

Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) - tags: civic,community,nyc,education,city,brooklyn

Your description here.

Explainer: Breaking Down FEMA Math - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy, nyc, nys, government, fema,

Paying for Future Catastrophes - - tags: hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,nyc,government,storm,newjersey

Even with subsidized premiums, many homeowners drop their flood insurance, thinking it’s a bad investment.

Daniel McGahn: Sandy: An Eye-Opener for the Power Grid - tags: nyc,grid,electricity,hurricane_sandy,energy,storm,smartgrid

Is This the End? - - tags: water,hurricane_sandy,sealevel,nyc,infrastructure,climatechange,energy

Whether in 50 or 100 or 200 years, there’s a good chance that New York City will sink beneath the sea.

PATH Service to Lower Manhattan Resuming Monday - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,train,stormsurge,manhattan,nyc,transportation,newjersey

Weekday PATH service to Lower Manhattan along the World Trade Center line will resume early Monday.

NYC is Preparing Shipping Container Homes for Future Hurricanes and Disasters | Inhabitat New York City - tags: nyc, disaster, housing, seabox

NY Gets Funds to Hire Sandy Cleanup Workers - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nys,nyc,garbage,brooklyn

New York has gotten a $27 million federal grant that will go toward hiring people to help Sandy cleanup efforts.

Immigrants Struggle to Cope in Sandy's Aftermath - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,mexico,immigration,nyc

Sandy plunged some immigrants living illegally in the U.S. into darkness and even deeper into the shadows.

Getting Creative During the Superstorm - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,creativity,design

Many of us in the Northeast had our routines upended by Superstorm Sandy this week. Here at Studio 360, we've ...

Studio 360 - tags: npr,pri,wnyc,art,radio,nyc,media,creativity,design,culture,science

The Peabody Award-winning, Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, from PRI and WNYC, is public radio's smart and surprising guide to what's happening in pop culture and the arts. Each week, Kurt Andersen introduces you to the people who are creating and shaping our culture. Life is busy - so let Studio 360 steer you to the must-see movie this weekend, the next book for your nightstand, or the song that will change your life.

Rush Hour Lane to Return to Queens-Midtown Tunnel - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,transportation,nyc,tunnel

Morning commuters who take the Queens-Midtown Tunnel into Manhattan are getting their extra lane back after Superstorm Sandy.

The Rockefeller Foundation - tags: philanthropy,ngo,nyc

Endowed by John D. Rockefeller and chartered in 1913 for the well-being of people throughout the world. It is one of America's oldest private foundations and one of the few with strong international interests.

What if New York City...Design Competition for Post-Disaster Provisional Housing - tags: disaster,building,housing,architecture,nyc,urbanism,design,competition

Demand for Electricians Soars After Hurricane Sandy - tags: hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,brooklyn

Water-damaged homes must be inspected, and sometimes repaired, before Con Edison will turn the power back on.

New York City Plans Disaster Housing Project - tags: shipping_container,hurricane_sandy,housing,sustainability,nyc

The city’s emergency management office has been developing a new line of temporary housing for future disasters using shipping containers — a multistory prototype is in the works.

New York Reassessing Building Code to Limit Storm Damage - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,sustainability,nyc,brooklyn

Some developers are not waiting for tougher construction mandates to protect against storm damage, and are already taking steps like placing critical equipment above ground level.

NYC Rubyist Roundtable (New York, NY) - Meetup - tags: programming,ruby,community,nyc

Professional Developers explore deep dive topics every other wednesday.

How Natural Gas Kept Some Spots Bright and Warm as Sandy Blasted New York - - tags: gas,hurricane_sandy,lighting,smart_grid,electricity,superstorm_sandy,nyc,energy

New York City's other grid, natural gas lines, allowed some places to stay warm and bright despite Sandy.

The Brian Lehrer Show: Open Phones: Lessons Learned From Sandy - tags: phone,hurricane_sandy,lighting,wnyc,communication,electricity,nyc,energy

What did you learn about emergency preparedness during Sandy? What measures worked and what didn't, and what will you do next ...

Rockaways Teen Documents Life Post-Sandy for School - tags: journalism,school,hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,nyc,education

It was a frustrating and cold November in the Rockways, one of the areas of New York City hit hardest by Sandy's storm surge. Thousands of residents in this coastal community were left without power or heat -- and some are still waiting for service. One local teenager borrowed a camera from his high school and took on the assignment of documenting what life is really like on the peninsula post-Sandy.

Christie and Cuomo’s Dueling Visions for Post-Sandy Rebuilding - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,superstorm_sandy,nys,nyc,newjersey,climatechange,recovery,energy

In New Jersey, it’s a nostalgia-infused recovery. In New York, it’s a campaign for a new age.

Cuomo, Christie And Building Consensus : NPR - tags: politics,hurricane_sandy,nys,nyc,superstorm_sandy,government,newjersey,climatechange,energy,taxes

Gov. Chris Christie is defending local tax increases and major federal investments, despite his tough talk on spending. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is courting the spotlight as he calls for billions of dollars from Washington to rebuild. The Republican and Democrat will have to find consensus on the plan for rebuilding — together and with a divided Congress.

Sandy Victims Get Bird's-Eye View Of Homelessness - tags: hurricane_sandy,homeless,food,nyc

In New York City, Thanksgiving has been mass-produced in shelters, churches and community centers. But many of the storm victims ...

NYCityMap • DoITT • City-Wide GIS - tags: history,geography,maps,map,mapping,gis,nyc

Last Chance Foods - tags: cooking,vegetable,fruit,agriculture,farm,nyc,wnyc,food

Last Chance Foods covers produce that’s about to go out of season, gives you a heads up on what’s still available at the farmers market, and tells you how to keep it fresh through the winter. Each week, WNYC host Amy Eddings chats with farmers, chefs, and food writers to get the story behind the food.

Jailed and Jailers Pitched In Help After Storm - tags: prison,hurricane_sandy,clothing,food,nyc,recovery

Rikers Island has donated gasoline, food and clothing, while inmates have contributed labor, doing laundry for displaced New Yorkers in shelters.

Storm Damage Prompts Criticism of New Jersey Transit’s Train Storage Plan - tags: geography,hurricane_sandy,flood,train,stormsurge,transportation,nyc,superstorm_sandy,government,newjersey,research,energy

Despite forecasts of flooding during Hurricane Sandy, the agency kept much of its equipment in low-lying yards and said that 261 rail cars and 62 locomotives had been damaged.

Fed Study Warned Transit Agencies of Flooding Potential - tags: superstorm_sandy,train,nyc,geography,map,flood,research,government,energy,newjersey,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,transportation

Immigrant Farm Workers, the Hidden Part of New York 's Local Food Movement - tags: farm,food,immigration,agriculture,economics,nyc,nys

Thanksgiving is the ultimate harvest holiday, and no one knows that better than the tens of thousands of farm workers ...

Sandy's Toll on Public Health - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,health

As Sandy retreated from the region, it left behind water-logged debris that's brought a new variety of risks — everything ...

Freakonomics » Can Mass Transit Save the Environment? Right Wing or Left Wing, Here’s a Post Everybody Can Hate - tags: environment,electricity,economics,nyc,transportation,energy,masstransit,city

Thousands Of Trees Gone, Ripped Out By Sandy : NPR - tags: centralpark,hurricane_sandy,trees,manhattan,nyc

Nearly 10,000 trees in New York City — many healthy and hefty — were lost to the winds of Superstorm Sandy. Natural scenery aside, they affect the environmental quality of the city.

The H Train Rides Again in the Rockaways | Transportation Nation - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,transportation,nyc

Starting Tuesday, residents of the storm-battered Rockaway Peninsula will have a free subway shuttle known as the H train that incorporates a piece of rarely-used track known as the Hammels Wye.

Your Post-Sandy Questions, Answered - WNYC - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,wnyc,nyc,newjersey,advice

We're collecting your questions about city and regional services here, and answering the ones we can. We'll update this page ...

Q&A | How the City Decides to Raze Sandy-Damaged Homes - WNYC - tags: disaster,demolition,hurricane_sandy,nyc,homes

The city says some of the homes most damaged by Sandy are going to have to be bulldozed, but there's ...

Food Bank For New York City - tags: hunger,nutrition,pantry,food,sustainability,nyc,charity,nonprofit,soup_kitchen

Food Bank For New York City warehouses and distributes free food for over 1.5 million hungry New Yorkers each year.

Soup Kitchens, Food Pantries Help Storm Victims While Struggling, Too - tags: pantry,hurricane_sandy,food,nyc

The Food Bank for New York City distributes emergency food to pantries and soup kitchens across the city and says ...

Using Digital Maps To Study Disaster Preparedness and History - tags: computer,disaster,geography,hurricane_sandy,nypl,map,library,mapping,nyc

In September, when millions of iPhone users downloaded iOS 6 and found Google Maps replaced by Apple Maps, it became ...

New York City Planning Commissioner, Amanda Burden: NPR - tags: subway,park,planning,high_line,community,sustainability,nyc,government,transportation,zoning,city

Solar Power as Solution for Storm: New York Times - tags: hurricane_sandy,smart_grid,queens,battery,rockaway,electricity,sustainability,solar,nyc,energy

While most solar panel systems are tied to the electrical grid and susceptible to widespread power failures, there are ways to tap solar energy when the grid goes down.

NY Sea Grant | NYSG: NYC (News - Superstorm Sandy and the Discussion from SBU Experts that Followed, Nov'12) - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,sbu,dam,stormsurge,nyc

In New York, Hundreds of Storm-Battered Homes Face the Bulldozer - - tags: demolition,hurricane_sandy,queens,statenisland,nyc,homes,brooklyn

A grim assessment of the coast ravaged by Hurricane Sandy revealed that many structures were so damaged they pose a danger.

High School Deadlines Extended As Schools Continue Recovery – SchoolBook - tags: school,hurricane_sandy,nyc

The number of displaced schools is dropping to 18, as 12 schools and programs return to their repaired buildings on Monday.

Kids Prove They're No Pawns In 'Brooklyn Castle' : NPR - tags: school,chess,nyc,brooklyn

What happens when you take a group of junior high kids from a school with a poverty level of more than 65 percent and teach them how to play chess? Katie Dellamaggiore's documentary, Brooklyn Castle, explores the amazing results.

Brooklyn Castle tells the story of how chess transformed an entire school. | Brooklyn Castle – In Theaters October 19th - tags: school,chess,nyc,brooklyn

The New York Landmarks Conservancy - tags: history,building,nyc,architecture

MCNY Collections Portal - tags: history,photographs,nyc

Aesthetic Realism Looks at NYC - tags: art,nyc

Aesthetic Realism Looks at NYC welcome page.

Center for International Earth Science Information Network Map of the Month - tags: environment,columbia,nyc,earth,research,climatechange,energy,climate

Climate change in New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc, climatechange, energy,

Geography of New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc, geography, water, harbor,

NOVA | Inside the Megastorm - tags: hurricane_sandy,pbs,nyc,hurricane

Watch as hurricane Sandy unfolds, and explore what made it so much more devastating than other hurricanes.

NOVA | Hurricanes and Climate Change - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,climatechange,hurricane

Why climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous.

NOVA | Storm Surges and New York City - tags: hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,nyc

How multiple lines of defense, from massive barriers to oyster reefs, can protect our cities from storm surges.

In 2009, Engineers Detailed Storm Surge Threat to New York City - - tags: hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,nyc

One of the nation’s most influential groups of engineers said it presented detailed warnings that a devastating storm surge in the region was all but inevitable and proposed ways to prepare. - tags: geology,building,physiography,geography,geomorphology,nyc - tags: maps,stormsurge,nyc

Industry City Home | Industry City - tags: art,nyc,brooklyn

Staten Island Relief Efforts Are A Community Affair : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,community,statenisland,nyc

Unaffiliated with larger organizations, volunteers are taking charge in areas badly hit by Superstorm Sandy. The operations are backed by the kindness of strangers, some of whom have traveled from other states to help. They say they have come to do "everything you would want your neighbors to do for you."

Tourism at South Street Seaport Hit Hard By Sandy - tags: hurricane_sandy,manhattan,stormsurge,economics,nyc,business

When Sandy blew into the South Street Seaport the night of October 29, the neighborhood's quaint red-brick buildings were quickly ...

After Sandy: Redesigning the Waterfront - tags: hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,ecology,sustainability,nyc,waterfront,design

The Peabody Award-winning, Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, from PRI and WNYC, is public radio's smart and surprising guide to what's happening in pop culture and the arts. Each week, Kurt Andersen introduces you to the people who are creating and shaping our culture. Life is busy - so let Studio 360 steer you to the must-see movie this weekend, the next book for your nightstand, or the song that will change your life.

