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Summer and Fall 2012 German Course Offerings

The Department of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers the following courses in German. These courses are not only for its majors and minors, but also for students in other disciplines interested in language, literature and culture. For further information, please contact the department office at 632-7440, Humanities 1055, or e-mail Dr. Robert Bloomer.


Summer Courses

GER 101-S3 Intensive Elementary German
An introduction to spoken and written German, stressing Pronunciation, reading, writing, and culture -
Remark: This course combines GER 111 and GER 112
Session I - MTuWTh: 6:00-9:25 Staff

Fall Course

GER 111  Elementary German I
An introduction to spoken and written German, stressing pronunciation, speaking, comprehension, reading, writing, and culture.
Sec. 01:  MWF: 12:45-12:53/ W 11:00-11:53 B. Viola
Sec. 02:  TuTh: 2:30-4:20 R. Bloomer
GER 211-S3  Intermediate German II
The reading and interpretation of a wide variety of German texts, with a review of German
grammar, composition, and conversation.
Mandatory Prerequisite: GER 111
TuTh:  11:30-12:50 R. Bloomer
GER 311-S3  Conversation and Composition II
The active use of spoken and written German
Prerequisite: GER 212
MW: 1:00-2:20 B. Viola
GER 344-G Survey of German Literature
A chronological survey of German literature from the 18th century to the present with stress on defining the periods therein. All readings are in German.
Prerequisite: GER 212
Tu: 10:00-11:20 T. Kerth

Courses Taught in English

HUG 229-I  German Today
A survey of contemporary Germany and its political, social. and economic structure, as well as the study of cultural life and institutions, within the context of its historical development, with comparisons to American model and standards.
M: 2:30-3:50 — B. Viola
MVL 241-G Heroes and Warriors
A study of warrior-hero in Western Literature from the Greeks through the Middle Ages.
TuTh: 1:00-2:20 T. Kerth