New Global History Tools

The TimeTool

Explore the CGLH Timeline "for all times" — click the timebar on the right and travel from the short present to the long past ...

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The GeoTool

The GeoTool helps you with learning global geography. It applies the old memory technique known as ars memoria or "method of loci" to the campus of Stony Brook University.

Charlie Muller's "Geography Learning Project" as told by himself ...

Click as told by himself to read Charlie's text; right click that page to print it

The Center for Global & History plans to develop Glocal Stony Brook — the GeoTool that is designed to give Stony Brook students a strong local-global grasp of the world. The GeoTool localizes the whole world and globalizes Stony Brook by integrating the major regions of the globe with the physical environment that Stony Brook University provides.

Integrating global geography with the Stony Brook campus is the objective of the GeoTool. Glocal Stony Brook will go beyond the "myth of continents" (Lewis & Wigen, 1997) and compare "Western and Central Europe" with "South Asia" for example. The GeoTool will provide Stony Brook students with the unique experience of globality in a local setting.

Go and get a truly glocal perspective — click the spinning globe and see how the GeoTool combines the ground plan of the world with blueprints of Stony Brook University ...

The "Wayback Machine"
An InternetArchiveTool. Since 1996, the Internet Archive has stored billions of web pages and allows the global historian to research the ever changing Web. Check it out. Literature about the technoscientific development of the Internet is available, but the present and past content of the Web is mostly unknown — this tool allows you to retrieve the digital record of the Web.