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Pedestrian Safety Adivsory

To Students, Faculty and Staff,

Over the past few years, Stony Brook University has implemented a number of traffic safety initiatives, with the goal of reducing pedestrian injuries and preventing traffic related fatalities. As a result of driver and pedestrian educational campaigns, traffic enforcement efforts, roadway engineering improvements, and increased traffic signage there were fewer vehicle accidents and injuries to pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders reported in 2012 as compared to the previous year.
To keep our students, faculty and staff safe along campus roadways and pedestrian paths, and to maintain this positive trend in safety statistics, please take a moment to learn more about what the University is doing to enhance safety on campus, and how you can reduce your own risk for mishap and injury while navigating around the University's 1,400 acres.

Nicolls Road Safety Initiatives
Senior leaders at Stony Brook University have collaborated with Suffolk County officials to make improvements in roadway conditions along Nicolls Road. Some improvements include the installation of pedestrian countdown signs, enhanced pedestrian pavement markings and additional speed limit signs along Nicolls Road. Additionally, the University Police Department and the Suffolk County Police Department have conducted radar enforcement in an effort to reduce the rate of vehicular speed. Although these enhancements and enforcement efforts are beneficial, we strongly advise all students and staff wishing to travel between east and west campus to utilize SBU Transit service or the pedestrian tunnel that connects both campuses.

Research and Development Park
University Administrators have been working with the Town of Brookhaven to make improvements along Stony Brook Road. A top priority is Stony Brook Road between South Drive and Research and Development Park where there are no sidewalks or appropriate shoulder accommodations, and where pedestrians frequently put themselves at risk by walking along the roadway, dangerously close to vehicular traffic.

Students and staff wishing to travel from Main Campus to Research and Development Park are strongly encouraged to utilize SBU Transit Service. There are scheduled departures from the Student Activities Center to the R&D Park every seventeen minutes starting at 8:10 AM and continuing until 9:17 PM. To view the current SBU Transit Service schedule, please visit www.stonybrook.edu/transportation/campusbus/.

Pedestrian Traffic and Reflective Gear
For pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders that travel between Stony Brook University campus and residential neighborhoods adjacent to Stony Brook Road, it is highly recommended that you utilize traffic lights and pedestrian crosswalks. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to use reflective gear when traveling along any portion of the roadway. A limited number of reflective vests are available at no cost to students, faculty and staff, and may be obtained in Room 224 of the Student Activities Center. In addition, individuals may purchase other reflective gear and outerwear at the Seawolves Marketplace also located in the Student Activities Center. For more information on pedestrian safety, please visit www.stonybrook.edu/sb/safety/.

Lastly remember, when walking, cycling, or skateboarding throughout campus the use of iPods, cellular phones and other electronic devices severely impairs your ability to be aware of your surroundings. Stay alert! It may save your life!

Robert J. Lenahan
Chief of Police
Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety