Energy Technology and Policy


Dr. Yannick Glemarec (LinkedIn), Executive Coordinator, Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office of United Nations and Visiting Professor in the Department of Technology and Society, teaches EST546 Integrating Technology, Policy and Financing Instruments to Catalyze Climate Finance in the Energy Technology and Policy program.  Lecture slides and course description are available here.


About ETP

The Department of Technology and Society offers a new Focus Area in Energy Technology and Policy (ETP). It leads to a Master of Science degree in Technological Systems Management (TSM). ETP is designed for students (including mid-career professionals) who are interested in energy issues from the perspectives of corporations, government, and non-governmental organizations.  This course of study includes required courses that provide conceptual background in energy issues, technology management, decision making, public policy and business strategy; elective courses in alternative energies, electric power system, smart grid, advanced energy technologies and systems, environmental planning and management, engineering economics, financial analysis and engineering, statistics and data analysis, technology assessment, and policy analysis. This program also requires a keystone project where students can apply the knowledge learned in classroom to a current real-world energy issue.

ETP graduates are equipped with perspectives, methods, tools—and the ability to integrate them—that can enable them to better analyze and influence energy choices, and to initiate and better implement energy projects in real world. When our graduate joins an engineering company, for instance, she/he will bring with deep understanding of the last energy technologies, and many essential skills and knowledge to excel including scope definition, feasibility study, project design, permit application, and performance review.

ETP is offered as both a part-time and full-time program. A full-time student can complete in one calendar year (three semesters including summer), or may extend up to two years to take additional courses for greater depth and breadth. Academic progress for part-time student is even more flexible. She/he can have two to three years to finish.

ETP has a flexible curriculum to accommodate the needs and interests of individual students. Working with the student, the faculty advisor designs a tailored curriculum for each individual student. Please see three sample curricula below. We also offer this program, with a specially tailored curriculum, to a cohort of mid-career students on or near the working site.

A PDF with additional information about the area of interest is available here.