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Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area provide an excellent opportunity to visit a place with a large variety of natural and cultural attractions without the need for a car. It has an excellent mass transit system and is either said to be the best or one of the best cities for cyclists.  There has been an increase in infrastructure for bikes and there are a lot of maps and resources including bike shops and rentals. In addition, there are many great opportunities for walking, including an enclosed skyway system downtown, as well as trails and interesting neighborhoods. 

The largest portion of this website is devoted to helping you navigate Metro Transit's extensive website so that you can optimize your mass transit experience. The one shortcoming that I found when visiting Minneapolis is that, although there is a sign at every bus stop, in some areas there is no other information to be found. Using their website, you can find routes and stop locations easily. 

The photo below was taken by Andy Tucker from a light rail train. It shows the beautiful Martin Olav Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge. Notice that in the lower right corner it also shows people stuck in traffic on Hiawatha Avenue.

Click on photo below to view other sizes of Greenway Bridge by Andy Tucker on Flickr.


"The Martin Olav Sabo bike and pedestrian bridge over Hiawatha Ave, with the Minneapolis skyline behind it. Taken from a light rail train."  Description and photo by Andy Tucker.

 Link to Andy Tucker's Photostream on Flickr


The wikitravel page for Minneapolis 

This is an excellent travel guide for Minneapolis. By selecting "Get Around" from the menu in the upper left corner of the website (or scrolling down to the Get Around section) you will find a summary of the major bus lines and a detailed stop by stop description of the stops on the light rail line. Below the mass transit section, there is information regarding biking and walking as well. This article provides a good introduction to the experience of visiting Minneapolis without a car.  

 Click on photo below to view other sizes (and other images) by Andy Tucker on Flickr.

SnowNicolletMall 1

 Nicollet Mall Snowstorm February 21, 2011. Photo by Andy Tucker (Click photo for Flickr photo page)

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Using Metro Transit

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      Link to Mike's Flickr Photostream

The Using Metro Transit page contains an introduction to Metro Transit services and some directions for using features on their website. Their website has a large number of features and I provided some examples and hints to help you get the most from it.

Flickr Photo by Mike Hicks

List of Outside Links from the Using Metro Transit Page:

How to Ride

Metro Transit Photo Page Link

Metro Transit Home Page

Trip Planner

About NexTrip 

Metro Transit Mobile Website

Services Finder

Transit Maps & Schedules

Click on the image below to view a larger image.

Hi FrequencyMap-2

The Transit Maps & Schedules page of this website includes directions and examples designed to help with this feature on the Metro Transit website. It also provides links to specialized bus services including high frequency, and free or $.50 routes downtown.

List of Outside Links from the Transit Maps & Schedules Page:

Maps and Schedules

Order Info and Map/Schedules by Mail

Service Alerts

Light Rail Construction Updates

Downtown Zone

Bus Route 9 Map and Schedule

Bus Route 6 Map and Schedule

Hi-Frequency Network Service Description

Hi-Frequency Network Service Map

Free Ride - Nicollet Mall

Marquette & 2nd Avenue Bus Stops - Express Bus Service

Interactive Map

Light Rail & Northstar

  Click on the photo to view other sizes of this photo along with additional information and more photos.


 Cyclist on bike path waiting for the Hiawatha Line Light Rail Train to pass.  Photo by Steven Vance. 

 Link to Steven Vance's Photo Sets on Flickr

The current light rail system provides frequent service and convenient connections to bus routes. Its route provides an easy way to get to and from the airport and many of the most popular Minneapolis destinations. The Northstar is a commuter rail line running from Target Field to the north.

List of Outside Links from the Light Rail & Northstar Page

Light Rail - Hiawatha Line

Light Rail Route Map

Lake Street/ Midtown Station Map

Riding Northstar

Northstar Station Spotlights

Maps of Bicycle Connections to Northstar Stations

Google Maps

Click on image below to see a larger version of a customized Google Maps walking route from a Light Rail station to Loring Park.


Google Maps link to Metro Transit information. They can be used to plan trips by mass transit, biking, and walking. The availability of Street View and Pegman make Google Maps especially helpful when deciding between routes.  In the sidebar for Google Maps Minneapolis, if you click on Minneapolis, MN (and scroll down) there are links to many popular destination including links to routes and information.

List of Outside Links for Google Maps

Google Maps Minneapolis

Using Pegman and Street View

Google Maps Support

Walking and Cycling

Photo of Whitney pedestrian bridge by Sandy Richard. Click on photo for other sizes and photos on Flickr.


List of Outside Links for Walking & Cycling

Minneapolis Named America's #1 Bike City

MPLS Bicycle Coalition

Bike Walk Twin Cities

Walk Friendly Communities

Profile of Minneapolis from Walk Friendly Communities

Leave Your Car Behind

Bike Walk Move Infographic

Bike Walk Move Minneapolis Search Results

Where to Walk

Map My Walk

Metro Transit Bicycle

Bike Everywhere - Northstar Map Set 

Bike Everywhere Home Page

Bicycling in Minneapolis

Minnesota Department of Transportation

Nice Ride Minnesota

Freewheel Bike

Bicycling 101

Alliance for Metropolitan Stability

Minneapolis Urban Partnerships Agreement

Interactive Google Map of Places in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  Click photo to access the map.

msp map

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