A Madonna Survived the Storm in Breezy Point - - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,art,rockaway,breezy_point,nyc

A statue of the Virgin Mary that still stands in Breezy Point, Queens, after Hurricane Sandy and fire destroyed the house beside it has become a much-visited, much-discussed symbol of survival.

Storm-Battered Photos Become Public Flotsam - Photographs - - tags: photographs,hurricane_sandy,nyc

Hurricane Sandy transformed cherished snapshots into an open-air exhibition of people’s lives.

Storm-Battered Photos Become Public Flotsam - - tags: photographs,hurricane_sandy,nyc

Hurricane Sandy transformed cherished snapshots into an open-air exhibition of people’s lives.

Cleanup From Hurricane Sandy Is Military-Style Operation - - tags: hurricane_sandy,landfill,statenisland,nyc,garbage

A cleanup job on a huge scale is under way at the Fresh Kills site on Staten Island, where the Army Corps of Engineers is helping to clear out an estimated four million cubic yards of debris.

After Hurricane Sandy, Helping Hands Also Expose a New York Divide - - tags: geography,hurricane_sandy,society,demographics,electricity,economics,nyc,energy,culture,city

Relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy occasionally provoked moments of friction and misunderstanding in a city long fractured by class, race, ethnicity, geography and culture.

A hurricane’s inequality | David Rohde - tags: hurricane_sandy,society,electricity,economics,nyc,energy

Divides between the rich and the poor are nothing new in New York, but the storm brought them vividly to the surface.

The Big Apple's Mayor Makes A Very Scary Video : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR - tags: carbondioxide,bloomberg,nyc,climatechange,energy,greenhousegas

The mayor of New York City wants you to see what an hour's, a day's, a year's worth of NYC's carbon dioxide emissions would look like — if you could see them. The gas is normally invisible. So he's made a video, and it ain't pretty. Why would the mayor do this? What's it look like? See for yourself.

Freakonomics » Mass Transit Hysteria, a New Marketplace Podcast - tags: subway,nyc,transportation,masstransit

HUD Secretary, a New Yorker, Details Approach for Sandy Rebuilding - WNYC - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,government,nyc,usa

A day after President Barack Obama tapped him to lead the regional planning for rebuilding after Sandy, the Housing and ...

Climate change may lead to much warmer NY | NCPR News - tags: hurricane_sandy,bloomberg,sustainability,nys,nyc,climatechange,usa,energy,greenhousegas

In the coming century will New York warm up by three degrees Fahrenheit and have a climate like Richmond, Virginia? Or will it warm by eight degrees and become more like the state capital of Georgia, a city with the nickname "Hotlanta"?

After Gowanus Canal Floods Its Banks, Fears of What's Left Behind - WNYC - tags: water,gowanus,hurricane_sandy,pollution,nyc,energy,oil,brooklyn

Businesses along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn fear toxic contamination may have tagged along with flood waters during Sandy’s vicious ...

As Obama Visits Staten Island, Some Residents Feel a Disconnect - WNYC - tags: politics,fema,hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc,obama

An American flag still flies in the front yard of firefighter Mike Bellantoni’s two-family bungalow on New Dorp Lane. Three ...

Snapshot | Staten Island's Midland Beach After Sandy - WNYC - tags: fema,hurricane_sandy,food,statenisland,nyc

A week after the storm, residents of Midland Beach, Staten Island, struggled to pick up the pieces — even as ...

LIPA, Con Ed Subpoenaed in Sandy Probe - WNYC - tags: lipa,longisland,hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,nys,energy,coned

The New York Attorney General's office has subpoenaed the Long Island Power Authority and Con Edison, sources familiar with the ...

Obama to View Sandy Recovery, Visit Staten Island - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,stormsurge,nyc,storm,obama,energy

President Barack Obama is promising to stick with New Yorkers struggling after Superstorm Sandy, "until the rebuilding is complete."

For Some Sandy Survivors, Medicine's The Big Worry : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,health,medicine,energy

More than two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, many people in New York and New Jersey are still focused on restoring the basics: food, electricity, water. Most vulnerable are the elderly and sick — many of whom can't get to their doctors or refill prescriptions.

Tag: After Sandy - WNYC - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,electricity,nyc,storm,newjersey,hurricane,energy

WNYC - New York Public Radio

The Brian Lehrer Show: After Sandy: NYCHA Chairman Rhea - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,wnyc,housing,nyc

John Rhea, NYCHA Chairman, talks about recovery efforts for the thousands of public housing units still without hot water, power ...

New York Governor Seeks $30 Billion For Sandy Aid - WNYC - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,nys,nyc

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking $30 billion in federal disaster aid to help the state recover from Superstorm ...

Welcome to NYTM - New York Tech Meetup - tags: computer,networking,technology,meetup,community,nyc

NYTM centers around its monthly events, where members gather to watch emerging companies demo new ideas, hear leading-edge thinking on technology topics, and build their networks to develop their businesses.

New Tech City: Tech Key to Rebuilding After Disasters Like Sandy - WNYC - tags: technology,hurricane_sandy,nyc

Two weeks after Sandy hit the New York region, is the recovery coming along as fast it could?

Post-Sandy, Residents Gut Hard-Hit Rockaway - WNYC - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,queens,housing,rockaway,rock,nyc,climatechange,energy

A lot of residents in the Rockaway section of Queens walk around wearing surgical masks. The streets are jammed with ...

As Biking Booms, Questions of Race, Class & Access | The Brooklyn Bureau | Investigative Journalism, Citizen Commentary & Multimedia - tags: geography,poverty,nyc,bicycle

Some say there are too few bike lanes in low-income areas. But bike paths that do exist in those neighborhoods can stir resentment. How divided are Brooklynites when they get on two wheels?

Fiscal Woes, Long-Held Fears Spur Waste-to-Energy Debate - - tags: waste,sustainability,nyc,garbage,energy

Fiscal Woes, Long-Held Fears Spur Waste-to-Energy Debate New York is thinking about diverting garbage from out-of-state landfills and using it to generate electricity locally. The plan pits concerns about city spending and carbon emissions against fears of environmental injustice.

In Far Rockaway, Pretty Beach Meets Housing Bust - - tags: development,queens,rockaway,nyc

In Far Rockaway, Pretty The Rockaway Peninsula's tortured development history enters its latest chapter, with ill-fated spec buildings disintegrating next to successful new housing development, and a rezoning belatedly attempting to instill order.

Hurricane Sandy Damage Amplified By Breakneck Development Of Coast - tags: development,hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,stormsurge,statenisland,nyc,climatechange,newjersey,coast,brooklyn

By John Rudolf, Ben Hallman, Chris Kirkham, Saki Knafo and Matt Sledge On the night that Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, Vinny Baccale was in his Staten Island living room, plotting a last-minute escape and regretting not evacuating, when his kids shouted to him from another room.

Post-Sandy, Residents Gut Hard-Hit Rockaway : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,nyc

A lot of residents in the Rockaway section of Queens walk around wearing surgical masks. The streets are jammed with sanitation trucks, supply trucks and tractors. It looks and sounds like a construction area, but it's not. It's a demolition zone as residents gut their homes to fight mold.

The Brian Lehrer Show: Designing a Storm-Proof NYC - WNYC - tags: stormsurge,sustainability,nyc,storm

F.H "Bud" Griffis, professor of Construction Engineering and Management in the Department of Civil Engineering at the NYU Polytechnic University ...

None - tags: policy,hurricane_sandy,longisland,nyc,rpa

For Every Character, a Different Storm Story - - tags: blackout,subway,hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,stormsurge,nyc,energy,brooklyn

People featured in the Character Study column all had to deal with the storm; each one seemed to do it in a different way.

How a Staten Island Community Became a Deathtrap - - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,statenisland,nyc

Eight deaths in a Staten Island enclave during Hurricane Sandy have raised questions about why the victims were in their homes when the storm hit and whether the city bore some responsibility for their failure to evacuate.

Retrofret in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Sells Rare Guitars - - tags: music,hurricane_sandy,flood,guitar,nyc,brooklyn

Steve Uhrik, who owns Retrofret in Gowanus, Brooklyn, once sold a guitar to Merle Haggard that made him cry.

Veterans Deploy To Northeast After Superstorm Sandy : NPR - tags: fema,wind,hurricane_sandy,veteran,queens,flood,rockaway,electricity,nyc,fire,energy

The military veterans who have been cleaning up and rebuilding in New York and New Jersey say that volunteering helps them as much as it supports the local residents. They say getting back into a chaotic environment with a clear and worthwhile mission helps with the transition to civilian life.

Filmmaker Ric Burns: New York Will Find a Way Out of Climate Disaster - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,sustainability,electricity,nyc,climatechange,infrastructure,energy

Sandy has prompted wide-ranging conversations about how to better protect the city from more frequent and severe storms. Planners have ...

On Staten Island, an Experience Deeper Than a Marathon - - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc,marathon

A runner set to run the New York City Marathon is transformed instead by volunteering to help in Staten Island, meeting people truly devastated by the Hurricane Sandy.

Uprooted By Sandy, Residents Scatter To New Housing : NPR - tags: fema,hurricane_sandy,housing,homeless,nyc,newjersey

FEMA has put more than 30,000 New York and New Jersey residents in hotels and motels and given out roughly $300 million in rental assistance. Mobile homes are on their way to hard-hit areas, and some with housing are opening their doors.

Last Chance Foods: Post-Sandy Farm Report - WNYC Culture - tags: farm,hurricane_sandy,food,agriculture,nyc,greenmarket

Farmers are a tough bunch, and when it comes to Superstorm Sandy, many are counting themselves as lucky, too.

Hurricane Sandy Roundup: Mold Menace, Dentists Crane Lawsuit, Rihanna Relief: Gothamist - tags: longisland,lipa,fema,hurricane_sandy,nyc

geomatic mashups - tags: mashup,geomatics,sbu,education,newjersey,longisland,nyc,sustainability,energy,map,geography

Living on Earth: Biking in the Storm - tags: hurricane_sandy,transportation,nyc,bicycle

The number of cyclists on New York City streets spiked after Superstorm Sandy. Caroline Sampanaro, director of bicycle advocacy at Transportation Alternatives, joins us to discuss the importance of the bike to helping create sustainable cities.

Living on Earth: Adapting Cities to Climate Disruption - tags: hurricane_sandy,sustainability,nyc,climatechange,energy,city

Superstorm Sandy drew some of its strength from warmer waters, exacerbated by climate change. Elliott Sclar, director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at the Earth Institute at Columbia University tells host Steve Curwood how to design urban areas to be more resilient in a warming world.

Experts Say Gas Lines in Parts of City, Long Island Could Persist - tags: longisland,rationing,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,transportation,energy

Gas rationing is now in effect in New York City's five boroughs and on Long Island, but the effectiveness of ...

New York Subways Find Magic in Speedy Hurricane Recovery - - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,electricity,transportation,nyc,energy

After the most devastating storm in the history of the city’s transit system, most major lines were back in service within a week — quicker than almost anyone could have imagined. Main Page - tags: subway,train,transportation,nyc

Straight through the Rockaways, Oversight of New Pipelines is Split | Environment - tags: gas, pipeline, nyc, rockaway, energy,

After Delays, Fulton Street Transit Hub Takes Shape | Transportation - tags: nyc, transportation, subway,

Adapting New York City For Monster Storms | Environment - tags: nyc, storm, climatechange, energy, subway,

New York's Steam Network Considered Highly Effective - WNYC - tags: nyc,cogeneration,energy,steam

Despite the alarming and deadly steam pipe explosion on 41st street this week, most of Manhattan south of 96th street ...

Trigeneration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,districtenergy,cogeneration,trigeneration,heat,cooling,electricity,energy

Cleaning Up Rockaway, Bucket By Bucket : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,flood,rockaway,nyc,beach

Tell Me More producer Amita Parashar shares her experience visiting Rockaway Beach in New York to help her family clean up after Superstorm Sandy.

Gas Rationing Begins in NY; Power Outages Persist - WNYC - tags: rationing,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,energy

A new gasoline rationing plan that lets motorists fill up every other day is going into effect in New York.

Sea Walls | On Point with Tom Ashbrook - tags: hurricane_sandy,seawall,flood,dam,stormsurge,ocean,nyc,climatechange,energy

Photos: Hurricane Sandy's Wrath On The Rockaways' Belle Harbor: Gothamist - tags: hurricane_sandy,photographs,queens,rockaway,nyc

In Lower Manhattan, Sandy Grounds Some High-Rise Residents for Months - tags: building,noreaster,hurricane_sandy,homeless,electricity,nyc,energy

Beth Rice lives with her husband in a one-bedroom rental on the 11th floor of a luxury high-rise in the ...

