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Scott D. Sullivan

Scott D. Sullivan in the 2010 New York City Marathon Position: Director, Stony Brook Manhattan
Years of Service: Almost 10 all at Stony Brook Manhattan
Resides: Upper West Side of Manhattan

Scott Sullivan came to Stony Brook University from far away lands. He is not a native Long Islander, nor even a native New Yorker (though he is married to one), and is barely even a native American, though he is most definitely an American citizen. Thirteen of his first 21 years were lived outside the United States and he grew up as a student of the world. He attended American-style international grammar and middle schools in London, U.K., and on the island nation of Bahrain in the Middle East. He later completed high school in Toronto, Canada, at an all-boys private day school. He returned to the U.S. for college, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in English from Amherst College in western Massachusetts. The degree in English, and its conferred skills in reading and writing, carried Scott into the world of desktop magazine publishing, with jobs at trade magazines in New Jersey and consumer publications in New York City and Westchester, focused on such topics as nonwoven textiles, car stereo systems, wine, and personal finance and investing.

The leap from magazines to education came in 2001 when the magazine publishing industry was shrinking and Stony Brook University was expanding. In magazine publishing, Scott had served as the managing editor, the chief organizer, the guy in charge of making sure everything ran smoothly and was produced on time. When Stony Brook University was looking for someone to at first oversee the final stages of the original Stony Brook Manhattan renovation and then later run the facility, the university was seeking someone who could manage multiple projects and all the various aspects of the facility, with an eye towards ensuring that the site and everything within it ran smoothly. The project management skills Scott first learned as a managing editor have served him very well in handling the "everything" of Stony Brook Manhattan.

Halloween 2010: The Toy Story 3 Family.It is also the "everything" part of his job that Scott finds so interesting. Some days, Scott serves as a class scheduler, working closely with the Office of the Registrar and Dean's Offices, to maximize offerings and enrollment. On other days, he and his one other staff person are helping organize and put on a conference, meeting, or alumni function. Then there are the budget estimations and calculations, the landlord negotiations, the service vendor consultations, the renovations, and the faculty, student, and visitor assistance. Since departments from East Campus, West Campus, and Stony Brook Southampton utilize Stony Brook Manhattan, Scott works with almost every part of the university. His daily work includes: a little bit of information technology, network, and telephony trouble shooting and repair; a little bit of audiovisual equipment set-up, maintenance, training, and installation; a little bit of plumbing and HVAC and electrical repair; a little bit of library liaison; a little bit of counseling, promoting, and advising; and even, on occasion, a little bit of teaching. If you need a lightbulb changed at Stony Brook Manhattan, Scott is your man. If you need a report analyzing the enrollment figures across the lifetime of Stony Brook Manhattan's operations, Scott is your same man.

Scott D. Sullivan with family all dressed up (holidays 2010)Scott is married to a native Manhattanite and together they live on the Upper West Side with their 8-year-old daughter and 3.5-year-old son. They escape the city to western Massachusetts on many weekends to a place owned by his in-laws for skiing in the winter, swimming, biking, and running in the summer, and leaf peeping and apple and pumpkin picking in the fall (spring is mud season and is avoided.) The family has a tradition of themed Halloween costumes (see photo of the Toy Story 3 family from last year.) With a job and a family in Manhattan that keep Scott on the run and wearing multiple hats, what does Scott do in his personal time? He runs. Last year, Scott completed his 11th marathon (10 of them, including last year's, in New York City.) In his high school and college days, Scott played soccer, basketball, and rugby. He has been a tennis instructor and a sailing instructor, a canoe trip leader and a camp counselor. He tries desperately - though most unsuccessfully - to play more golf every year. Give him a garden and he will grow you tomatoes, zucchini, basil, lettuce, squash, and pumpkins, though sadly, not from his New York City apartment. And give him a new hat and he will gladly wear it.

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