Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics Scholarships (CSEMS)

The Stony Brook CSEMS program is a comprehensive support and scholarship program for low-income bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates. It provides two year scholarships for forty students in computer science, information systems, applied mathematics, electrical, biomedical and mechanical engineering and materials science majors at Stony Brook.

Selection Criteria:
(with special preference given to underrepresented minority, disabled, transfer, returning and female students)

  • Must be pursing a computer science, engineering or mathematics majors
  • Must be low-income
  • Must have a GPA of at least 2.75 undergraduate and 3.25 graduate
  • Must be within two years of degree completion
  • Must be an American citizen or permanent resident


  • tutoring, advisement and mentoring
  • research and internship placements
  • summer enrichment programs
  • career exploration opportunities
  • workplace preparedness and job placement

David Ferguson,

Paul Siegel,
CSEMS Coordinator