Please consult with an advisor in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services before you officially change your enrollment status or withdraw from the University, as your financial aid may be impacted by any status changes.
The process of withdrawing from the University is a formal procedure which the student has the responsibility to initiate.  The date recorded by the Registrar’s Office will be used as the official withdrawal date to determine the amount of Title IV financial aid ‘earned’.

All Undergraduate (Non-HSC) Students must contact the Registrar's Office to Officially Withdraw. For information on withdrawing from the University, please visit Stony Brook University - Office of the Registrar.

Graduate (Non-HSC) Students:  SPD students can withdraw using the SOLAR System and are able to drop down to zero credits; Graduate students must contact the Graduate School to complete the necessary paperwork.  A graduate student finding it necessary to withdraw from the University must submit a petition.  Petitions are available in the program offices as well as in the Graduate School.  This form must be approved by the appropriate offices indicated on the form and by the Graduate School.  The effective date of withdrawal is the date upon which the completed withdrawal form is returned to the Office of Records/Registrar.

All Health Science Center Students:  Students must contact their HSC School to complete the necessary paperwork to withdraw from the university.  If students are unable to cancel or withdraw in person, written requests may be sent to the HSC- Office of Student Services, 2L-271, Stony Brook, NY 11794 or fax (631) 444-6035.

Return of Title IV funds calculation for withdrawals
Federal Financial Aid Awards are based on the assumption that the student will complete the entire term that the awards are processed for.  If a student withdraws during a term, federal regulations require the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services to apply a formula established by the U.S. Department of Education to determine the amount of federal financial aid earned as of the official withdrawal date from the university. The amount of federal financial aid earned is determined by the percentage of time spent in academic attendance, and has no relationship to the institutional charges you may have incurred. Once 60% of the semester has passed, you have earned 100% of the federal financial aid awarded to you.

Title IV funds that are considered for the calculation include, Pell Grant, SEOG, Federal Teach Grant, Perkins Loan, Direct Loan (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) and PLUS Loans (Parent PLUS and Graduate Plus).

Once a student withdraws, the return of title IV funds calculation is run by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.  The calculation determines the amount of title IV aid a student has ‘earned’ by dividing the number of days completed by the number of days in the semester.  The percentage of the semester completed is then multiplied by the overall title IV aid the student was eligible for had they not withdrawn.
If the amount of aid ‘earned’ is less than the amount disbursed to the student’s account, funds must be returned to the federal program(s).  Funds will be returned to the programs from which the student received aid during the semester in the following order, up to the net amount disbursed from each source:

  1. Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  2. Direct Subsidized Loan
  3. Federal Perkins Loan
  4. Direct PLUS Loans (Parent PLUS and/or Graduate PLUS)
  5. Federal Pell Grant
  6. SEOG
  7. Federal Teach Grant

**Important Note:  If funds need to be returned, it may create an outstanding balance on the student’s account with the university.  The student will be responsible for any outstanding balance when funds are returned to Federal Programs.

If all funds have not been disbursed to the student’s account at the time of withdrawal, and the amount of aid ‘earned’ is greater than the amount disbursed the student may be eligible for a post withdrawal disbursement.  If any action by the student is necessary for the post withdrawal disbursement, the student will be notified by e-mail.  The notification will also indicate which program(s) the funds are available from.  The student will also be notified whether authorization is needed to disburse loan funds to an outstanding university balance or if the student is eligible for a refund due to the disbursement.

Tuition Liability
If you decide not to attend Stony Brook University, it is your obligation to properly withdraw through the appropriate office.  Non attendance of classes does not classify as an official withdrawal, and does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation or entitle the student to a refund. 

The tuition liability schedule can be found on the Bursar/ Student Accounts web site http://www.stonybrook.edu/bursar/withdrawals.shtml#tuition.  It is the student’s responsibility to know their tuition liability when withdrawing for the term.  A resident student should also contact campus residence and the meal plan offices to determine how the withdrawal will impact housing and meal plan charges.

How tuition liability and financial aid interact when a student withdraws
If a student withdraws before 100% tuition liability the charges will be reduced accordingly.  This may temporarily create a credit on the student account.  The Bursar will not issue a refund to the student until the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services performs the return of title IV funds calculation to determine if any financial aid funds need to be returned.  After the adjustments are made, the student will either receive a refund for any remaining credit or a bill with the balance due.


Bill Dollar withdrew from Stony Brook University for personal reasons.  Bill’s charges of $2,485 tuition and mandatory fees of $759.25 were paid from the aid that was disbursed to him and he received a refund of $660.75.  At the time Bill withdrew, his tuition liability was 70% and 100% for fees.  Bill’s tuition and fee charges for the semester were adjusted to $2,498.75.   Since Bill had a zero balance due to the university before withdrawing and the tuition is now adjusted, a credit of $745.50 will appear on his account.

Bill completed only 17 days of the 107 days in the semester or 15.9% of the semester. 

Bill was awarded the following financial aid, which was credited to his student account:

Federal Pell Grant      $2,155
Federal Direct Subsidized Loan +1,750
Total Financial Aid Disbursed $3,905
To determine how much money must be returned by Stony Brook University and Bill, the financial aid staff must first determine how much financial aid Bill did earn.  Since Bill only attended 15.9% of the semester, he only earned 15.9% of his financial aid. 
Total Financial Aid Disbursed $3,905
Multiply Percent of Earned Aid x  15.90%
Amount of Earned Aid   $ 620.90

Since aid disbursed is greater than aid ‘earned’, the amount of ‘unearned aid’ ($3,284.10) must be returned to the Title IV programs.

Funds to be returned:

Federal Direct Subsidized Loan $1,750.00
Federal Pell Grant  +$1,534.10
Total Title IV aid to return $3,284.10
Bill will now have an outstanding balance of $2,538.60 due to the University.  
Total Title IV aid to return $3,284.10
Bill’s credit balance with the University after tuition was adjusted -   $745.50