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Spring 2013

The Department of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers the following Slavic courses. These courses are not only for its majors and minors, but also for students in other disciplines interested in language, literature and culture. For further information, please contact the department office at 632-7440, Humanities 1055, or e-mail Dr. Timothy Westphalen or call at 632-7370.
Undergraduate Courses
1. Taught in Russian
RUS 112-S3  Elementary Russian II
An introduction to Russian. Class work is supplemented by practice in the language laboratory. Prerequisite: RUS 111
TuTh: 1:00-2:20/Tu: 2:30-3:25 — C. Bethin
RUS 212-S3  Intermediate Russian II
TuTh: 10:00-2:20 — I. Pustovoi
RUS 213-S3  Intermediate Russian for Students with Russian Background
A course for students who already speak Russian who need training in writing, reading and grammar.
Remark: Not for credit for students who have complete RUS 211/212
Tu-Th: 5:30--6:50 — A. Geisherik

2. Taught in English

HUR 142-B Culture and Revolution
This course introduces students to twentieth-century Russian literature by examining its relationship to the politics of the October revolution, and by analyzing related issues such as the fate of the individual human being in society and the role of the artist within a collective. The course offers analyses of literary texts: novels, poems and dramas, as well as visual arts, which exemplify both the positive dreams of the time of the revolution, and the imagined and real horrors that came in its aftermath.
MW: 2:20:-3:40 — I Kalinowska
HUR 232-/EGL 232-I  Rebels and Tyrants
An exploration of literary rebels and tyrants central to Russian and Anglo-American traditions. The subversive tactics of such writers as Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Sir Walter Scott, Solzhenitsyn, and Salinger are appraised in the light of the dominant social, political and aesthetic systems they confront.
Advisory Prerequisite: One DEC category B course.
TuTh:  10:0-11:20 — N. Rzhevsky
HUR 249-I  Russia Today
Contemporary cultural trends in terms of their historic social and political context. Recent responses to historical changes such as the break up of the Soviet Union and its relation to the the forces that brought about the Russian revolution, the new economic order, and the search for Russian national identity are explored in literature, the arts, and media.
Tu-Th: 1-00-2:20 — J. Bailyn
HUR 341  Russian Literature and the West
A topics course given in English on a major Russian author or literary movement in relation to European or American literature. Semester supplements to this Bulletin contain specific description when course is offered. May be repeated as the topic changes. May be used to satisfy English or comparative literature major elective requirements with permission of major department.
Prerequisite: U3 or U4 standing
Advisory Prerequisite: One literature course at the 200 level or higher
TuTh: 8:30-9:50 -- T. Grenkov

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