The Department of Technology and Society (T&S), one of eight departments in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University, applies concepts and tools drawn from natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences to examine and enhance the relationship between technology and our society, both regionally and globally. These concepts include systems theory, methods and tools for decision making, and science-technology-society (STS) frameworks. In step with the SUNY 2020 initiative to scale the intellectual capacity of the academic community, T&S is deepening its points of focus to center on energy-environmental systems, and engineering & technology workforce policy.

Dispelling the Myths: Film & Speaker Series on Nuclear Technology

Nuclear energy is used today in medicine, propulsion, power generation and defense, among applications. Yet understanding of this complicated technology at a societal level is often limited…

The Department of Technology and Society is pleased to sponsor the Nuclear Technology in the 21st Century film and speaker series -- Dispelling the Myths. This series aims to demystify some of the misconceptions about nuclear safety, management of nuclear waste, and future directions.

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Technology and Policy Speaker Series – Spring 2015

The Department of Technology and Society is proud to announce the launch of the Technology and Policy Speaker Series. In today’s complex technological society, policy makers are charged with some of the most critical challenges ever faced by our global society. The Department of Technology and Society is uniquely focused on the intersection of technology and policy particularly in the areas of energy and the environment, engineering education and workforce and cross-disciplinary, inter-agency cooperation and collaboration. The speakers lined up for our inaugural semester will tantalize participants by showcasing cutting-edge research and expert commentary on today’s most pressing problems. We hope you will join us.

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Congratulations graduates…

Technology and Society is pleased to announce its newest class of undergraduate, masters and doctoral graduates.

Among our many graduates, we’re proud to feature Dr. Sreekanth Mallikarjun who successfully defended his PhD dissertation on November 20, 2014. A copy of the dissertation, Energy Technology Allocation for Distributed Energy Resources: A Technology-Policy Framework, may be found here. The research is also featured in the August 2014 Energy journal. To learn more about Dr. Mallikarjun, see

Spring 2015 Graduate Courses with Energy and Environmental Faculty in Technology and Society

  • EST 535 - Electric Power Systems
  • EST 542 - Water and Wastewater Engineering Practices
  • EST 546 - Integrating Technology, Policy & Financing Instruments to Catalyze Climate Finance
  • EST 583 - National Energy Decision-making
  • EST 594 - Diagnosis of Environmental Disputes
  • EST 595 - Principles of Environmental Systems Analysis
  • EST 599 - Next Generation Utility Reform
  • EST 606 - The Economics of Technology, Policy and Innovation
  • EST 610 - Data Analysis

More information, including course descriptions, available here (PDF).

Photos Courtesy of DOE/NREL and W. Taveras