M.S. in Technological Systems Management

Energy and Environmental Systems Focus Area

The purpose of the Energy and Environmental Systems (EES) Focus Area of the Technological System Management (TSM) Master’s program is to prepare future interdisciplinary professionals and leaders to address critical issues that arise from the interaction of human society and the natural environment.  Students will receive rigorous training in both underlying theories and practical approaches to problems in energy and environmental systems.  We emphasize quantitative and analytic skills (e.g., data analysis, probability and statistics, decision making), and deep knowledge in specific subjects (e.g., environmental assessment, environmental or energy planning, energy management, waste management, ecosystem management).  The flexible curriculum is designed to accommodate the needs and interests of each student.  It is intended to serve students with various length of working experience including mid-career professionals (for example, those who want to advance in or transfer to an energy or environmental career, or to expand their skills by introducing environmental components into their main area of expertise), new college graduates who take this program either as the final formal education in support of a professional career or as a step to Ph.D. program.  Students entering this program are expected to have a technical or scientific background, although those with an affinity for environmental studies may be considered in special circumstances. 

Academic progress in the EES area is flexible.  Full-time students can finish the program in three semesters.  Part-time students may take two to three years to finish.  All core courses are offered in the evening.

Course of Study

M.S Degree - Energy and Environmental Systems (30 Credits)

EST 581 - Heuristics and Quantitative Decision-Making
EST 582 - Introduction to Systems Concepts


EST 502 - Accounting and Financial Decision Analysis
EST 540 - Environmental Management
EST 541 - Long Island Groundwater
EST 542 - Water and Wastewater Engineering Practices
EST 580 - Advanced Technology Assessment
EST 584 - Air Pollution and Air Quality Management
EST 586 - Environmental and Waste Management in Business and Industry
EST 590 - TSM Graduate Seminar
EST 591 - Independent Study in TSM
EST 592 - Sustainable Energy; Technologies, Systems, Markets, and Policy
EST 593 - Risk Assessment and Hazard Management
EST 594 - Diagnosis of Environmental Disputes
EST 595 - Principle Environmental Systems Analysis
EST 597 - Waste Management Systems
EST 599 - Research in TSM
Master's Project

Electives from other departments (with approval from advisor)
AMS 571 - Mathematical Statistics
BEE 550 - Principles of Ecology
ESM 513 - Strength of Materials
MAR 512 - Marine Pollution
MBA 570 - Entrepreneurship
MEC 502 - Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer
POL 543 - Environmental Politics and Policy