Affiliated Faculty

Malcolm Bowman, Distinguished Service Professor, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
Coastal dynamics; oceanic fronts; productivity and physical processes.
Lisa Berger, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Ph.D. University of Arizona;
Number theory; mathematics teacher education.
Susan Brennan, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Ph.D., Stanford University
Cognitive psychology; psycholinguistics; human-computer Interaction.
Clive Clayton, Leading Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D., University of Surrey UK
Environmental degradation of materials; XPS; AES; dynamic and static SIMS; electrochemical analysis synthesis by ultra-fast laser ablation; RHEED; protective coatings.
Yuefan Deng, Professor, Applied Math and Statistics, Ph.D., Columbia University
Molecular dynamics; parallel computing.
Gary Halada, Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D., Stony Brook University
Electron spectroscopy; electrochemistry; surface engineering; optical spectroscopy; environmental remediation.
Gil Hanson, Professor, Department of Geosciences, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Isotope and trace elemnent geochemistry, geochronology
Lee Koppelman, Professor, D.P.A, New York University
Comprehensive regional and urban planning; environmental policy; American federalism and intergovernmental relations; regional policy analysis; coastal zone planning.
Marci Lobel, Associate Professor and Area Head, Social & Health, Department Psychology, Ph.D., UCLA
Stress, coping, and their effects on health, with an emphasis on pregnancy.
Manuel London, Dean of the College of Business, Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Performance management program; training and development; team learning.
Jon Longtin, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
Short-pulse lasermaterial interactions; precision laser measurement techniques, microscale heat transfer.
Basil Rigas, Professor, Department of Medicine, M.D., D.Sc., Athens University, Greece
Professor of Medicine and Professor of Pharmacological Sciences, Chief, Division of Cancer Prevention and Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, prevention of colon cancer using traditional NSAIDs; NO-donating NSAIDs and other pharmacological agents,; application of infrared spectroscopy to biology with emphasis on cancer; nanotechnology in the prevention of cancer
Clint Rubin, Distinguished Professor and Chair, Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D., Bristol University, UK
Tissue adaptation; biophysical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
Peter Salins, Professor, Department of Political Science, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Public policy; regional planning
Warren Sanderson, Professor and Co-Chair, Department of Economics , Ph.D., Stanford University
Economic demography, labor economics, economic history.
Wolf Schafer, Professor, Department of History, Ph.D., University of Bremen, Germany
History of technoscience; social history; global history.
Ann-Marie Scheidt, Director of Economic Development, Ph.D. Stony Brook University;
Technology entrepreneurship, new enterprise development
Thomas R. Sexton, Professor, College of Business, Ph.D., Stony Brook University
Health-care delivery systems; efficiency analysis; statistics.

Keith Sheppard, Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Science Education, Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
Secondary school science education, chemistry and physics education.

Jadranka Skorin-Kapov, Professor, College of Business, Ph.D., University of British Columbia
Management information systems; operations research; artificial intelligence.
Larry Swanson, Professor, Department of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Ph.D., Oregon State University
Physical oceanography of coastal waters and estuaries; ocean dumping; coastal zone management.
Esther Takeuchi, Distinguished Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Department of Chemistry, Ph.D., Ohio State University
Design of electroactive materials and the concomitant engineering associated with battery design; mechanistic studies involving the complex interplay among redox processes, ion transport, and electrode precipitation/dissolution.
Wendy Tang, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ph.D., University of Rochester
Interconnection networks, parallel computing, and neural networks.
Judith Tanur, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Emerita, Department of Sociology, Ph.D., Stony Brook University
Statistics; methodology; survey research; and social psychology.
Gerrit Wolf, Professor, College of Business, Ph.D., Cornell University
Entrepreneurship; organizational behavior; human resource management; international management.

Emeritus Faculty

Technology & Society

Joseph S. Hogan, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., New York University
Planetary atmospheres; environmental satellites; climate change.
Emil J. Piel, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Rutgers University
Decision making; technology- society issues; human-machine systems.
Marian Visich, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
Aerospace engineering; technology - society issues.