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Kevin Tumulty

One of the roles that Kevin Tumulty has, in his position of Industrial Hygiene Manager in the Department of Environmental Health & Safety, is to coordinate and direct asbestos abatement projects on campus. While most of the work that he does in this area goes unnoticed by the campus community, since it occurs in mechanical spaces and in buildings under renovations or during the night and weekends, Kevinís personal involvement and management of a hallway flooring replacement project has been a big success and appreciated by many.

The Scope of the Hallway Flooring Replacement Project

Buildings constructed prior to 1985 commonly used vinyl-asbestos tile (VAT) flooring which proved to be very resilient for use in high traffic areas. However, over time the flooring in many buildings were beginning to deteriorate, loosen, crack and curl away from the floor posing slip, trip and fall hazards. Many spaces had numerous repairs over the years and some locations had patchwork where temporary tiles outnumbered the original flooring. Since the total replacement of flooring systems often present big challenges, not the least of which is scheduling and coordination with user departments, the projects were often delayed. That all changed with the "can do" attitude of Kevin Tumulty.

The removal of these tiles required strict adherence to regulatory procedures (e.g. isolation, containment, work practices and engineering controls) to protect building occupants from the removal activities. To accomplish the closing off of hallways to perform this phase of work, removal was scheduled and performed over weekends and holidays. Floor tile replacement was performed during the week. This scheduling also proved to be a challenge, but CPDC Project Manager Abe Smith and his crew did an outstanding job coordinating this effort and laying the new floor tiles.

The project demonstrated an amazing level of cooperation and teamwork between Facilities and Services, Building Managers, and departmental staff, faculty and students, much because of Kevinís leadership and commitment to make Stony Brook a better place for all.

Kevin graduated from Saint Johnís University with a B.A. degree in Environmental Science, and has certifications as an Asbestos Inspector, Asbestos Management Planner, Lead-based Paint Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor, to name a few. Prior to coming to Stony Brook University in August 2006, Kevin had 25 years of experience as a Director and Manager of two successful environmental testing firms, involving thousands of environmental and safety projects, involving occupational exposure assessments, community air monitoring programs, stack emissions testing, sound level testing, safety audits, asbestos/lead based paint inspections and remedial oversight, confined space assessments, hazardous waste, waste water discharge permits and indoor air quality studies.

We are fortunate to have Kevin as a member of the Facilities & Services team and a member of the Stony Brook Campus Community.

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