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We are proud to serve the diverse and vibrant Stony Brook community. Facilities & Services is able to provide the essential services for building, operating and maintaining Stony Brook University on its four campuses: Main Campus, Stony Brook Southampton, Research and Development Park and Stony Brook Manhattan.

The mission of Facilities & Services is to:

  • Maintain and improve the campus buildings, grounds and infrastructure.
  • Save energy, reduce pollution and improve our impact on the natural environment.
  • Provide a safe and supportive campus community.
  • Build for the 21st century.

How Big Are We?

Stony Brook University is a city of 37,000 people. In order to keep this city running, we have:

  • Over 16 miles of roadways which we build and maintain
  • High temperature and chilled water systems on campus contain 700,000 gallons of water
  • We have 950 laboratories, 2,500 restrooms, 25 miles of underground high voltage cable, 166 transformers and 1,000 utility manholes

What we do

  • Over 16.5 million pounds of trash were removed
  • 101.9 million pounds of materials were recycled
  • Campus buses traveled 485K miles
  • Our custodial staff cleaned over 4.1 million square feet
  • 23.1 tons of hazardous waste were collected and properly disposed

What We Do Green

  • Biodegradable food packaging
  • Greenhouses, In-vessel food waste composter
  • Buses powered by biodiesel/ultra low sulfur diesel, used vegetable oil
  • Energy performance contract
  • Occupancy sensors in buildings
  • Solar installations


Report all emergencies (e.g. smoke, fire, gas leaks, chemical spills, medical emergencies, etc.) to University Police:

  • 911 using an on-campus phone
  • (631) 632-3333 using a cell phone or off-campus phone
  • Other URGENT facility issues (e.g. water leaks, doors not working, loss of power, etc.) should NOT be submitted via FIXIT. These urgent issues should be reported to the numbers below:
    • West Campus, Research and Development Park, and Stony Brook Southampton:
      Please call (631) 632-6400
    • Stony Brook Medicine (University Hospital, Health Sciences Tower, Basic Science Tower, and other Hospital facilities): Please call (631) 444-2400
    • Residence Halls: Please call (631) 632-9585
    • Long Island State Veterans Home: Please call (631) 444-8780

FIX IT System

Building Related Issues:

  • Use FIXIT to submit work requests for maintenance, repairs involving pre-existing infrastructure, sign requests or special events setup.

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Important Safety Links:

Interesting Facts

  Buildings Net Square Feet Gross Square Feet Acres
Stony Brook Campus 124 8,561,369 10,990,494 1,039
Southampton Campus 42 396,839 446,565 82
Stony Brook Manhattan 1 12,220 13,442 N/A
Research & Development Park 6 185,561 210,104 246
Calverton Incubator 1 26,664 31,726 51
Old Field & Other Properties 5 41,835 46,539 36
Medical Center Leased Space 23 365,994 387,060 N/A
Totals 202 9,590,482 12,125,930 1,454

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