NYC, Long Island To Ration Gas To Ease Fuel Crunch : NPR - tags: longisland,rationing,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,economics,nys,nyc,energy

Hurricane Sandy's Economic Damage Could Reach $50 Billion, Eqecat Estimates - tags: fema,subway,hurricane_sandy,flood,economics,electricity,nyc,cost,energy,hurricane

Widespread power outages and subway shutdowns may wind up making Superstorm Sandy the second most expensive storm in U.S. history, according to the forecasting firm Eqecat. That would rank it right behind Hurricane Katrina.

NY Sea Grant | NYSG: Hurricane Education (News - Isaac: SBU Storm Surge Research Group Track Sandy, Correct Inaccuracies, Nov12) - tags: longisland,sbu,hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,nyc,research,climatechange,energy

Tag: Hurricane Sandy - WNYC - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,wnyc,weather,stormsurge,nyc,storm,climatechange,newjersey,climate,energy

WNYC - New York Public Radio

Amtrak, NJ Transit Tunnels Are Dry, More Penn Station Trains Can Roll on Friday | Transportation Nation - tags: tunnel,newjersey,subway,nyc,hurricane_sandy,transportation

Broad Channel Historical Society - tags: history,broad_channel,queens,community,nyc,jamaica_bay,island

The Broad Channel Historical Society is documenting the history of the community in pictures, newspapers, articles, artifacts, and personal reminiscences.

Brooklynian - tags: nyc,blog,brooklyn

The Earth Institute - Columbia University - tags: food,water,climatechange,climate,energy,earth,education,sustainability,columbia,university,college,research,environment,nyc

Photos: MTA Lifts Trains On Trucks For Special Rockaway Shuttle: Gothamist - tags: photographs,transportation,jamaica_bay,hurricane_sandy,subway,nyc

Climate change is back on the table - Nov. 7, 2012 - tags: election,hurricane_sandy,bloomberg,nyc,atlantic,climatechange,energy,obama

Higher taxes on energy are possible after Hurricane Sandy, Obama's big win puts climate change back in the spotlight.

The Museum of Mathematics - tags: math,interactive,museum,nyc,education

The Museum of Mathematics: Inspiring math exploration and discovery

Foods of New York - Food & Cultural Walking Tours and Food Tasting Events in New York City - Foods of New York Tours, Inc. - tags: food,nyc,tour,restaurant

Food Tasting Tours of New York City and Cultural Walking Tours of New York City

VIDEO: How To Drain and Repair a Flooded Subway Tunnel | Transportation Nation - tags: transportation,energy,electricity,brooklyn,flood,hurricane_sandy,nyc,subway

NYC Media Lab - tags: technology,community,nyc,education,media

NYC Media Lab drives collaborative innovation by connecting companies seeking to advance new media technologies with academic institutions undertaking relevant research.

Sandy Dispatch: Undeterred by Long Lines, A Family Waits to Help Loved Ones Who Lost - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,homeless,nyc

Nelida and Angel Veledo have waited at a Hess station in Gowanus, Brooklyn, every morning since Sandy walloped the region. ...

Preparing the power grid for the next Sandy - Nov. 7, 2012 - tags: blackout,hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,storm,energy

Concrete poles, smarter censors, drones and plans to divert water are all part of what it might take to keep the power grid running in a world with stronger storms.

Hurricane Sandy - News, Articles, Pictures, Research, New York City - - tags: hurricane_sandy,news,flood,electricity,stormsurge,beach,nyc,energy

News about Hurricane Sandy, Commentary about Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Sandy Research, Hurricane Sandy News archives, Hurricane Sandy in New York City, Hurricane Sandy Information

Sandy recovery: Walls won’t stop superstorms - - tags: sbu,hurricane_sandy,dam,stormsurge,nyc,climatechange,newjersey,energy

After Sandy, New York and other cities want to protect themselves, but walls only provide expensive false security

Photos: This Is Why There Is No L Service To Manhattan: Gothamist - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,flood,transportation,nyc

G Train Resumes Service, L Train Coming Back Soon: MTA: Gothamist - tags: hurricane_sandy, nyc, subway, transportation, mta, flood,

Protection From The Sea Is Possible, But Expensive : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,norfolk,virginia,stormsurge,nyc,energy

Norfolk, Va., has spent decades — and millions of dollars — raising houses and building barriers to successfully hold back the sea. Expanding such efforts to other vulnerable coastal areas, such as New York and New Jersey, could work, but costs could reach the billions.

Geothermal Energy Advocates Hope Systems Get a Second Look - - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,bcm,geothermal,nyc,energy,oil,brooklyn

Digging geothermal wells can be expensive and difficult, and the systems have been slow to catch on in New York City, but the benefits may eventually outweigh the costs.

Officials Brace as Northeaster Threatens the New York Area - - tags: longisland,noreaster,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,newjersey,energy

A week after Hurricane Sandy lashed the region, the city ordered a halt to construction work and parks and playgrounds closed as a second storm closed in.

Good News for Coast: Nor'easter to Weaken - WNYC - tags: noreaster,connecticut,hurricane_sandy,snow,virginia,beach,nys,nyc,massachusetts,storm,newjersey,energy

Areas hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy are dealing with new outages after a nor'easter left a blanket of snow that ...

Sandy Leaves Much of the Region in the Dark - WNYC - tags: longisland,blackout,hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,newjersey,energy

As many as 4 million customers in the tri-state area are without power Tuesday due to the high winds and ...

NJ Gas Distribution Network Faces Challenges After Sandy - WNYC - tags: bayway,refinery,noreaster,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,electricity,stormsurge,nyc,storm,newjersey,energy,oil

Getting gas for cars and generators continues to pose challenges for residents in many parts of the New Jersey, a ...

Will Sandy spark a green response in communities? | NCPR News - tags: hurricane_sandy,conservation,nyc,nys,beach,newjersey

Environmental groups are hoping that the massive damage and economic strain caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York City and New Jersey will spark a new discussion about climate change. But some activists here in New York state are also pushing for a fresh...

Damage Unclear, Future in Limbo for Some Buildings in Lower Manhattan - - tags: water,building,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,pollution,stormsurge,electricity,nyc,energy,hurricane

Buildings along the waterfront in Lower Manhattan remain weeks or months away from being able to reopen and invite their tenants back.

Thousands Of New Yorkers Homeless After Sandy : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,homeless,nyc

Tens of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes as a result of superstorm Sandy. Melissa Block talks with Martin Kaste about the situation and the government's response.

Lessons From a Marathon Not Run - - tags: hurricane_sandy,opinion,nyc,marathon

Thousands of runners who had trained for months didn't get to run the canceled New York City Marathon. All that rigorous training. It felt unfair, a cruel joke. Runners train to run.

Hurricane Sandy Threatens to Disrupt Voting on Election Day - - tags: election,hurricane_sandy,connecticut,electricity,nyc,newjersey,energy

Along the Eastern Seaboard and beyond, elections officials are struggling to avoid storm-related voting disruptions.

Housing, voting, power: Problems abound post-Sandy, and another storm is on the way - The Washington Post - tags: politics,election,noreaster,hurricane_sandy,weather,electricity,nyc,nys,storm,newjersey,energy

Transit in trauma - - tags: longisland,photographs,hurricane_sandy,connecticut,statenisland,transportation,nyc,nys

Striking images of Sandy's blow to New York transport

Sandy’s shocking aftermath - - tags: hurricane_sandy, nyc, newjersey, photographs,

Sandy, the day after - - tags: photographs,hurricane_sandy,nyc,newjersey

The East Coast this morning didn't look the way we left it

Greetings from post-Sandy Staten Island - - tags: disaster,hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc,marathon,hurricane

On Sunday, our team embarked on a different kind of marathon: Helping one of the most ravaged sections of NYC

Photos: South Ferry Station Is Dry Now But Still An Incredible Mess: Gothamist - tags: water,subway,photographs,hurricane_sandy,stormsurge,transportation,nyc,storm,climatechange,energy

Elderly Residents Spend Another Cold Night in Queens - WNYC - tags: blackout,hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,electricity,nyc,storm,energy

A week after Sandy many elderly residents in Far Rockaway are still without power. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was met with ...

Fixing NYC's subway after Sandy Pictures - CBS News - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,electricity,stormsurge,transportation,nyc,climatechange,energy

View Fixing NYC's subway after Sandy photos in CBS News' Fixing NYC's subway after Sandy photo gallery

Storm Invigorates Proponents of NYC Sea Barrier —  Business News - CNBC - tags: hurricane_sandy,sbu,dam,stormsurge,nyc

Fractured Recovery Nearly a Week After Hurricane Sandy - - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc

Hurricane Sandy has cut off whole towns from basic information, supplies and electricity, leaving individuals who have lost everything increasingly desperate for help.

Outrage In The Powerless Zone: A Dispatch From Downtown Manhattan: Gothamist - tags: hurricane_sandy,manhattan,electricity,nyc,energy

Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events - tags: nyc, hurricane_sandy, gothamist

Photos, Video: Crowds At Subways, Buses, Ferries For First Post-Sandy Monday Morning Commute: Gothamist - tags: hurricane_sandy, transportation, nyc,

20 Cities Make Cut In NYC Mayor's $9M Contest - WOR News Talk Radio 710 HD - tags: recycling,bloomberg,sustainability,nyc,education,energy,city

Red Hook Initiative | Creating Change From Within - tags: redhook,community,nyc,brooklyn

The Red Hook Initiative is a community center in Red Hook, Brooklyn working to confront the consequences of intergenerational poverty through an approach that provides support in the areas of education, employment, health and community development.

Phish Frontman Trey Anastasio Gives Out Supplies To Hurricane-Hammered Red Hook Residents: Gothamist - tags: redhook,phish,hurricane_sandy,food,flood,nyc,brooklyn

New York City Schools Reopen After Hurricane Sandy - - tags: school,hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,education,energy

The effort to reopen schools shut by Hurricane Sandy presented officials with a tangled puzzle and New York City’s 1.1 million students with a drastically altered landscape.

Home - The Greene Space - tags: music,wnyc,nyc,media,entertainment

The Greene Space - New York Public Radio

Explainer: How to Vote After Sandy - WNYC - tags: election,hurricane_sandy,flood,generator,electricity,nyc,energy

As the region has focused on recovery efforts post-Sandy, local election officials have been working to make sure polling locations ...

Public Housing Residents Still in Despair After Sandy - WNYC - tags: water,hurricane_sandy,housing,electricity,nyc,energy

Large parts of the East Village appear to be back to normal with cafes open and young people back on ...

Wave of Death Hit New York Enclave - - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,statenisland,nyc,storm

Nowhere was the storm Sandy more deadly than in and around Midland Beach, a working-class enclave where 10 of the 40 known to have died in New York City lived along a roughly one-and-a-half mile stretch of the Staten Island coastline.

How Goldman narrowly missed a Hurricane Sandy disaster - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet - tags: building,hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,economics,nyc,storm

King of Wall Street was saved by a community board. Goldman's West Street headquarters FORTUNE -- Goldman Sachs almost set its traders up for a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy. About a decade ago, Goldman (GS) nearly

Was the gas shortage preventable? - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blog Term Sheet - tags: hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,nys,government,newjersey,energy

The government dragged its feet to lift a regulation that kept tankers from heading to New York filled with gasoline. It needs a better plan for the next time. By Cyrus Sanati FORTUNE -- A combination of bad policy and poor

Assessing Damage From Hurricane Sandy - Graphic - - tags: longisland,geosciences,earthsystem,hurricane_sandy,earthscience,nyc,education,energy,hurricane

More than six million customers lost power Monday as Hurricane Sandy felled trees, downed power lines and flooded substations.

Lesson Plan | Teaching Hurricane Sandy: Ideas and Resources - - tags: longisland,geosciences,geography,school,hurricane_sandy,earthscience,sustainability,nyc,storm,education,energy

Ways to bring this enormous storm and its aftermath into science, history, math, journalism, language arts, media studies and civics classrooms. How are you teaching about Hurricane Sandy?

Where To Find Gas In New York And New Jersey In Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,newjersey,energy

As New York and New Jersey recover from Superstorm Sandy, government officials are adopting emergency measures to deal with fuel-supply disruptions.

