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Philip Gardner

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Philip Gardner is a General Mechanic with Campus Operations and Maintenance and has worked at the University for a little over 13 years. Over the years, Phil has received letters of commendations and appreciation from other departments, as well as his own. Phil is a conscience worker who has a "can do" attitude. Phil never hesitates to get the job done, no matter how big or small the job might be. Phil is always pleasant to everyone he comes in contact with and his positive attitude helps make his work environment more pleasant.

In addition to Philís carpentry skills, he enjoys gardening and has taken Ornamental Horticulture classes at Farmingdale University. Given his training and special talents he works with our grounds department each spring to help grow plants that are used throughout campus.

Phil Gardner was recently awarded the Chancellorís/Presidentís Awards for Excellence in Classified Service. Phil was nominated by his Director, John Alessio, who felt Phil was deserving of this award because of his hard work and dedication. Phil gave a heartwarming acceptance speech in which he never mentioned himself, but instead accepted the award on behalf of the West Campus Physical Plant, Campus Operations & Maintenance, and mentioning each trade by name. Phil attributes his work ethic to the lessons his father gave him and a strong commitment to do the best job he can no matter what the assignment. Phil believes the university is deserving of nothing less than the very best effort and feels privileged to provide it.

Philip's Acceptance Speech at Award Ceremony:

"On behalf of the West Campus Physical Plant, Campus Operations and Maintenance, I am honored and humbled to accept this very special award."

"Iíd like to thank my director John Alessio, not only for my nomination, but also for his hard work and dedication in helping me to make the West Campus Physical Plant an efficient and capable work force. Iíd also like to thank my family for their support."

"The employees of West Campus Physical Plant are electricians, plumbers, carpenters, heating and cooling technicians, automotive mechanics, painters, roofers, housekeepers, masons and grounds workers. Together, we help provide a well maintained and comfortable campus environment for our students to learn, our faculty to teach and our staff to work in."

"We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to support the mission of our University. We are proud and confident in our ability to get the job done."

"We truly believe this University is deserving of not less than our very best effort and feel privileged to provide it."

"Thank you all and thank you Dr. Stanley."

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Picture of Philip Gardner

Picture of Philip Gardner   Picture of Philip Gardner   Picture of Philip Gardner

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