Faculty members in the Department of Technology and Society are engaged in a wide array of cutting-edge research on technology education, technology planning and technology assessment. Individual faculty interests are described in the faculty section of this site. You will notice that individual faculty and faculty groups are engaged in wide-range of research areas, including the following:

  • Industrial Ecology
  • Environmental and Waste Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technology Assessment of Advanced and Emerging Technologies
  • U.S. Arms Control Policies, Especially Policies Dealing with Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Counter-terrorism
  • Planning and Managing Educational Technologies
  • Advanced Technologies in Science, Technology, Engineering and
    Mathematics Education
  • Distance Learning
  • Innovative Approaches to Human-Computer Interfaces
  • Use of Wireless Technologies in Education
  • Teacher and faculty development
  • Human Resource Issues, Especially Participation of Underrepresented Minorities and Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and PDAs in Education
  • Energy-environmental systems transitions
  • Science and technology ecosystems
  • International nuclear safety
  • Climate
  • Smart-grid
  • Science and technology policy in developing countries
  • Diffusion of nanotechnology R&D
  • Factors and impacts of technology on inequality and poverty
  • The Globalization of R&D