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Electric Feeder Replacement Project

Stony Brook University takes on Electric Feeder Replacement Project To Improve Service and Prevent Power Outages

Stony Brook University is undertaking an extensive, comprehensive critical maintenance project to completely replace its "electrical feeder" system that involves more than 15 miles of electrical transmission lines that have been buried underground anywhere between 35 and 45 years ago.

These transmission lines are the only supply of electricity for all buildings on Main Campus, South Campus which includes the School of Dental Medicine, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Health and Safety, Department of Psychiatry, and University Police; and the Medicine Campus which includes University Hospital, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Cancer and Imaging Center, Long Island State Veterans Home and the Health Sciences Center.

The condition and age of these cables was thoroughly evaluated, after which it was determined by SUNY Construction Fund, the Department of Facilities and Services at Stony Brook, and the engineering firm RMF, that they were incapable of repair, and that failure to initiate and proceed with this replacement project would leave Stony Brook Medicine and Stony Brook University vulnerable to power outages with no way to distribute electric power.

The project to replace these electric cables has been two years in the design stage, and will be coordinated in a three phase approach. The first phase which is currently underway is the physical installation of concrete encased conduits, set up as pathways to enter each and every building on our campus.

A great deal of strategic planning and environmental evaluations were considered when designating the routes for the protective conduits. Planning experts reviewed and evaluated all of the existing utility sources and resources, building entry and access, safety initiatives to prevent risk to students, faculty, and staff, limiting the impact on the environment and determining the number of trees that would have to be replanted if they had to be removed to complete the project. Planners also made a specific point to respect the boundaries of the Ashley Schiff Preserve on campus.

Timing and Project Descriptions

Phase I (September 2012)

All main concrete enclosed conduit runs, east, west and south campuses.

Phase IIA (February 2014)

All electric cabling and connections to buildings east campus including a new switching station, concrete encased conduit to each building electrical substation.

Phase IIB (March 2014)

All cabling and connections to all buildings west and south campus', concrete encased conduit to each building electrical substation.

The SUNY Construction Fund projects all phases of the project will be completed by June 2016.

Electric Feeder Replacement Project map