BBC News - Hurricane Sandy: Your aftermath stories - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,nyc,storm,newjersey,hurricane

Your stories of coping with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Sonya Sklaroff - tags: water,building,art,nyc,landscape,tank,painting,city

Here’s the New Subway Map, and Other Hurricane Sandy Recovery Details | Transportation Nation - tags: nyc, subway, flood, stormsurge, storm, hurricane_sandy, climatechange, energy,

For Transit Agencies, Climate Change Could Cost Billions | Transportation Nation - tags: nyc, subway, transportation, flood, stormsurge, storm, hurricane_sandy, sustainability, energy,

Subway Flooding Predicted, Eerily Matches Climate Change Model | Transportation Nation - tags: energy,storm,stormsurge,climatechange,sustainability,hurricane_sandy,flood,transportation,subway,nyc

Recovery To Take 'Quite A Long Time' In Storm-Ravaged Breezy Point : The Two-Way : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,breezy_point,nyc,storm,hurricane

The beachfront, blue-collar town in Queens, N.Y., was hit hard not only by Superstorm Sandy's raging winds and floodwaters, but also by a massive fire that tore through the area. More than a hundred homes were destroyed as firefighters battled for nearly 10 hours. A local fire commander says he's hopeful Breezy Point will recover but knows it will take time.

Back to School, Bundled Up, but With Lingering Questions - - tags: school,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,homeless,food,electricity,transportation,nyc,education,energy

The effort to reopen schools shut by Hurricane Sandy presented officials with a tangled puzzle and New York City’s 1.1 million students with a drastically altered landscape.

Water From Above | MetroFocus | THIRTEEN - tags: nyc, water, tank,

Wind, flames, Our Fathers: The inside story of Breezy Point's terrible night - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,flood,breezy_point,electricity,nyc,fire,energy

BREEZY POINT, N.Y. —  As Hurricane Sandy turned the streets of this community into raging rivers on Monday evening, one company of volunteer firefighters ditched their rescue boats and sought refuge in the community center. Inside they found another bunch of volunteer …

Hurricane Sandy Shows Nuclear Is Safe - tags: gas,hurricane_sandy,nuclear,stormsurge,nyc,newjersey,fukushima,energy

Since WWII, nuclear has become the poster child for extreme events. Ironically, nuclear energy in America is now the poster child for emergency preparedness.

1821 Norfolk and Long Island hurricane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: disaster,weather,manhattan,stormsurge,storm,nyc,hurricane

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum - tags: technology,art,architecture,nyc,museum,design

City Island - tags: bronx,food,nyc,city_island,restaurant

A Guide to City Island ,a historic seaport community in New York City, Business, is City Island's Premier Web Site, ISP, and cyber-community. Information on City Island's marinas, yacht clubs, yachting, boating information, boating, New York City, Long Island Sound, restaurants, attractions, accommodations, government, real estate, education, business services, antique, art, boating, fishing, entertainment, events, and chamber of commerce.

Broadway To Sandy: The Show Is Back On : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,entertainment,broadway

New York's theater workers mobilized to get their shows back up and running by Wednesday. But with no trains, very few buses and massive traffic jams, the commute wasn't easy. One actress had to walk about two hours to Manhattan from her home in Queens.

Freezing Temperatures Complicate Storm Recovery - - tags: hurricane_sandy,homeless,statenisland,nys,nyc,newjersey

Temperatures fell into the 30s on Sunday and are expected to drop below freezing this week as tens of thousands of people search for someplace to live.

Sandy's Effects Linger Nearly A Week After Storm : The Two-Way : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,homeless,nyc,nys,newjersey

The fuel shortage that has hit the New York-New Jersey region is expected to continue for days. And many of the runners due to take part in the now-canceled New York Marathon are taking part in relief efforts.

Sandy exposes region's creaky infrastructure, spurs demands for change - tags: hurricane_sandy, infrastructure, nyc, longisland,

On Bloomberg, Sandy, Climate Risk and One Clear Human Factor in the Sandy Disaster - - tags: hurricane_sandy,bloomberg,nyc,climatechange,energy

As Mayor Bloomberg stresses climate change in endorsing President Obama, a fresh look at realistic approaches to curbing climate risks on a crowding, hazardous planet.

Gasoline shortage makes Sandy recovery harder for NYC - Boing Boing - tags: shortage,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,energy

Photos Show Coney Island's Sea Gate Community In Utter Destruction: Gothamist - tags: hurricane_sandy,coneyisland,nyc,brooklyn

WTC Site Floods, But Officials Say Buildings Will Be Hurricane-Proof - WNYC - tags: wtc,hurricane_sandy,flood,nyc

Millions of gallons of water streamed into the World Trade Center site during Sandy, cascading through the PATH terminal and ...

After Getting Back to Normal, the Big Job Is to Face a New Reality - - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,stormsurge,sustainability,nyc,energy

Hurricane Sandy is now a gauge of the region’s new fragility as climate change presents the government, and the public, with some overwhelming choices on how best to rebuild.

Protecting New York City, Before Next Time - - tags: hurricane_sandy,sustainability,stormsurge,nyc,storm,energy

Could New York’s waterfront be re-engineered to withstand a super-storm? Three proposals for areas hit hard last week.

green guerillas - tags: food,community,activism,agriculture,sustainability,nyc,garden

Drama in NYC as data center temp passes 100 degrees - tags: computer,hurricane_sandy,data,generator,electricity,nyc,energy

Sandy-caused generator problems affect air conditioning at data center in Google-owned carrier hotel building

Free Gas Draws Crowds In New York City; Gas Rationing Starts In New Jersey : The Two-Way - tags: hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,nj,newjersey,energy

The governors of both New Jersey and New York signed executive orders Friday intended to help address fuel shortages in areas hit by Sandy. The federal government also said it would be working to deliver fuel to the area.

NYCEDC | New York City Economic Development Corp. - tags: development,community,economics,sustainability,nyc,infrastructure,business,energy,city

New York City Economic Development Corporation's mission is to encourage economic growth in each of the five boroughs of New York City by strengthening the city's competitive position and facilitating investments.

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A Sustainable Conversation is part think-tank, part support network and all about ethical and ecologically-sound business practices. From the worlds of fashion, interior and industrial design, archite

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Ellis Island is the symbol of American immigration and the immigrant experience. Use our Free Search to find your immigrant ancestors arriving through the Port of New York at Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924

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An alternative view of New York | Forgotten New York |

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Public told to stay away from free government gas giveaway, to make room for first responders - - tags: hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc

Free mobile fuel stations being set up in NYC area

A day after Sandy, New Yorkers find a changed city - Yahoo! News - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc

From Yahoo! News: Stripped of its bustle and mostly cut off from the world, New York was left wondering Tuesday when its particular way of life — carried by subway, lit by skyline and powered by 24-hour deli — would return.

After Sandy, Staten Island Helps Its Own, but More Relief Still Needed - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc

(Photo: Jessica Rose Lehrman) Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Northeast on Monday, October 29, but four days later relief is in short supply for ma...

In Sandy's Wake, New York's Landscape of Inequity Revealed - tags: hurricane_sandy,flood,sociology,economics,nyc

On November 1, 2012, subway tunnels under the East River remained out of service after they were flooded during Hurricane Sandy. As a temporary means...

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Rocking the Boat - tags: nyc,boat

Rocking the Boat uses traditional wooden boatbuilding and on-water education to help young people develop into empowered and responsible adults. Through these mediums, Rocking the Boat enables South Bronx students to deal with everyday realities that are often not addressed at home or in school. Five levels of community and youth development programs operate during the fall and spring academic semesters and over the summer.

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GreenHomeNYC\'s mission is to help owners and residents of small buildings in New York City use sustainable building methods and materials.

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Baykeeper of NY and NJ.

New York Harbor School - tags: water,nyc,education,coast

NJ Commuters Like 7 Train Extension Plan « CBS New York - tags: subway,transportation,nyc,newjersey

Following NJ Gov. Christie's decision to put the brakes on a controversial Hudson River rail tunnel, administration officials said they're considering extending the 7 train to Secaucus.

List of songs about New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc, music,

After Hurricane Sandy, Would You Buy on the Waterfront? - - tags: water,building,hurricane_sandy,sustainability,stormsurge,architecture,nyc,hurricane

Waterfront property values in the New York area are unlikely to suffer in the long term, but new regulations — and buyers’ expectations — could affect how it is built and sold.

City Harvest - Rescuing Food for New York's Hungry - tags: hunger,poverty,food,nyc | New York Hotels - Broadway Tickets - New York Restaurants - Official Site - tags: nyc,

Department of Buildings - tags: sustainability,nyc

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Real estate development firm YOUNGWOO & ASSOCIATES is fostering community and entrepreneurship by bringing innovative markets to abandoned lots

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The College of Staten Island is a senior college within The City University of New York (CUNY) offering associate's, bachelor's and master's degree programs. CSI also participates in several challenging doctoral programs in cooperation with the CUNY Graduate School and University Center.

Cuomo: Gas Headed to Long Island - Sayville-Bayport, NY Patch - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc

The governor said 28 million gallons of petroleum are being delivered to New York terminals.

Neighbors help clear Snug Harbor, a Staten Island gem ravaged by Hurricane Sandy | - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc

Some 21 volunteers, mostly neighbors of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden, raked and bagged leaves, twigs and other debris Friday

Hurricane Sandy Staten Island Devastation: Borough 'In Pieces' Following Superstorm (VIDEO) - tags: hurricane_sandy,statenisland,nyc

Hurricane Sandy brought devastation down on all of New York City's boroughs, but the scale of the damage on Staten Island has some experts wondering if its communities will ever be the same.

Home - Staten Island Museum - tags: statenisland,nyc,museum

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Official guide to Staten Island, New York. News, information and special events from the Borough President's Office.

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New York's News & Talk

Living on Earth: Protecting Coastal Areas With….Oysters - tags: oyster,nyc,storm,coast

Oysters are a delicacy to some, but writer Paul Greenberg says they could have a more practical function. Greenberg tells host Steve Curwood that oysters once helped protect New York city from fierce storms.

Living on Earth: Effects of Climate Change on New York City - tags: water,flood,stormsurge,nyc,climatechange,energy

We revisit a Living on Earth documentary reported by John Rudolph in 2003 that examined storm surges and other potential effects of climate change on New York City. Then Klaus Jacob, senior research scientist at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, featured in the original story, talks to host Steve Curwood from his flooded home on the Hudson River.

The Leonard Lopate Show: Sandy and Climate Change - WNYC - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,climatechange,energy

Andy Revkin, blogger for New York Times Dot Earth discusses climate change and Superstorm Sandy.

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Local New York news, events, music, movies, restaurants, and reviews from Village Voice

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Daily coverage of New York's restaurants, nightlife, shopping, fashion, politics, and culture. is the online counterpart to New York Magazine. - tags: news,nyc

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Eavesdropping on strangers since 2003

List of New York hurricanes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc, nys, hurricane,

Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath - In Focus - The Atlantic - tags: photographs,hurricane_sandy,nyc,newjersey

As the remnants of Hurricane Sandy dissipate over northern Canada, the full scale of the damage left in her wake is becoming apparent

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Two Views of a Storm in Climate Context - - tags: hurricane_sandy,opinion,nyc,climatechange,energy

A climate campaigner and a science writer discuss hurricanes, history and the greenhouse effect.

Military to Deliver Fuel to Storm-Ravaged Region - - tags: hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,newjersey,energy,military

With lines at Northeast gas stations persisting, the government turned to the Pentagon for help and eased limits on foreign tankers.

Should New York Build Sea Gates? - Room for Debate - - tags: nyc, storm, dam, tide, energy, weather,

Superstorm Sandy breaks records - - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,superstorm_sandy,hurricane

Superstorm Sandy is not the most costly or most deadly, but the hurricane-turned-cylcone can claim several historical titles.

Power Restoration After Hurricane Sandy May Take Longer Than Expected - - tags: hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,energy

Officials had said that electricity would return to many homes in a week or so. But even that forecast may have been optimistic.

Gasoline Runs Short, Adding Woes to Storm Recovery - - tags: car,hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,transportation,newjersey,energy

Four days after Hurricane Sandy, the effort to secure enough gas for the region moved to the forefront of recovery work. In New York, the Taxi Commission warned of a thinner fleet.

Fixing NYC's Underground Power Grid Is No Easy Task : NPR - tags: water,hurricane_sandy,sealevel,flood,electricity,nyc,storm

An army of electrical workers is squirming through the tunnels beneath New York City, checking transformers, cables and power systems. And though it'll likely take days to get everything back online, experts say the storm would have damaged aboveground infrastructure even more drastically.

Manhattan Businesses Struggle Without Power - tags: hurricane_sandy,economics,nyc,business

Spoiled food, waterlogged furniture, a broken toe and neither power nor customers in sight. For some small businesses in lower Manhattan, every day without electricity is one day closer to the end of the line. "More than a week, it's going to be too much," says restaurant owner Fawzy Abdelwahid.

Storm invigorates proponents of NYC sea barrier - Yahoo! News - tags: nyc, tide, stormsurge, hurricane_sandy, weather, energy, dam,

Hurricane Sandy News - Bloomberg - tags: hurricane_sandy,news,bloomberg,electricity,transportation,nyc,hurricane,energy

Breaking news about Hurricane Sandy. Find the latest articles, videos, photos and blogs about Hurricane Sandy.

Apocalypse N.Y.: Hurricane Sandy kills 32, takes estimated $20 billion toll on the city after deadly two-day attack - NY Daily News - tags: hurricane_sandy,breezy_point,nyc,energy

Hurricane Sandy pounded the city into submission Tuesday, with officials reporting at least 32 New Yorkers killed during the storm’s lethal two-day attack and estimating damages at a staggering $20 billion.

Sandy’s Aftermath: Live Storm Updates - Interactive Feature - - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc

A 13-day chronicle of the devastating East Coast storm and its aftermath that killed more than 100 people, left tens of thousands homeless, crippled mass transit, triggered paralyzing gas shortages, inflicted billions of dollars in infrastructure damage and cut power to more than 8 million homes.

M.T.A.Waives Fares - Restrictions on Bridges in New York - - tags: hurricane_sandy,transportation,nyc,masstransit

The number of New York City fatalities from the storm rose to 38, including two boys who were swept away in a surge of water on Staten Island and found dead at the swampy end of a street on Thursday.

The Robots Haven't Taken Over The Stock Market (Yet) : Planet Money : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyse,nyc

The market shutdown is a reminder that if human beings can't travel to Wall Street — the actual street, not the metaphor — the financial system can't function.

Sandy Leaves Long List Of Health Threats : Shots - Health News : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,rockaway,nyc,health

Public health officials are warning that people in areas devastated by Sandy face many risks in the storm's aftermath. They are urging people to protect themselves from health threats in the water, air and even their refrigerators.

Will Climate Change Get Some Respect Now? - tags: hurricane_sandy,ocean,nyc,storm,climatechange,energy

Climate change has virtually been ignored in this presidential campaign, but Sandy brought it front and center.

Experts warn of superstorm era to come - - tags: hurricane_sandy,breezy_point,nyc,climatechange,energy

Climate change will likely help produce storms and tidal surges of unprecedented intensity in the near future, scientists said.

For Years, Warnings That Storm Damage Could Ravage New York - - tags: nys,nyc,climatechange,energy

On Tuesday, city and state officials took their first tentative steps toward considering major infrastructure changes that could protect the city’s fragile shores from repeated disastrous damage. - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,flood,mta,map,nyc

Update: Limited Service Returning to New York's Flooded Subway - National - The Atlantic Wire - tags: subway,hurricane_sandy,flood,map,nyc

It might take weeks to get the subway fully operational, but trains above 42nd street will start running tomorrow. 

Sandy Shuts Down New York And New Jersey Subways, Trains And Tunnels : The Two-Way : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,transportation,nyc

Mass transit service is slowly resuming in New York and New Jersey, but officials say it could be weeks before service is back to normal.

Breaking News, New York News, Local Neighborhood News - New York - tags: nyc New York: New York's leading neighborhood news source-covering entertainment, education, politics, crime, sports, and dining.

New York City Considering Storm Surge Barriers for Waterfront - New York - tags: dam,stormsurge,nyc,infrastructure

By Tara Kyle

Concept Storm Surge Barrier, USA - Halcrow Group - tags: dam,weather,stormsurge,nyc,storm,hurricane

5 creative ways journalists are covering Hurricane Sandy online | Poynter. - tags: journalism,hurricane_sandy,nyc,media

Standing for journalism, strengthening democracy | Journalism training, media news & how to's

Hurricane Sandy: After Landfall - In Focus - The Atlantic - tags: photographs,hurricane_sandy,nyc

Last night, Hurricane Sandy -- the largest Atlantic tropical system on record -- made landfall just south of Atlantic City, New Jersey, bringing winds up to 90 mph (150 kph), and pushing a massive storm surge onto beaches and shorelines

BBC News - In pictures: New York flooded by Tropical Storm Sandy - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,photography

The US eastern seaboard is lashed by "super-storm" Sandy after it made landfall on Monday evening

Sandy cleanup will cost towns millions - Oct. 31, 2012 - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,business

Waterfront towns up the Atlantic coast were hammered by Sandy. Cleanup costs will be in the millions, officials say.

Hurricane Sandy puts power grids to the test - Oct. 30, 2012 - tags: hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,energy

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on parts of the power grid Monday, knocking out power lines across the Northeast and forcing two nuclear power plants to shut down.

Largest refinery okay, but gas shortage still a risk - Oct. 30, 2012 - tags: hurricane_sandy,gasoline,nyc,newjersey,energy,oil

Fears have eased that Sandy would take down already diminished refining capacity and boost gas prices.

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News about infrastructure. Commentary and archival information about infrastructure from The New York Times.

For Years, Warnings That Storm Damage Could Ravage New York - - tags: stormsurge,nyc,infrastructure,climatechange,energy

On Tuesday, city and state officials took their first tentative steps toward considering major infrastructure changes that could protect the city’s fragile shores from repeated disastrous damage.

Sandy’s Aftermath: Live Storm Updates - Interactive Feature - - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc

A 13-day chronicle of the devastating East Coast storm and its aftermath that killed more than 100 people, left tens of thousands homeless, crippled mass transit, triggered paralyzing gas shortages, inflicted billions of dollars in infrastructure damage and cut power to more than 8 million homes.

DEP's Position on Drilling in the New York City Watershed - tags: gas,water,environment,nyc,energy,marcellus

Natural Gas Drilling in Marcellus Shale - tags: gas,nyc,marcellus,energy - tags: gas, nyc, energy, marcellus_shale, marcellus,

New York City Gas Prices - Find Cheap Gas Prices in New York - tags: price,gasoline,nyc

Search for cheap gas prices in New York City, New York; find local New York City gas prices & gas stations with the best fuel prices.

New York City Water Trail Association - tags: water,nyc,recreation

At least 80 flooded houses destroyed by NYC fire - tags: hurricane_sandy,queens,breezy_point,nyc,fire

NEW YORK (AP) — A huge fire has destroyed at least 80 homes in a flooded neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens. More than 190 firefighters were trying to contain the blaze in the Breezy Point

A Landscape Analysis of New York City’s Water Supply | Landscape Ecology Branch | US EPA - tags: watershed,water,nyc

This study was initiated as a first step to understand human perturbation on landscape and water resources in the Catskill/Delaware watershed from 1970 to present.

Electricity in NYC could take four to seven days to restore - - tags: hurricane_sandy,electricity,nyc,energy

ConEd said New York City customers served by underground equipment should see electricity restored to service in four days. Those who get power from overhead lines are expected to wait a week. Why will it take so long?

Hurricane Sandy’s Waters Flood Blacked-Out New York City - Bloomberg - tags: hurricane_sandy,weather,electricity,nyc,energy,hurricane

Hurricane Sandy sent floodwater gushing into New York’s five boroughs, submerging cars, tunnels and the subway system and plunging skyscrapers and neighborhoods into darkness.

New York City Subway Flooding: 7 East River Tunnels Affected, MTA Chairman Says - tags: hurricane_sandy,weather,transportation,nyc,hurricane

New York City MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota released a statement Tuesday declaring Hurricane Sandy the most "devastating" disaster in the subway's 108-year history. The hurricane has flooded seven subway tunnels under the East River and affected "every borough and county of the region," according to the statement.

New York Feels Hurricane Sandy Impact In Its Subways, Bridges, Tunnels - tags: hurricane_sandy,weather,nyc,hurricane

NEW YORK -- Two days after New York City closed its subway system in the face of Hurricane Sandy, swarms of New Yorkers made their way over the Queensboro and Williamsburg bridges by foot and by bike -- forms of transportation that may become more familiar as the Metropolitan Transit Authority and others indicated Tuesday that it may take weeks to restore the MTA for its roughly 8.7 million daily riders.

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Women's City Club of New York - tags: nyc,women

The Women's City Club of New York, established in 1915, is a nonprofit, non-partisan, multi-issue activist organization dedicated to improving the lives of all New Yorkers. The WCC shapes public policy to promote responsive government through issue analysis, education, advocacy and civic participation.

Latest On Sandy: Death Toll Rises, Wait For 'Normal' Life Continues : The Two-Way : NPR - tags: hurricane_sandy,nyc,newjersey,usa

For many in New York City, New Jersey and other places hit hard by the superstorm, there's nothing to do but wait — for power, for transit service, for things to get better. They'll be waiting for days, officials warn.

Hurricane Sandy Predicted to Bring ‘Life-Threatening’ Surge - - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,flood,longislandsound,weather,stormsurge,nyc,storm,newjersey,hurricane

Forecasters said Hurricane Sandy would bring “life-threatening” flooding to areas of the East Coast and officials warned of days of disruptions as the storm swirled toward some of the nation’s most densely populated areas.

Hurricane Sandy: Latest News As The Worst Begins To Be Felt : The Two-Way : NPR - tags: longisland,hurricane_sandy,weather,ocean,nyc,storm,newjersey,coast,hurricane

Do not disregard the warnings, officials say. Sandy's rains are falling on the Mid-Atlantic and as the storm's winds follow there will be dangerous conditions from Virginia to the Northeast. From now into Wednesday, Sandy will be drenching areas where millions live.

Cities: Salvation Or Infestation? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR - tags: cities,society,agriculture,sustainability,economics,nyc,energy,evolution,city

There are lots of lines of evidence telling us our current model for cities is unsustainable. Does that mean cities themselves are the problem and we should all move back to the farm?

Sea Level Rising Faster Than Average In Northeastern U.S. | Climate Central - tags: water,glacier,geology,boston,erosion,sealevel,ocean,nyc,beach,climatechange,energy

A new study finds the northeastern U.S. & eastern Canada have seen the ocean rise at an accelerating rate in recent decades.

The Promise Of Open Energy Data | ThinkProgress - tags: building,data,efficiency,nyc,energy

Hearings Set on Renewing Indian Point Reactors’ Licenses - - tags: nuclear, energy, nyc, indianpoint, electricity,

Development Plan Near Gowanus Superfund Site Is Scorned and Celebrated - - tags: gowanus,development,nyc,infrastructure,brooklyn

A proposal to erect two buildings containing 700 apartments overlooking the Gowanus Canal has made some residents apprehensive about living in the next big neighborhood.

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MTA Regional Bus Operations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,bus,transportation,

New York City Transit Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc , transportation,

Second Avenue Subway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc , subway,

Bloomberg Pushes a Plan to Let Midtown Soar - - tags: building,midtown,bloomberg,economics,architecture,nyc,city

Officials in Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s administration say the district around Grand Central Terminal needs new zoning laws allowing for taller towers, but the plan has drawn fire.

Maker Faire - tags: technology,art,nyc,design,science

Join your fellow Makers at the Maker Faire! Like a science fair, the Maker Faire will have lots of DIY tech projects from the magazine and elsewhere.

Maker Faire Celebrates Do-It-Yourself-Culture : NPR - tags: design, technology, art , science , nyc

Freedom Soda: New York's Ban On Big Sodas Hits Us Where We're Human : The Salt : NPR - tags: politics,food,nyc,health

People are taking the New York City's proposed big soda ban to heart because it goes after our food. And cultural anthropologists say we have strong attachments to what we consider food — and we don't like it taken away.

New York City Considering Storm Surge Barriers for Waterfront - New York - tags: water,weather,nyc,storm,climatechange

An Ounce of Prevention in New York City - - tags: water,recycling,sealevel,sustainability,nyc,storm,infrastructure,climatechange,energy,brooklyn

Buildings under construction at a recycling site in Brooklyn are being raised four feet beyond legal requirements so they can withstand flooding in decades to come.

New York Faces Rising Seas and Slow City Action - - tags: water,sealevel,sustainability,nyc,storm,infrastructure,climatechange,energy

New York City is facing up to the threats posed by rising seas and flooding in the subway system during severe storms, but the city is years away from — and billions of dollars short of — armoring itself.

New York City’s Split Incentive “Trifecta” - tags: home,split_incentive,economics,nyc,energy

In New York, Two Big Arts Institutions Go Small : NPR - tags: nyc,entertainment

Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music recently opened new, smaller theater spaces designed by architect Hugh Hardy. There, new works can be performed without the financial pressure of filling a large theater — and with cheaper tickets, they can attract the younger generation, too.

Wide Differences Found in Large Buildings’ Power Use - - tags: building,nyc,energy

If the worst-performing large buildings in the city improved their efficiency to just average, the city’s energy consumption could decline by at least 18 percent.

Estimated Total Annual Building Energy Consumption at the Block and Lot Level for New York City - tags: geography,map,nyc,energy

Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline - tags: gas,politics,pipeline,activism,nyc,energy

A History of New York in 50 Objects - - tags: nyc , history

New York City's Story, From Prehistory To Now, Told In 50 Objects : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR - tags: nyc , history

Proposed Gas Pipeline, Endorsed by the City, Draws Criticism - - tags: gas,queens,pipeline,rockaway,nyc,energy,brooklyn

Environmental advocates and community groups worry that a proposed natural gas pipeline in the Rockaways could damage fragile ecosystems, create safety hazards and compromise Brooklyn's only piece of national parkland.

