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EIH 001: Asbestos Awareness

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1 Hour
Course Purpose:
The purpose of this course is to provide training and knowledge to limit asbestos exposure to workers who may disturb asbestos.
Who Should Attend:
Required prior to or at time of initial assignment and at least annually thereafter for all University employees who have the possibility of exposure to airborne asbestos fibers at concentrations at or above the PEL or excursion limit and to all staff who perform housekeeping and custodial duties.
Course Materials
Topics Covered:
  • OSHA signage
  • What is asbestos
  • Types of asbestos
  • Why was asbestos used
  • Where was asbestos used
  • Friable vs. non-friable asbestos-containing materials (ACM)
  • Route of entry
  • Health effects from asbestos exposure & asbestos-related diseases
  • Asbestos regulations and policies
  • Recognizing damaged, deteriorated, and delaminated ACM
  • Sources of ACM damage resulting in fiber release
  • Preventing exposure
  • Care of flooring
  • Large asbestos abatement projects

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