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EOS 015: Supervisor's Safety Responsibilities

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1 Hour
Course Purpose:
Supervisors play a key role in ensuring a safety program is effective. Every supervisor has at least the following responsibilities with regard to occupational health and safety:

  1. Employee Training - Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that each new employee, whether temporary or permanent, receives appropriate safety training at the start of employment.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment - OSHA requires that each supervisor assess the hazards of the work area to determine if the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary, the type(s) of PPE required and to provide training on its use and enforce the use of PPE.
  3. Accident and Injury Reporting - It is the supervisor's responsibility to investigate and report all accidents or injuries that occur to their employees while at work and to take immediate steps to correct unsafe conditions.

The purpose of this course is to provide training to ensure supervisorís understand their role as it pertains to safety.
Topics Covered:
  • Review of supervisorís responsibilities as it applies to safety
  • Discuss what an accident is, its effects, and causes
  • OSHA/PESH accident recordkeeping requirements
  • Accident investigation procedure
  • OSHA/PESH inspections

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