The Department of Technology and Society (T&S), one of eight departments in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University, applies concepts and tools drawn from natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences to examine and enhance the relationship between technology and our society, both regionally and globally. These concepts include systems theory, methods and tools for decision making, and science-technology-society (STS) frameworks. In step with the SUNY 2020 initiative to scale the intellectual capacity of the academic community, T&S is deepening its points of focus to center on energy-environmental systems, and engineering & technology workforce policy.

New Fall PhD seminars

  • EST 695.s36 Comparative Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
  • EST 695.s35 Theories and Applications of Decarbonization and Sustainability
  • EST 695.s34 Technology, Society, and Carbon
  • EST 605 Economics and Public Policy
  • EST 692 Research Workshop in Technology, Policy and Innovation

New Faculty

We are pleased to announce that four new faculty members have joined us in the energy, science and technology innovation, and economic policy areas. 

Photos Courtesy of DOE/NREL and W. Taveras