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ELS 020: Laboratory Safety - Biological Hazards - Annual Refresher

Who Should Attend:
Required annually for University faculty staff and students working in Biosafety Level 2 & 3 labs.
NEW! EH&S On-lineTraining!
EH&S is now offering this training class on-line through the Blackboard e-Education platform. Instructions for taking this course are below. To see what other EH&S courses are available on Blackboard go to
Learning Objectives - After completing this course you will be able to:
  • List classifications of materials that are considered "biohazardous".
  • List the important characteristics of biohazardous agents to safely work with them.
  • List the primary criteria for the 4 Risk Groups for biological agents.
  • List the primary criteria for Biosafety Levels 1-3.
  • Explain the differences of the 3 classes of biological safety cabinets.
  • List the important operational parameters for safe work in a Class II biosafety cabinet.
  • List the steps to clean up a spill of biohazardous materials.
To complete the on-line course, you will need:
  1. NetID user name and password to access Blackboard (available through your SOLAR account).
  2. ENROLL in the on-line course to view the material. There is no fee to enroll in these classes.
  3. Successfully complete the quiz.
To access the courses:
  1. Go to Blackboard
  2. Click <User Login> and enter your NetID username and password
  3. Click on <Environmental Health and Safety> in the Course Catalog
  4. Click <Enroll> for the EH&S course you are interested in
  5. Click <Submit> and <OK> to complete your self enrollment
  6. Follow the directions in "How to complete this course" on the left navigation bar within the course.
  7. Complete the "Satisfaction Survey" on the left navigation bar when you've completed the course.

Your SOLAR account will be updated to include successful completion of the course. Contact Kim Auletta or 632-3032 if you have any questions about accessing these on-line courses.

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