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EOS 011: Ergonomics/Manual Material Handling

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1 Hour
Course Purpose:
The Ergonomics Standard is an important step in combating the widespread cases of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that now affect 1.8 million U.S. workers each year. Over 600,000 of these MSDs of are serious enough to warrant absence from work. Back injuries account for around half of all compensable MSDs.

The purpose of this course is to educate University employees in the proper and safe lifting techniques and to create a better match between the worker, the work they perform, and the equipment they use. A good match increases worker productivity and reduces ergonomic injuries.
Who Should Attend:
Recommended to all University employees who lift, carry, or handle heavy and/or bulky materials.
Topics Covered:
  • Review manual materials handling (MMH) and cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) hazards in the workplace
  • Identify ergonomic hazards and control methods
  • What is Anthropometry
  • Manual materials handling (MMH) risk factors
  • Understanding your back
  • Principles of task redesign
  • Techniques for proper lifting and PPE requirements
  • Considerations for setting up your computer workstation
  • Stretching exercises
Course Materials

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