New York Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (NY STEM)

Stony Brook University's NYSTEM, funded by the Title I program of the New York State Department of Education, works with middle school students and teachers from high-needs school districts. The program has the primary goal of enhancing students learning of STEM. It meets its goal by providing a residential STEM summer program for students on the Stony Brook University campus and academic year enrichment experiences. Activities are planned to motivate students, letting them experience the fun and excitement that accompany discovery, team-based projects and presentations, and effective communications in a supportive environment. Students become part of a community that includes teachers in the schools, university faculty and staff, along with undergraduate and graduate students as mentors and program counselors.

Students learn that knowledge of STEM is essential for virtually every field, and they learn to design their own projects. Also, they become aware of several areas of research: rapid prototyping for "three dimensional printing" of objects designed with or visualized by computer programs, the study of the effects of pressure by the use of high-pressure apparatuses designed to simulate conditions deep within the earth, and the use of accelerators for research in nuclear physics.

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NY STEM is sponsored by the New York State Education Department