Prospect Heights, NY Patch - News, Sports, Events, Businesses & Deals - tags: nyc , news , brooklyn

GothamSchools - Breaking News and Analysis of the NYC Public Schools - tags: nyc , school , education

International High School at Prospect Heights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: school , nyc

Brooklyn Navy Yard Arts - BNY Arts - tags: art,nyc,design,brooklyn

BNYArts, Association of artist and artisans in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY.

BLDG 92 : Brooklyn Navy Yard Center - tags: history,technology,shipyard,nyc,museum,brooklyn,military

Welcome to Bldg92

Brooklyn Tech Triangle Initiative - tags: entrepreneurship,technology,brooklyn,nyc

New York's City Council Adds Climate Change Panels - - tags: politics,policy,nyc,climatechange,energy

Planning for and adapting to climate change gained more formal status in the New York City Council when two new panels were added to the city's government structure.

Bloomberg Backs Fracking, With Rules to Protect the Environment - - tags: fracking , gas , politics , nyc , bloomberg , energy

Gawker — Today's gossip is tomorrow's news - tags: news,nyc

Gawker is the definitive news and gossip sheet for followers of entertainment, media, and business.

Bronx River Now Flows by Parks - - tags: bronx , river , nyc , water

Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing - tags: blog , finance , investment , nyc

AFSE Academy For Software Engineering - tags: computer,software,programming,nyc,education

A Look at New York City, From 1940 to Today - Interactive Feature - - tags: nyc , history , geography

This Is How We Ride - - tags: bicycle , nyc , transportation , energy

Brooklyn Apartments to Generate Their Own Power - - tags: building,nyc,solar,energy,brooklyn

A Brooklyn developer is renovating a Park Slope brownstone so that it generates as much energy as it uses.

Green Roofs in Big Cities Bring Relief From Above - - tags: roof,water,plant,building,green,solar,nyc,architecture,infrastructure,energy

Turning the black tar roofs that cover our cities into green spaces is not cheap or easy, but its benefits to the environment would be great.

PyGotham: Mostly Python, some random, all awesome - tags: python,nyc,conference

Locations of Bike-Share Stations Unveiled by City - - tags: nyc,transportation,energy,bicycle

Every few blocks throughout Midtown and Lower Manhattan, and in parts of Brooklyn and Queens, New Yorkers will have access to a new alternative for public travel.

The New York Python Meetup Group (New York, NY) - Meetup - tags: python , nyc

New York Council Is Set to Encourage Greener Buildings With New Zoning Rules - - tags: farm,wind,food,sustainability,efficiency,solar,architecture,nyc,energy,brooklyn

The New York City Council is expected to vote on Monday to update the city’s zoning regulations to make it easier for builders to insulate walls, install solar panels and put gardens on rooftops.

Rooftop Greenhouse Will Boost City Farming - - tags: water,roof,farm,food,hydroponics,nyc,brooklyn

The developer Bright Farms says that, at up to 100,000 square feet, the greenhouse in Sunset Park will be the nation’s largest.

The Furman Center Data Search Tool - tags: home,housing,data,map,economics,nyc

New York City Energy Mapping Project | Modi Research Group - tags: columbia,map,nyc,energy

Environment N.Y. Says Indian Point Threatens Water | The Daily Ossining - tags: nuclear,indianpoint,nyc,energy

BUCHANAN, N.Y. – A new report released by Environment New York contends that Indian Point Nuclear Power Plants are a threat to the drinking water of 11. ...

Tidal and Wave Power News - The New York Times - tags: wave,nyc,tidal,energy

News about Tidal and Wave Power. Commentary and archival information about Tidal and Wave Power from The New York Times.

Vision for Cheap Power Even if Indian Point Nuclear Plant Is Closed - - tags: sustainability,electricity,nyc,energy

If the Indian Point nuclear plant closes in the next few years, the 2,000 megawatts of electricity that it produces will have to come from somewhere else.

The One World Foundation - tags: ngo,service,nyc

Official Site Of The 1WorldFoundation (Registered As Charity In The United Kingdom)

Architects and Engineers Express Doubt About Bloomberg’s Windmill Proposal - - tags: wind,nyc,energy

Experts say the mayor’s plan would be complicated, expensive and barely begin to meet the growth in demand for electricity that is expected in the coming years.

Bloomberg Offers Windmill Power Plan - - tags: wind,nyc,energy

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is seeking to put wind turbines on New York City’s bridges and skyscrapers and in its waters as part of a push to develop renewable energy.

Windmills have storied history in New York, captured by city’s seal - - tags: history,wind,nyc,energy,windmill

Windmills were a Dutch transplant back when the city was still called New Amsterdam.

'Diaries' Reveals New York Through The Ages : NPR - tags: book,nyc

In New York Diaries, editor Teresa Carpenter presents 400 years of diary excerpts written by people who've lived in or just passed through one of the greatest cities in the world.

The Changing Face Of America's Chinatowns : NPR - tags: chinatown,nyc,usa,china

For centuries, people from China have immigrated to major cities in the United States. There, many formed their own neighborhoods known today as Chinatowns. But with China's economy booming and the U.S. economy faltering, these historic neighborhoods are seeing declining populations and new demographics.

Light Beneath the Streets: The Future Fulton Street Transit Center - New York Times - tags: subway,nyc

Take a tour of the future Fulton Street Transit Center, a complex in lower Manhattan that is intended to straighten out the tangle of platforms and mezzanines below Fulton Street.

Bloomberg Is Said to Pick Cornell for Science School - - tags: cornell,geothermal,college,solar,nyc,education,energy

The announcement, planned for Monday, will cap an intense contest in the mayor’s ambitious bid to spur a boom in New York City’s high-tech sector.

Is Indian Point the Next Fukushima? - - tags: nuclear,indianpoint,nyc,energy

In weighing the extension of the operating licenses of the Indian Point nuclear plants, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should consider land contamination.

geomatic mashups: nyc - tags: geography,map,transportation,nyc,energy

Woolworth Building - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc, architecture

List of tallest buildings in New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,architecture,skyscrapers

Architecture of New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,architecture

NY Passive House - tags: home,building,sustainability,nyc,architecture,energy

‘Zero-Energy’ Construction Crosses the Ocean - - tags: energy,building,sustainability,nyc,architecture,home

New York State Homes and Community Renewal - tags: building,nyc,nys,homes

New York State Homes and Community Renewal

Transcontinental Pipeline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: gas,pipeline,nyc,newjersey,energy,

Iroquois Gas Transmission System, System Map, Forms, Open Season, Service, current news - tags: longisland,gas,pipeline,nyc,nys,energy

Iroquois Gas Transmission System, System Map, Forms, Open Season, Service, current news - tags: gas,pipeline,nys,longisland,nyc,energy,

EIA - Natural Gas Pipeline System - Northeast Region - tags: gas,pipeline,nyc,energy

Gas Pipeline to Manhattan Stirs Debate in 2 States - - tags: gas,pipeline,energy,nyc,newjersey,

NYSERDA - EMEP: Climate Change - tags: nyc,nys,climatechange,energy

NYSERDA - Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection

Urban heat island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: city,weather,climate,energy,nyc,

Skyscraper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: skyscraper,building,architecture,city,nyc

New York | World news | The Guardian - tags: news,guardian,nyc

Latest news and comment on New York from

Major storms could submerge New York City in next decade | Environment | - tags: flood,nyc,storm,climatechange,energy

Sea-level rise due to climate change could cripple the city in Irene-like storm scenarios, new climate report claims

Brownstone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: brownstone,nyc,brooklyn,building,geology

Mission & History | OHNY - tags: building,sustainability,architecture,nyc

In Shift, More People Move In to New York Than Out - - tags: nyc

The Census Bureau found that for the first time in decades, the number of new residents last year was greater than the number of New Yorkers who went elsewhere.

Sustainable South Bronx - tags: bronx,community,sustainability,nyc

A Conversation on Green Solutions

Homepage | SoBRO - tags: bronx,community,sustainability,nyc

N.Y.C. Offers Inducements for Engineering School - - tags: nyc,education,college

Stanford Raises Cost of Science School Bid to $2.5 Billion - - tags: cornell,nyc,education,campus,stanford

Stanford is a leading contender in the Bloomberg administration’s competition to create a new school of applied sciences that officials hope will spur the growth of high-tech business in New York City.

U.S. and N.Y.C. to Coordinate Jamaica Bay Parklands - - tags: nyc,usa,jamaica_bay

The bay, a key bird habitat, has suffered from proximity to Kennedy Airport and the patchwork quality of surrounding parklands.

Urban Hydroponics: A Model for Feeding a Growing Population Using Fewer Resources? | ThinkProgress - tags: food,community,agriculture,sustainability,nyc,energy,brooklyn

$20 Million Gift to High Line Park - - tags: park,high_line,nyc

The donation, from the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation, will boost the park’s endowment and help cover costs for its final segment.

Stanford and Cornell Offer Novel Environmental Plans for N.Y.C. Campus - - tags: water,cornell,university,columbia,college,nyc,solar,education,stanford,science,environment,geothermal,energy

Universities’ competing proposals to build a science graduate school on Roosevelt Island include features like geothermal wells, energy-neutral buildings and a filtration marsh.

A resource site for Indian Point nuclear plant information - tags: politics,nuclear,indianpoint,activism,nyc,energy

New York City Area Consortium for Earthquake Loss Mitigation (NYCEM) - tags: nyc,earthquake,mitigation,geology,disaster,energy

NYC Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS) - tags: geography,map,nyc

CUNY MAPPING SERVICE - tags: geography,map,nyc

City Announces Nation's Largest Bike Share Program - WNYC - tags: community,transportation,nyc,energy,bicycle

The city has chosen Alta Bike Share to run a 10,000-bike network of one-way, short-term rentals that it says will ...

The Inside Track On New York City's High Line - tags: politics,building,park,high_line,art,activism,train,architecture,nyc,garden

A decade ago, residents thought an old rail line above the city was an eyesore and wanted it torn down. Today, it's one of Manhattan's most popular public spaces. A new book gives the inside story of how Joshua David and Robert Hammond saved the abandoned track.

NYC May Take Back Seat to Europe's Embrace of Bike Culture - WNYC - tags: europe,nyc,transportation,energy,bicycle

New York City has added 250 miles of bike lanes since 2006 in an effort, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ...

MIT: Risk assessment of hurricane storm surge for New York City - tags: media:document,filetype:pdf,flood,weather,nyc,storm

NPR: Big Business Freezes Out New York Ice Company - tags: ice,economics,nyc,business

Natuzzi Brothers has been selling ice since 1959, but it's having trouble expanding because three big companies now control almost half of the wholesale ice market.

Latino USA: Bronx River - tags: nature,bronx,nyc,river

Ian Urbina - The New York Times - tags: water,gas,nyc,nys,fracking

New York Times articles on fracking, particularly in New York State.

State Fracking Rules Could Allow Drilling Near New York City Water Supply Tunnels - tags: water,gas,nyc,energy,fracking

City officials had advocated for a seven-mile buffer. Instead, the state is proposing to allow drilling within 1,000 feet of tunnels that carry water to New York City.

Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance - tags: conservation,bronx,community,nyc,river

Bronx River Art Center - tags: bronx,art,community,nyc,education

Friends of Brook Park - tags: park,bronx,food,community,nyc

New Prose Revitalizes 'Literary Brooklyn' : NPR - tags: literature,nyc,brooklyn

Sometimes, when walking Brooklyn's streets, it doesn't feel as if its literary past is haunting. Rather, its literary soul is still alive and pulsating. Brooklyn is a world unto itself and a writer's enclave. Journalist and critic Evan Hughes has written a literary biography of the leafy borough.

In New York City, Free Summer Concerts Feel The Burn : The ... - tags: music,politics,debt,economics,nyc

Free summer concerts are a New York City institution. But this year, one of the city's most prestigious presenters, the New York Philharmonic, canceled its annual concert series for the first time since 1965. Other nonprofit presenters are struggling, too.

The BQE (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,music,sufjan_stevens,bqe

Bob's Favorite Concert Ever? : All Songs Considered Blog : NPR - tags: music,concert,sufjan_stevens,nyc,pink_floyd,brooklyn

What's the best concert you've ever seen? For All Songs Considered's Bob Boilen, it may have been this week's show by Sufjan Stevens.

