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Mireille Rebeiz


Assistant Professor  in French

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Dr. Mireille Rebeiz received her PhD from Florida State University. She completed her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr. Alec Hargreaves and the Winthrop-King Institute. Her research focuses primarily on Francophone and Arabophone women’s narratives in times of civil war during the postcolonial era, with particular reference to Algeria and Lebanon.

She received a Master’s degree in Law with an emphasis on International Protection of Human Rights from the Université de Rouen in France and worked in refugee camps in the Middle East with various human rights organizations. She also studied at The Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands.


Research Interest

Postcolonial Theory
Women’s rights and war
Law as Literature
Beur Literature


“ Kiffe Kiffe Demain : humour et culture américaine, les remèdes d’une jeune fille issue de l’immigration maghrébine en France ?“: Les femmes de l’immigration, XIXe – XXe siècles, Revue Migrance. 42, (2014), 237-246 ;  

“Le Châtiment des hypocrites de Leïla Marouane : Une sexualité mal vécue” : The South Carolina Modern Language Review. 11.1, (2012) ;

“L’effacement du je féminin dans “La femme en morceaux” et Le Châtiment des hypocrites” : Expressions Maghrébines. 11.1, (2012), 229-241. 

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