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Eric Hathaway

Position: Code Compliance Manager
Years of Service: 24
Resides: Kings Park, NY

Eric Hathaway is the Code Compliance Manager for the University. A graduate of the University of Rochester with a degree in Chemistry, Eric has been with the University since 1987. He actually started at the University in the Power Plant and then he was a building manager of the Physics building before coming over to Facilities.

Eric's role at the University involves the review of campus building design projects to see that they meet the State and SUNY code standards. He reviews project plans at an early stage to flag whether the designers have a clear regard for the fire safety, life safety, and environmental health aspects of a building program. Eric continues his reviews through the design period so that when it comes time for a permit application, the project is not delayed by revisions due to code violations. He then issues the building permit and files it in a state database. He will schedule inspections during the course of the project to see that the contractor follows the approved plans in his construction, and at the completion of the job issues a certificate of occupancy that allows the department to move into their new space.

Eric's role at Capital Planning Design and Construction does, however, go far beyond code review. He is the resident "sage" in the department. Having worked 24 years in various parts of the campus, including its underground tunnels, he is full of institutional history and there is little that he doesn't know about its operations. He quite literally knows where things are buried around here. His knowledge also extends beyond the physical plant. Though not an engineer, he can joust with the best of them. Don't suggest over-designed transformers with him in the room.

When asked a question, he dispenses wisdom with a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye, and often with a story from years past that proves his point. And he explains it in layman's terms with a clarity that comes from his high school teaching days.

It is obvious that his encyclopedic knowledge comes from a lifetime of curiosity. Recently he took a cruise to London on the Queen Mary. While most people would come back with stories about sitting at the Captain's table, Eric was more excited about his tour through the engine room, where he learned how such a huge boat produces the energy that propels itself through the water.

"This is the year of "fifties" for Eric. He has lived for nearly 50 years in the same home in Kings Park. He has worked for nearly 50 consecutive years (with no plans of retiring; it's too much fun). And he has recently celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary. And he insists he's only 50 years old.

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