Training Course List, Descriptions and Materials

ELS 015: Laboratory Safety Coordinator

1 Hour
Who Should Attend:
Everyone who has been assigned to be a Lab Safety Coordinator by their supervisor or department chair is required to take this course.
Laboratory Safety Coordinators are a group of people who understand the need to conduct science safely. They help EH&S to facilitate the implementation of the various safety requirements and assist in establishing a safe work environment by collaborating with EH&S, faculty, other researchers and lab personnel. The Lab Safety Coordinator is an employee familiar with their department operations who has management support and cooperation for necessary activities, including time and resources. They have an appreciation for safety, injury/illness prevention, and an understanding of how safety is integrated into the department's mission.
NEW! EH&S On-lineTraining!
EH&S is now offering this training class on-line through the Blackboard e-Education platform. Instructions on enrolling are here:

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