HabitatMap - About Us - tags: environment,map,nyc

HabitatMap is a non-profit environmental health justice organization whose goal is to raise awareness about the impact the environment has on human health. Our online mapping and social networking platform is designed to maximize the impact of community voices on city planning and strengthen ties between organizations and activists working to build greener, greater cities.

'Collecting' Swimming Pools And Stadiums: Art Made From ... - tags: google,geography,art,map,collage,nyc

Jenny Odell shows us her "satellite collections."

Evolution Right Under Our Noses - Readers' Comments - - tags: nyc,biology,evolution,life,ecology,city,mouse,ant,fish,tomcod,bittersweet,park,broadway

Various species are adapting to the urban environment  in and around New York City.

Flux Factory | a not-for-profit arts organization supporting ... - tags: art,nyc,blog,space,design

New York Times: Check In, Swim Out: A Floating Hotel as Art - tags: water,art,architecture,nyc,hotel,boat,jamaica_bay

In Jamaica Bay, Constance Hockaday has created one of New York’s loopiest getaways.

NPR: A Floating Hotel At The Edge Of New York City - tags: nyc,hotel,boat,jamaica_bay

The Boggsville Boatel, a DIY tourist destination in Queens, N.Y., is made up of five refurbished boats that sit at a marina on Jamaica Bay,right under the flight path of airplanes taking off from JFK Airport.

NY power plant water rule threatens Indian Point reactors ... - tags: water,nuclear,indianpoint,nyc,energy

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York environmental regulators finalized rules to reduce cooling water intake by power plants and other industrial facilities to reduce fish kills by 90 percent.But this rule

Electric Vehicles Hit the Big Screen in Central Park - Compass - tags: car,centralpark,documentary,electricity,nyc,energy

Hundreds attended a Revenge of the Electric Car screening, co-sponsored by the Sierra Club. Is there anything better than outdoor cinema in Central Park on a warm summer night? An estimated 500 people turned out yesterday to catch a glimpse...

Electric cars: Bloomberg plugs in, but New Yorkers tune out - tags: car,bloomberg,electricity,nyc,energy

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the addition of 70 new hybrid cars to the city’s fleet yesterday, but New Yorkers have yet to buy in to the hybrid hype.

Grand Central Terminal Retail Success Hurts Old Tenants - - tags: grand_central_station,nyc,business

The landlord’s focus on a different mix of shops and restaurants has prevented some old tenants from renewing their leases.

Thelonious Monk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: music,jazz,biography,nyc

Home - WQXR - tags: music,wnyc,radio,nyc

WQXR - New York Public Radio

Creative Time - tags: art,activism,community,nyc,design

The Scoop on Poop: Turning Sewage Sludge into Energy and ... - tags: sewage,queens,electricity,nyc,energy,brooklyn

Can New York City's Highways Be Fixed? - Room for Debate ... - tags: nyc,highways,transportation,repair

Pratt Students Bring Farms to NYC Rooftops in Exciting Summer ... - tags: roof,farm,urban,food,sustainability,nyc,architecture,education,design

Students at Pratt Institute's Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development participate in a Design-Build Studio concentrating on urban rooftop farming.

New York Times: Dirtier Air and Higher Costs Possible if Indian Point Closes, Report Says - tags: nuclear,indianpoint,pollution,economics,air,sustainability,nyc,energy

Greater air pollution and higher electricity costs are among the effects predicted if the nuclear facility is closed, a report commissioned by the city says.

The Architectural League of New York - tags: community,nyc,architecture

St. Francis College - tags: catholic,college,nyc,education,brooklyn

Wikipedia: Flushing Meadows – Corona Park - tags: park,queens,nyc,flushing

City Parks Foundation - tags: park,nyc

Tenth Acre Farms - tags: farm,urban,food,sustainability,nyc,garden

Brooklyn Grange - tags: farm,urban,food,community,sustainability,nyc,garden,brooklyn

The Battery Conservancy - tags: history,urban,park,sustainability,manhattan,architecture,nyc,design

Gotham Greens Local Produce || Gotham Greens || Premium ... - tags: farm,urban,environment,food,sustainability,nyc,greenpoint,garden,brooklyn

Gotham Greens is a New York City based company dedicated to growing the highest quality vegetables and culinary herbs for local restaurants and retailers. Gotham Greens’ premium quality, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs are grown in sterile rooftop greenhouses using clean, renewable energy. Gotham Greens products can be found in local retail and dining establishments that are committed to providing their customers with the freshest and finest foods available.

Top 5 Urban Farms in New York City | Inhabitat New York City - tags: farm,urban,food,nyc,garden

The spring harvest is in full swing here in the Big Apple. To celebrate urban agriculture, we've rounded up our favorite five farms in the city.

Welcome to Neighborhood Preservation Center - tags: history,urban,neighborhoods,community,architecture,nyc,preservation

Lorillard Snuff Mill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: snuff_mill,bronx,nybg,nyc

Manhattanhenge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,sun,architecture,astronomy,manhattan

Tragedies of the commons: The world is his parking spot | The ... - tags: car,bike,economics,transportation,nyc

I HAVE to say, I almost feel bad for the New Yorker's John Cassidy, who is currently being skewered by much of the blogosphere for writing a profoundly wrongheaded...

Free Williamsburg - tags: music,food,art,community,williamsburg,nyc,brooklyn

FREEwilliamsburg: The Williamsburg, Brooklyn Culture Guide

New York Street Food - tags: food,nyc,blog

New York Street Food

New York Habitat - tags: london,apartment,france,nyc,usa

Search for apartments and accommodations in New York, Paris, London and the South of France. Rentals include furnished apartments, vacation rentals, apartment shares and bed & breakfasts. Call our team at +1 (212) 255-8018 to rent or list an apartment with New York Habitat.

Central Park Map | The Definitive Central Park Map - tags: centralpark,geography,map,nyc

The definitive Central Park map locates thousands of trees, depicts all of the architectural features of Central Park, shows all paths, renders every body of water of Central Park, highlights all rock formations, and illustrates each Central Park recreational area.

Housing Works - tags: homeless,housing,nyc,activism

About: "Housing Works is committed to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. We believe that all people have the right to a rich and empowering life. Since 1990, we have provided the highest quality services for homeless men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS in New York City and beyond."

Without Indian Point, Could New York City Keep the Lights On? - tags: nuclear,indianpoint,electricity,nyc,energy

NOAA Posts Images Online of Northeast Blackout - tags: blackout,2003,satellite,image,usa,noaa,energy,nys,nyc,electricity

New York City Blackout of 2003 News - The New York Times - tags: blackout,2003,electricity,nyc,energy

News about the New York City Blackout of 2003. Commentary and archival information about the New York City Blackout of 2003 from The New York Times.

The 2003 Northeast Blackout--Five Years Later: Scientific ... - tags: electricity,power,blackout,energy,usa,nys,nyc,2003

Mapping (Almost) Every Tree In Central Park : NPR - tags: centralpark,tree,map,mapping,nyc

"Central Park—before it was Central Park—was a desolate, rocky swamp," birdwatcher Ken Chaya says. Now, he and an author have mapped almost 20,000 trees in the New York City arboretum.

Fishing In The Basement: A Manhattan Tale : Krulwich Wonders ... - tags: fish,manhattan,nyc,biology

NPR: Affordable Manhattan: Co-Ops Keep The Dream Alive - tags: coop,apartment,economics,manhattan,nyc

Housing experiments flourished in New York City in the 1960s. But amid the city's sky-high real estate market, many have since been privatized. Born of a deal between labor and government leaders, South Penn, in the Garment District, is among those co-ops fighting to retain its sense of community.

Brooklyn College - tags: BrooklynCollege,college,cuny,nyc,education,brooklyn

NPR: Urban Fish Farming: Wave Of The Future? - tags: BrooklynCollege,water,farm,aquaculture,fish,sustainability,ocean,nyc,tilapia,brooklyn,city

A Brooklyn researcher says raising fish in city warehouses could be a solution to depleted oceans, chemically raised farm fish and mislabeled seafood. Plus, think of the fertilizer! Would you grow your vegetables in a tank of tilapia?

New School University - tags: college,music,art,education,nyc

New School University - tags: music,art,college,nyc,education

The New School, a university in New York City, is comprised of 7 schools, offering liberal arts education, humanities and social sciences, design, music and a variety of certificate programs.

American Folk Art Museum - tags: art,history,museum,nyc,manhattan

American Folk Art Museum - tags: history,art,manhattan,museum,nyc

Collection and exhibitions in New York City featuring 18th- and 19th-century paintings, quilts, sculptures, and the work of contemporary self-taught artists.

Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) - Home to Marymount ... - tags: education,college,university,nyc,manhattan

Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) - Home to Marymount ... - tags: university,college,manhattan,nyc,education

Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) is an urban, independent undergraduate liberal arts college located on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Baruch College - tags: nyc,education,college,university,manhattan

Baruch College - tags: university,college,manhattan,nyc,education

Baruch College is one of ten senior colleges of The City University of New York (CUNY), the largest urban public university in the United States.

New York Times: One Math Museum, Many Variables - tags: math,museum,nyc,education

New York Times: One Math Museum, Many Variables - tags: math,nyc,museum,education

Glen Whitney’s museum in New York aims to shape cultural attitudes and dispel the bad rap that most people give math.

AIA New York Chapter : Home - tags: architecture,nyc,community,building,art,map

AIA New York Chapter : Home - tags: architecture,nyc,community,building,art,map

New York Times: Cuomo Takes Tough Stance on Nuclear Reactors - tags: nuclear,energy,nyc,nys,indianpoint

New York Times: Cuomo Takes Tough Stance on Nuclear Reactors - tags: nuclear,energy,nyc,nys,indianpoint

Juilliard School - tags: music,education,nyc

Juilliard School - tags: music,education,nyc

Music of New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: music,nyc

Music of New York City - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: music,nyc

Mason Jar Music - tags: music,nyc,brooklyn

Mason Jar Music - tags: music,nyc,brooklyn

NPR: In Through The Out Door: Turning Abandoned Buildings Into Recording Studios - tags: music,nyc,brooklyn

NPR: In Through The Out Door: Turning Abandoned Buildings Into Recording Studios - tags: music,nyc,brooklyn

Streetsblog New York City - tags: nyc,sustainability,politics,community,environment,transportation

Streetsblog New York City - tags: nyc,sustainability,politics,community,environment,transportation

Steven Cohen: A Sustainable City Requires Increased Mass ... - tags: nyc,masstransit,sustainability

Steven Cohen: A Sustainable City Requires Increased Mass ... - tags: nyc,masstransit,sustainability

Design Trust for Public Space - tags: nyc,community,architecture,environment,design,public,parks,sustainability

Design Trust for Public Space - tags: nyc,community,architecture,environment,design,public,parks,sustainability

Movie Review - Battle For Brooklyn - After A Lawful Land Grab, A Local David Declares War On Goliath : NPR - tags: brooklyn,atlanticyards,development,politics,nyc,movie,documentary

Movie Review - Battle For Brooklyn - After A Lawful Land Grab, A Local David Declares War On Goliath : NPR - tags: brooklyn,atlanticyards,development,politics,nyc,movie,documentary

Movie Review - 'Page One' - The 'Times,' A-Changing On All ... - tags: nyc,movie,documentary,nytimes

Movie Review - 'Page One' - The 'Times,' A-Changing On All ... - tags: nyc,movie,documentary,nytimes

Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities - tags: art,nyc,science

Dactyl Foundation for the Arts & Humanities - tags: art,nyc,science

American Museum of Natural History: New York City Water Story - tags: nyc,water,amnh

American Museum of Natural History: New York City Water Story - tags: water,amnh,nyc

Top 10 Climate-Ready Cities in the U.S. - tags: sustainability,city,chicago,nyc,portland,energy,climatechange,sanfrancisco,seattle,philadelphia

Top 10 Climate-Ready Cities in the U.S. - tags: portland,seattle,sanfrancisco,sustainability,philadelphia,nyc,chicago,climatechange,energy,city

This post introduce a ranking of the largest Climate-Ready cities in the U.S. based on a range of factors including political commitment, green buildings, university leadership, transit access and use, clean tech investment and GHG emissions.

