Student Testimonials

“AMP/CSTEP has equipped and empowered me to become a leading professional at NIH. As a contracting officer at the NIH, I reflect on the academic training, professional development, and personal mentoring of the AMP/CSTEP staff. The impact of the AMP/CSTEP program on my life and others whom I’ve touched is priceless. It is with humility and honor that I am a sup­porter of the SBU AMP/CSTEP programmatic efforts.”

"I graduated from Stony Brook University in May 2006 with a bachelor in Electrical Engineering. I participated in the LSAMP and CSTEP programs throughout my academic years in Stony Brook. These programs helped shape my education and career path; the programs encouraged me to seek more education and advance studies. As a scholarship recipient, they provided me with funds for my education to fulfill my dream. Presently I am finishing my Masters in Systems Engineering and plan to further my education in intellectual property law. These programs helped me be successful in life and taught me to be the best at everything that I do."

"I participated in the CSTEP program the summer before my freshman year at SUNY Stony Brook (SBU) and participated in LSAMP my entire undergraduate career. Without the two programs, I may not have made it through my first year, let alone graduate from SBU. The CSTEP program not only 'gave me a taste' of what I would experience my first year at SBU through the intense coursework and unfamiliar college life, but it also enabled me to be a part of a network of students and faculty members that utilized each other as resources, mentors, and friends. LSAMP provided me the financial, academic, emotional, and social support I needed throughout my undergraduate career. The LSAMP and CSTEP mentors' and advisors' care for the students goes far beyond the classroom. The students that fully understand this are the individuals who excel beyond academics."