Receiving an Award Package

Admissions Requirement:

In order to be awarded any financial aid at Stony Brook, you must first be admitted into a degree-granting program at the University.

Valid FAFSA Results for Federal Student Aid:

If you are applying for federal student aid* and have filed the FAFSA, we must also receive an electronic copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) containing an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Federal Processor. Please see Applying for Federal Aid for further application instructions.

* Federal student aid includes Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, PLUS), and Federal Work-Study.

Stony Brook Scholarship Offers:

All admitted freshmen are evaluated for merit based scholarships beginning in late March. Notifications are sent via email and will also appear as an award offer via Stony Brook's SOLAR SYSTEM. Additional information regarding scholarships can be found here.

Required Documents:

You may be required to submit additional documents based on either the information we received from your FAFSA or the type of aid you have been offered. 

Do NOT submit any documents unless we specifically ask for them.

If additional information is required, a 'To Do List' item with instructions and a link to the required form (if applicable) will be listed via Stony Brook's SOLAR System. Forms can also be downloaded on our forms page.

Please be sure to respond promptly in order to avoid packaging and disbursement delays.

Financial Aid Award Packaging Schedule for Fall/Spring:

New Fall Undergraduates | Begins late March

Medical, Post Doc Dental Certificate programs, and New Health Sciences students | Begins June

Continuing and Returning Undergraduates | Begins Early-July

DDS New and Continuing | Begins July

All Graduate Students | Begins July

New Spring Students | Begins mid-December

Financial Aid Award Packaging Schedule for Summer:

Begins after May 1 (must also be enrolled for summer before packaging will occur)

Viewing Financial Aid Awards:

All financial aid award offers can be viewed electronically by accessing Stony Brook's SOLAR System. A 'To Do List' item with accept/decline instructions will also be listed on SOLAR when action is required.

Your awards will not be finalized until all requested information has been received and processed.

Checking the Status of Your Financial Aid:

It is recommended that you log into the SOLAR System on a regular basis to perform the following financial aid actions: view your current awards, accept/decline award offers, read personal SOLAR messages, and view your financial aid ‘To Do List’ items (actions required).