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Spring 2017 Physical Plant Shutdown

The West Heating & Cooling Plant (West Plant) at Stony Brook University supports the thermal requirements of the buildings located on the academic side of the campus. The campus buildings use high-temperature hot water (HTHW) generated in the West Plant for space heating and hot water production. Compared to steam heating, HTHW systems have proven to be more versatile and economical in large distribution systems with extensive pipe runs.

The existing HTHW distribution system consists of buried piping systems that are in operation year round with the exception of a single shut down beginning at 6 PM, following commencement. The shutdown is scheduled every year for routine maintenance, which includes draining and refilling the system.

This year, a large number of leaks developed in the system that can only be repaired when the system is shutdown. An extended shutdown is required to allow adequate time to properly repair sections of pipe. The repairs are scheduled in a phased manner in an effort to safely restore the system to the greatest number of buildings in the shortest time possible.

Not all of the West Campus buildings are supplied with HTHW and rely on their own internal heating equipment to satisfy their space heating and hot water needs. The West Campus buildings that will not be affected by the shutdown include the Student Activity Center, the West Apartment Complex, LaValle Stadium, the Sports Complex, Mendelsohn Quad, the Charles Wang Center, Schomburg Apartments, the West Side Apartments, and the South Campus buildings.

The below maps have been provided for reference and indicate the extent of the pipe repairs, the phases of the shutdown including dates, and the buildings affected by the shutdown in each phase.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please call Edward McErlean at 2-9614, Robert Corwin 4-3021 or William Gonzalez at 2-6395. If you have specific HVAC related concerns, please contact Richard Jensen at 2-7996.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank for your cooperation.