M.S. in Technological Systems Management with a concentration in

Global Operations Management

with elective options in Energy and Environmental Systems

Managers and knowledge workers face the challenges of rapid change, evolving technology and burgeoning information in today's global economy. Today, business is not as usual. Business is fiercely competitive and global competition is a reality. Downsizing, rightsizing, mergers, relocation, layoffs, and the slow extinction of middle-management has led to the need for individuals who can provide aggressive and innovative solutions to their company's challenges.

This program enables individuals to understand the integration of an enterprise's processes, and how to utilize modern tools, techniques and technologies to make their organization more competitive and profitable. The goal of this program is to increase the student's value to their organization. This is accomplished by introducing the strategic fundamentals of the customer/value driven enterprise, the management concepts of organizational design and structure, and the basic business processes for running an enterprise, including quality, finance and accounting, and information systems.

Since most of our students have full-time jobs, all the courses are offered in the evening. Six (6)of the ten (10) courses are also offered during the day. To receive graduate application materials, Please call the Technology and Society Department at (631) 632-8765 or fax your request to (631) 632-7809.

Course of Study

M.S. Degree with a concentration in Global Operations Management (30 credits)
with elective options in Energy and Environmental Systems

CORE COURSES - 6 credits
EST 581 - Methods of Socio Technological Decision Making
EST 582 - Systems Approach to Human- Machine Systems

EMP 502 - Engineering Economics
EMP 504 - Quantitative Methods in Management
EMP 506 - Engineering Enterprise Management
EMP 524 - Supply Chain Management
EMP 518 - Program / Project Management
EMP 517 - Quality Value Management

ELECTIVES - 6 credits (choose two)
EST 562 - Decision Support Systems
EMP 507 - Research and Special Topics in Global Industrial Management
EMP 521 - New Product Development and Design
EMP 522 - Strategic Marketing:  Planning and Process
EMP 523 - International Business and Management
EMP 525 - Technology Assessment
EST 580 - Advanced Technology Assessment (Prerequisite: two semesters of calculus)
EST 583 - Electric Power Systems (Prerequisite: two semesters of calculus)
EST 592 - Sustainable Energy (Prerequisite: two semesters of calculus)
EST 594 - Diagnosis of Environmental Disputes (Prerequisite: two semesters of calculus)
AMS 553 - Simulation and Modeling (Prerequisite: two semesters of calculus)
MAR 587 - GIS: Display and Analysis of Environmental Data (Prerequisite: two semesters of calculus)