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EOS 008: Ladders and Elevated Work Platforms

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1 Hour
Course Purpose:
Ladders and elevated working platforms are common ancillary tools for works at heights. Every year, a considerable number of workers are injured while working at height. Some are seriously injured or lose their lives. Detailed analysis reveals that the accidents are either caused by workers not using these ancillary tools or workers fail to use the tools properly.

The purpose of this course is to raise workers' safety awareness in the use of ladders and elevated working platforms, thus helping to prevent injuries.
Topics Covered:
  • Types of portable ladders
  • Ladder ratings
  • Non self-supporting/self-supporting ladders
  • Ladder selection
  • Using ladders safely
  • Transporting and storage of ladders
  • Ladder inspection and maintenance
  • Elevated work platforms
  • General aerial lift safety
  • Scaffold safety, erection, type, inspection, access and maintenance

* Classes with insufficient registration will be cancelled

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