Lester Paldy

  • L Paldy
  • Distinguished Service Professor

Professor Paldy has studied Nuclear arms control and science policy. His research interests are international and varied but he has special interest in international security, nonproliferation, infrastructure protection, and arms control.


  • M.S in Natural Science (Physics), Hofstra University, 1966
  • B.S. Physics, SUNY Stony Brook, 1962

Previous Appointments:

Past and Present Research Interests:
Arms control, Science education and Public policy.

Support by Funding Agencies:
National Science Foundation
Peace Corps
Arms Control Association
Options Foundation
Department of Education

Different Courses Taught:
EST/POL 412 Science, Technology and Arms Control, Nuclear Proliferation, Technology and Politics, Asian Security Issues, various science education courses, Remote Sensing Seminar

Honors and Awards:
Physics Teaching Award, American of Physics Teachers(’66)
Associate Editor, Physics Teacher(’67)
Board of Editors, Physics Today (’75)
Distinguished Service Citation, AAPT (’75)
Editor, Journal of College Science Teaching (’78)
Fellow, AAAS (’84)
Phi Beta Kappa Award (’85)

150 Articles
100 Conference papers
0 Patents