Free Wi-Fi Service In NYC Parks Announced By Mayor Bloomberg, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson - tags: www,wifi,nyc,park

Free Wi-Fi Service In NYC Parks Announced By Mayor Bloomberg, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson - tags: www,wifi,nyc,park

NPR: New Teachers Most Vulnerable In NYC Layoffs - tags: nyc,education,economics,politics

NPR: New Teachers Most Vulnerable In NYC Layoffs - tags: nyc,education,economics,politics

New York Times: An Unlikely Power Duo Emerges in the Global Fight Against Climate Change - tags: climate,nyc,climatechange,energy

New York School of Visual Arts - tags: art,education,nyc,college

New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - tags: art,nyc,museum

Electronic Arts Intermix - tags: art,nyc

A more likely nuclear nightmare | iWatch News - tags: nuclear,energy,disaster,nyc

NPR: Park Or Ride: A Bike Lane Divides Brooklyn - tags: bicycle,brooklyn,transportation,nyc,energy Road Map for the Digital City - tags: nyc

Data Sets - NYC Data Mine - tags: nyc,data

New Amsterdam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,history,manhattan

Grand Central Terminal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,train,transportation

Grand Central Terminal - tags: transportation,nyc

While Grand Central Terminal is one of the nations most historical landmarks, it has remained the busiest train station in the country. Today, people from all over come to visit, shop and take a public tour of Grand Central.

New York Harbor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc

Little Neck Bay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: longislandsound,longisland,nyc,queens,nassau

City Island, New York - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,longislandsound

Prospect Park Alliance - tags: nyc,brooklyn,music,nature,park

Central Park - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,manhattan,geology

AIPG: TRIPS ON THE ROCKS: Southern Central Park, New York - tags: nyc,geology,merguerian,filetype:pdf,media:document

NYC Regional Geology - tags: nyc,geology,park

KAOLINITE FROM A BROOKLYN SUB- WAY TUNNEL* Peur F. Kenn, Columbia ... - tags: nyc,geology,brooklyn,filetype:pdf,media:document

Bedrock Geology In and Around the Jamaica Bay Estuary - tags: nyc,geology,filetype:pdf,media:document

USGS: Harrison/Ravenswood Gneiss - tags: nyc,geology,ravenswood,harrison

Geology of New York City and Its Vicinity | Natural History ... - tags: nyc,geology,rocks

New York Geology - tags: nyc,geology

Parks Monuments and Geology : New York City Department of ... - tags: nyc,geology,parks,monuments,rocks,minerals

Geological History of NYC Parks : New York City Department of ... - tags: nyc,geology,parks

New York City Geology | Earth and Planetary Sciences - tags: nyc,geology

"Bedrock Geology of New York City: More than 600 m.y. of geologic history" - tags: nyc,geology

New York Nature - Welcome! - tags: nyc,education,history,science,geology,nature

Cameron's Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,geology

NYC Regional Geology - tags: nyc,geology

Safari 7 - tags: nyc,environment,queens,nature,train,subway

7 (New York City Subway service) - Wikipedia, the free ... - tags: nyc,subway,queens,manhattan

Flushing, Queens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,queens

Wikipedia: Chinatown, Brooklyn - tags: nyc,brooklyn

Fort Greene, Brooklyn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,brooklyn

Park Slope, Brooklyn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,brooklyn

Greenpoint, Brooklyn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,brooklyn,greenpoint

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,brooklyn

New York Restoration Project - tags: nyc,community,sustainability,environment

Million Trees NYC - tags: environment,activism,trees,nyc

Strand Book Store - tags: books,nyc

Bowery Poetry Club - Home - tags: nyc,books,art,music,manhattan,poetry

Bring To Light - Nuit Blanche New York - tags: nyc,art,design

Festival of Ideas - tags: nyc,community,architecture,green

Northside Merchants Association - tags: brooklyn,nyc

Neighbors Allied for Good Growth - tags: nyc,community,brooklyn

Jane's Walk USA - tags: nyc,usa,city,community,design

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,brooklyn

GrowNYC - tags: nyc,food,education,sustainability

GrowNYC is a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

Henry Street Settlement - tags: nyc,manhattan,history,architecture,energy

Mission Statement: Henry Street Settlement opens doors of opportunity to enrich lives and enhance human progress for Lower East Side residents and other New Yorkers through social services, arts, and health care programs.

Salt Marsh Alliance - tags: nyc,saltmarsh,park,brooklyn

The Salt Marsh Alliance, a not-for-profit organization,was formed in 2002 to support the Salt Marsh Nature Center. The Salt Marsh Alliance provides a way for private citizens and local businesses to help maintain the Nature Center in a partnership with New York City's Park and Recreation Department and the Urban Park Rangers.

A Farm Grows in the Battery - - tags: nyc,farm,education,manhattan

MASNYC: Conference Panel Preview: Greening Landmarks - tags: nyc,building,sustainability,architecture,energy

New York Philharmonic - tags: nyc,music

MASNYC: MAS Launches Energy Demonstration Project with Henry Street Settlement - tags: nyc,energy,sustainability,history,building,architecture

The Municipal Art Society of New York - tags: nyc,art,architecture,history,environment,city,building,sustainability,energy,education,advocacy,masnyc

Mission: MAS fights for intelligent urban design, planning and preservation through education, dialogue and advocacy.

The Next American System ~ [VIDEO] Road to the Future | Blueprint America | PBS - tags: nyc,denver,portland,geo105,energy

New York City's Solar Landfill Plan Finds Eager Energy Developers | SolveClimate News - tags: solar,energy,nyc,landfill

With PlaNYC Update, New York City Continues to Lead on Energy and Climate | Donna DeCostanzo's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC - tags: nyc,plan,energy,sustainability

Astoria, Queens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,astoria,queens,longisland

Newtown Creek - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,brooklyn,queens

Teknomadics: NYC to Generate Renewable Energy from Sewage - tags: nyc,waste,biomass,energy

New York Times: City Is Looking at Sewage Treatment as a Source of Energy - tags: nyc,waste,biomass,energy

New York Energy $mart(SM) - tags: nyc,nys,energy,green,house,environment,solar

Herbert H. Lehman College - tags: cuny,lehman,university,education,nyc,college,bronx

Taking the LEED – CUNY Newswire – CUNY - tags: leed,energy,building,cuny,nyc,lehman,bronx

Asia Grill Vienamese Cuisine,New York City,La Sa Tom,Pho Ga ... - tags: food,nyc,vietnamese

Katz's Delicatessen - tags: nyc,food

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts - tags: nyc,music,art,dance

New York City Center - tags: nyc,art,culture

How The Beatnik Riot Helped Kick Off The '60s : NPR - tags: nyc,music

GreenMap NYC: Welcome to the Green Apple Map! - tags: nyc,maps,environment,sustainability,map

Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 100 Years Later - WNYC - tags: nyc,fire,union,labor

New York Times: 200th Birthday for the Map That Made New York - tags: geography,nyc,map

Japan quake may alter where U.S. builds nuke plants | Reuters - tags: nuclear,energy,nyc,nys,disaster

Indian Point Nuclear Plant Can Withstand Seismic Activity ... - tags: nuclear,energy,nyc,indianpoint,nys,wnyc

Nuclear Power Play: A Look at the Industry in the Tri-State ... - tags: nuclear,energy,nyc,nys,wnyc

New York Denies Indian Point Plant a Water Permit - - tags: indianpoint,nyc,nuclear,energy,nys,hudson

Entergy Nuclear - Indian Point Energy Center Units 2 & 3 - tags: nuclear,energy,indianpoint,nyc,nys

Indian Point Faces New Challenge From Opponents - New York Times - tags: nuclear,energy,nyc,indianpoint

In wake of Japanese nuclear crisis, Riverkeeper calls for shut down of Indian Point - tags: nuclear,energy,nyc,riverkeeper,indianpoint

Power Plant Cases | Riverkeeper - tags: energy,hudson,nyc,nuclear,nys,riverkeeper

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant (NY) News - The New York Times - tags: energy,nyc,indianpoint,nuclear

Entergy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: energy,nyc,indianpoint

Race, Humor And Family Intersect In 'My Korean Deli' : NPR - tags: nyc,food,book

Metropolitan Biodiversity Program - Center for Biodiversity ... - tags: nyc,nys,biology,biodiversity

Atlantic Yards (Brooklyn) News - The New York Times - tags: brooklyn,atlanticyards,nyc

New York Times: In Brooklyn, Divided Opinion About a Bike Lane by a Park - tags: bicycle,transportation,nyc,brooklyn,energy

Atlantic Yards Maps - tags: atlanticyards,brooklyn,nyc,maps

Atlantic Yards - tracy collins - tags: atlanticyards,brooklyn,nyc,flickr | The Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council - tags: brooklyn,community,nyc,development,politics

BrooklynSpeaks | Atlantic Yards must work for Brooklyn - tags: brooklyn,nyc,development,advocacy,community

Housing Projects in NYC - 106 projects, 5 boroughs - Google Earth Community - tags: nyc,building

Google Earth Community: New York City Utilities - tags: nyc,energy,water

Empire State Building - tags: nyc,building,architecture,city

Home - New York Association for Energy Economics - tags: energy,nyc,economics

The New York Association for Energy Economics (USAEE-NYC) is a chapter of the United States Association for Energy Economics (USAEE).

New York Academy of Sciences - tags: science,nyc,research,education,news

The New York Academy of Sciences is a membership organization with over 24,000 members in 140 countries. They include research scientists at universities and industry, as well as representatives of business, government, and policy organizations.

Climate Change: News - tags: climate,nyc,seattle,energy,nasa,climatechange,sustainability,city

PlanNYC - tags: nyc

City Wants To Use Sewage As Renewable Energy - tags: waste,sewage,biomass,energy,nyc,methane

The Trust for Governors Island - tags: nyc,manhattan,brooklyn

Brooklyn Navy Yard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: entrepreneurship,business,history,technology,brooklyn,nyc

Brooklyn Navy Yard - tags: business,economics,energy,technology,brooklyn,nyc,development,work,history

WNYC: In Wake of Banking Crisis, City Looks to Tech Industry - tags: nyc,economics,technology,science,research,education,energy

DOE - Fossil Energy: Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve - tags: oil,doe,newjersey,connecticut,nyc,nys,longisland,energy

USEIA: New York Energy Map - tags: energy,nys,nyc,map,longisland

Google Earth Community: Pearl Street Electric Generating Station - tags: electricity,energy,nyc

Google Earth Community: Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project - tags: tidal,energy,nyc

First US Commercial Tidal Power Plant Proposed For New York City - tags: tidal,energy,nyc

Covanta Energy - tags: energy,garbage,nys,nyc,longisland

Covanta Energy is an owner and operator of Energy-from-Waste and power generation projects.  Covanta Energy's Energy-from-Waste facilities convert municipal solid waste into renewable energy for numerous communities, predominantly in the United States.

New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance - tags: nyc,longisland,energy,electricity

New York AREA works to broaden awareness and foster active dialogue to address New York State’s energy challenges.

Environmental issues in New York City - Wikipedia, the free ... - tags: nyc,environment,sustainability,New York City: Energy

Environmental issues in New York City are affected by the city's size, density, abundant public transportation infrastructure, and location at the mouth of the Hudson River. New York City also plays an important role in national environmental policy because of its size and influence.

New York City Energy Shortage Projected: Nuclear & "Clean ... - tags: nyc,energy,sustainability,electricity

NYC Begins Hard, Long Slog to Energy Efficiency - - tags: nyc,energy,sustainability

In New N.Y.U. Plant, a Collateral Carbon Benefit - - tags: energy,nyc

Broad Channel, Queens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,queens

New York State Geological Association - tags: nysga,nys,herkimer,adirondacks,geology,nyc,longisland

Into The Tunnels: Exploring The Underside Of NYC : NPR - tags: nyc

Greenlight Bookstore | An independent bookstore in the heart ... - tags: books,nyc,brooklyn

New York City's Digital Map Puts In-Depth GIS Data a Few Clicks Away - tags: nyc,geography

center for sustainable energy - tags: energy,sustainability,nyc,bronx

Wildman Steve Brill - tags: food,nyc,sustainability,foraging

New York Sun Works - tags: solar,energy,sustainability,nyc

Tidal Power: Can the East River Generate Electricity? - WNYC - tags: tidal,energy,nyc,longisland

Living on Earth: Riding the Tide - tags: tidal,energy,longisland,nyc

Verdant Power - tags: tidal,energy,longisland,nyc

New York Solar Energy Society | Welcome to our "Solar Resource Network" - tags: solar,energy,nyc

Build It Green! NYC | Non-profit Low Cost Salvage and Surplus Building ... - tags: architecture,building,sustainability,nyc,energy

NYC Biodiesel Sales | Used Cooking Oil Collection | Bioheat ... - tags: biofuels,energy,nyc

Brooklyn Grange - tags: food,nyc,brooklyn,sustainability

NY Wind - tags: energy,nyc,wind,electricity

Solar One - tags: solar,energy,nyc,education,sustainability

New York City Police Department - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - tags: nyc,police

Welcome to - tags: nyc,subway,transportation

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Blueprint America goes to three American cities — Denver, New York and Portland, and their surrounding suburbs — to look at each as a microcosm of the challenges and possibilities the country faces as citizens, local and federal officials, and planners struggle to manage a growing America with innovative transportation and sustainable land use policies.

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