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Adel Mabrouk

Eric Olsen

Position: Assistant Facilities Program Coordinator
Years of Service: 4

Merrick native, Adel Mabrouk, known as “Dell” by friends and colleagues, has been the Assistant Facilities Program Coordinator here at Stony Brook University since August 2008.

Prior to Stony Brook, Dell worked as a Facilities Manager at the World Trade Center, a Building Manager at the Bank of New York, and the Principal Custodial Manager at CUNY CUNY Kingsborough Community College.

Dell chose Stony Brook not only because “Wherever I go, I want to grow,” but he also feels, “Stony Brook is going to achieve super-colossal education status and I want to be a part of that.”

His typical day is not so different from others – checking emails, obtaining his assignments for the day, etc. However, Dell’s day begins at 5am! “I come in early before anyone because I need to see the condition of my buildings. I cannot do that so easily with people buzzing about at 9am.”

Dell takes pride in the fact that “No one works for me. I roll up my sleeves and work alongside my team – they motivate me. There are challenges every day – but we are all committed and want to get things done.” This was especially true in April of this year when Dell and his team were given the green light for a project in the Life Sciences Building at the last minute. Dell and his team worked overnight and through the weekend to get the job done. Dell doesn’t simply enjoy working – he enjoys his work. “After all the projects are completed – seeing the finished result is my reward.”

Outside Stony Brook, Dell enjoys going to the theater and concerts with his wife and son. Dell’s outlook on life is simple: “Life isn’t about finding yourself – it’s about creating yourself.”

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