Energy Technology and Policy

Degree Requirements

To obtain M.S. in the ETP, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 post-baccalaureate credits.
  • Complete four core courses: EST 581, EST 582, EST583, EST 592;
  • Complete five elective courses, with one course from each group;
  • Keystone project: complete the MS TSM project course EST 599; or an internship (at least one semester) in energy areas, plus an academic report on the internship.

Core courses:




Methods of Socio-technological Decision Making




Sustainable Energy: Technology, System, Market, & Policy




System Approach (emphasis on Technology-Society Systems)




Electric Power Systems

Elective courses:
Students must complete five elective courses, with one course from each of the Groups A - E below, and a keystone project. The following are partial lists of courses in each group. They will be regularly updated to add new courses that are appropriate to this course of study.

Group A: science and engineering approach to energy systems

EST 580 - Advanced Technology Assessment: Business, Government, and Strategy
MEC 506 - Energy Management in Commercial Buildings
MEC 515 - Emerging Energy Technologies
MEC 520 - Energy Technologies Thermodynamics
MEC 522 - Building Energy Dynamics and Technology

Group B: environmental sciences and tools

EST 584 - Air pollution and air quality management
EST 593 - Risk assessment and hazard management
EST 594 - Diagnosis of environmental disputes
EST 595 - Principles of environmental systems analysis
MAR 566 - Atmospheric air pollution and its control
MAR 587 - GIS: display and analysis of environmental data

Group C: quantitative methods and tools

EMP 504 - Quantitative Methods in Management
POL 501 - Introduction to statistics for public policy
POL 502 - Intermediate statistics for public policy
MBA 503 - Data Analysis and Decision Making
MEC 507 - Mathematical Methods in Engineering Analysis I
AMS 507 - Introduction to Probability
AMS 510 - Analytical Methods for Applied Mathematics and Statistics
AMS 540 - Linear Programming
AMS 550 - Stochastic Models
AMS 553 - Simulation and Modeling
AMS 556 - Dynamic Programming
AMS 572 - Exploratory Data Analysis

Group D: economics, business, and management

EST 546 - Financing the Transition to a Low-Carbon Society (
EMP 501 - Behavioral and organizational aspects of management
EMP 502 - Management accounting and finance
EMP 518 - Project Management
POL 509 - Public budgeting and finance
MBA 501 - Managerial economics
MBA 502 - Finance
MBA 504 - Financial Accounting
MBA 570 - Entrepreneurship

Group E: social sciences and public policy

EST 600 - Introduction to Technology, Policy, & Innovation (special permission)
POL 531 - Topics in public affairs: planning
POL 535 - Public policy analysis and evaluation
POL 540 - Data applications in public policy
POL 542 - Regional planning
POL 543 - Environmental politics and policy
MBA 507 - Law and ethics

Group F: Keystone project: EST 599 Special Project or Internship

Complete the MS TSM project course EST 599; or an internship (at least one semester) in energy or energy-related areas, plus an academic report on the internship.