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Spring/Summer 2013

The Department of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers the following courses in German. These courses are not only for its majors and minors, but also for students in other disciplines interested in language, literature and culture. For further information, please contact the department office at 632-7440, Humanities 1055, or e-mail Dr. Robert Bloomer.


Courses taught in German

GER 112-S3  Elementary German II
An introduction to spoken and written German, stressing pronunciation, speaking, comprehension, reading, writing, and culture.
Mandatory Prerequisite: GER 111
Sec. 01:  MWF: 12:00-12:53 / W: 11:00-11:53 B. Viola
Sec. 02:  TuTh:  5:30-7:20 TBA
GER 212-S3  Intermediate German II
The reading and interpretation of a wide variety of German texts, with a review of German
grammar, composition, and conversation.
Mandatory Prerequisite: GER 211; GER 101 or 112
TuTh: 11:30-12:50  R. Bloomer
GER 312 German Conversation and Composition
The active use of spoken and written German.
MW: 1:00-2:20  B. Viola
GER 313: German Vocabulary in Conceptual Groups
The study of German vocabulary in so-called "conceptual groups" that reflect the world of nature (flowers, etc.) and culture (musical instruments, etc.). The objective is primarily to increase our stock of words and practice using them in context, but also to enrich our knowledge of selected words by examining significant moments or developments in their histories.
Prerequisite: GER 212
TuTh: 2:30-3:50   R. Bloomer
Courses Taught in English
HUG 221-I  German Cinema since 1945
The theory and history of German films as an art form, from filmmakers such as Alexander Kluge, Bernhard Wicki, and the "new filmmakers" Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Volker Schlondorff, ect. Topics include silent films: New German Cinema, 1962-3985; national cinema and national identity; filma as literature, etc.
M: 2:30-3:50 / W: 2:30-4:50 B. Viola
HUG 321 ​- G: Topics in the Literature of Germany,
A course given in English on a major German author, genre, or literary movement, designed primarily to give students in other disciplines an opportunity to become acquainted with the German tradition. (German majors are admitted by special permission of their advisors, and do the reading and term papers in German.) Semester topic:  "Death and Dishonor"
Prerequisite: U3 or U4 standing
Advisory Prerequisites: Two literature courses
TuTh: 2:30-3:50   T. Kerth

Projected Summer Course

The following course may be offered in the summer 2009

GER 101  Intensive Elementary German I (6 credits)

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