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The Zebra path re-striping project was headed by Campus Maintenance and Operations Supervisor Greg Adams, and the work was performed by Rich Plofker, Phil Gardner, Martin Catapano, Anthony Falese and Sid Islvario.The project took a total of three full days to complete. First phase of the project was patching cracks and holes in the concrete. The way the team was able to replicate the original design, was to research the piece, and obtain a photo from the archives. From there, it was the task of simple measuring ,line chalking, taping the lines and finally painting the sections. According to Tim Clark, "What we tried to do was put the original picture to proper scale, and make the lines as accurate as possible. To do this we worked in 52" sections at a time, and then just repeated the process for two days!".

When Facilities contacted Kim Hardiman, the original artist, she said "I am very happy that the campus maintenance crew followed my instructions to repaint the Zebra Path with sharp straight lines. When I painted the original public art work in 1981, I wanted to make a unique artistic design that everyone would enjoy while walking along the path. Black and white represents the yin and yang theory of the balance of opposite forces in life. It is part of the Asian feng shui theory of balance and harmony in nature. We all need to balance our lives, school, work, male and female relationships, heaven and earth, concrete and natural environment, the past and the future. Students, faculty, and staff can share their own experiences along the journey of life when they walk along the Zebra Path every day. The Career Center has already used this theme of following the lines to the next level of finding a career path after the students complete their education. The Zebra Path represents a continual journey to follow dreams and follow different paths as seen with the different angles in the lines. I am happy that my public art painting has become a special landmark that will inspire new and old students to preserve history on the campus. As an alumna of Stony Brook University, I am also happy that I was able to leave a special legacy for everyone to enjoy and experience. I also want to thank all the students, faculty, staff, and alumni who supported the repainting of the Zebra Path. It really shows great school spirit!  The students really care about preserving the history of the campus."

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