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Franck Dalmas

Associate Professor of French




Franck Dalmas is specialized in French poetry, prose, and related fine arts from Post-Romantic 19th century to the 20th century, along with the movements of ideas. His dissertation, “Deux pôles de l’image littéraire au XXe siècle: la poésie plastique de Pierre Reverdy et le mythe dans les romans de Michel Tournier” (“Polar Images in Twentieth-Century French Literature: Plastic Poetry of Pierre Reverdy and Myth in Michel Tournier’s Novels”), examines the role of poetical and mythical images in 20th-century French literature in relation to the visual arts (Cubist painting and photography).


“L’alchimie de l’excrément comme alchimie de l’Homme dans Le Roi des Aulnes de Michel Tournier,” French Forum 30.3 (Fall 2005).
 “Les multiples visages de la guerre dans La Nuit de la lézarde de Malika Mokeddem,” Romance Notes 45.1 (Fall 2004).
 “Les Chants du Signe: Transformations du langage chez Lautréamont et Mallarmé,” Dalhousie French Studies 67 (Summer 2004).
Research and book projects:
His current research tries to associate literature with other artistic mediums, such as painting, photography, and cinema. His critical approach takes on phenomenology and the philosophy of existence. He prepares a book-length study of various texts and authors of French literature in a phenomenological perspective.

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