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EOS 029: Machine Shop Safety

1 Hour
Who Should Attend:
Required before working in any machine shop on campus and must be repeated after 5 years for students.
Course Objectives:
After successfully completing this course, you will know
  1. The Stony Brook University requirements for working in a campus machine shop.
  2. What appropriate attire is required when working in a machine shop.
  3. What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required when working in the machine shop.
  4. Proper housekeeping procedures for machine shops.
  5. How your behavior can affect your safety in the machine shop.
  6. General safety tips for using machines and tools in the shop.
  7. How to work safely with chemicals and other hazardous materials in the shop.
  8. What to do if there is and accident in the shop.
EH&S On-lineTraining
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Course Material

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