Courtesy of W. Taveras
Courtesy of DOE/NREL
Courtesy of DOE/NREL

The Department of Technology and Society (T&S), one of eight departments in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University, applies concepts and tools drawn from natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences to examine and enhance the relationship between technology and our society, both regionally and globally. These concepts include systems theory, methods and tools for decision making, and science-technology-society (STS) frameworks. In step with the SUNY 2020 initiative to scale the intellectual capacity of the academic community, T&S is deepening its points of focus to center on energy-environmental systems, and engineering & technology workforce policy.

Professor Lori Scarlatos Awarded High Needs Grant for Educational Software Development

Dr. Lori Scarlatos, Associate Professor of Educational Technology in Stony Brook University’s Department of Technology & Society, was awarded a $68,957 one-year grant by State University of New York (SUNY) as part of its High Needs program.

To read more information about the grant award, click here.

Department of Technology and Society Welcomes New Faculty

Dr. Gang He joined SBU’s Department of Technology and Society as an assistant professor in the Fall 2015 semester. Read More

Elizabeth L. Hewitt, Ph.D. has joined the department of Technology & Society as an assistant professor of energy policy.  Read More

Congratulations to Xin Yue on Her Recent "Best Paper" Award

A paper by Xin Yue and Guodong Sun, entitled "Influence of Government Supports on Technology Innovation Process: The Case of Li-ion Battery in the United States", won the Best Paper Award in the 24th Annual International Association for Management of Technology Conference (IAMOT 2015) , one of the two premier conferences on technology management. Xin is a doctoral student in the Technology, Policy and Innovation program, and Guodong is her advisor.  This paper was based on her Ph.D. qualification exam Part A report. The conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa, June 8-11, 2015.

Congratulations to Professor Dwyer on Her Recent Presentation at TEDxSBUWomen

Professor Dwyer presented "Inconvenient Momentum: Let's Get Rational" at the TEDxSBUWomen event on May 28th, 2015.

In this TED talk Dr. Dwyer shares the economic meaning of rational decision-making and explains how it could improve lives, particularly those of women.  She shares the philosophy of economics.  Dr. Dwyer teaches our graduate sequence in economics and public policy.

The presentation is available on YouTube. For more information TEDxSBUWomen, click here.