Laboratory Registration Frequently Asked Questions

What laboratories need to register?
All laboratories that contain chemicals, biological materials, radioactive materials, or labs that contain hazardous equipment or operations such as high pressure pumps, presses, high voltage systems. If you question if your laboratory should be registered contact your department lab safety coordinator or Environmental Health and Safety at (631) 632-6410 for assistance.
What is considered a laboratory?
A laboratory, for the purposes of this policy, is defined as a room or space that uses chemical hazards, biological hazards, radiological hazards, research animals, or containing physical and mechanical equipment hazards. The following areas are specifically not considered as laboratory spaces under this program: computer labs; storerooms; chaseways; mechanical rooms; shops. Rooms that are located within a primary laboratory, are under the control of a single PI, and contain similar hazards, may be registered with the primary laboratory by listing the individual rooms on the same lab registration. Rooms that do not contain similar hazards or are in different buildings must be registered as separate laboratories into the registration database. Rooms that house more than one PI or department should be registered by each PI or department with information corresponding to the hazards of operations under their control.
We share our lab space with another Principal Investigator (PI). Who needs to register the space?
Each PI must register, provide emergency contact information, and list all of the hazards in the space under their control. If you encounter problems with the registration process for a shared lab, contact Environmental Health and Safety at (631) 632-6410.
Why does the person registering and the primary emergency contact need a Lotus Notes account?
The registration system requires a Lotus Notes account to provide a secure portal for entering the information, provide pick lists for people's names, automatic entry of email addresses and other items that make the registration process more user friendly. There is no charge to obtain an account and it does not require a change of email address to Lotus Notes. Any mail that might be sent to the created account can be forwarded to another email address. (You will be asked if you wish to use another email address during the process. Be sure to answer yes, though this can be changed later.) As many labs have staff that do not use Lotus Notes the alternate emergency contact does not require a Notes account, for this reason names and email addresses must be entered manually.
I can't find my building on the drop down list, what do I do?
Many campus buildings have multiple names. Look through the list carefully. Here are a few common ones that have multiple names. Use the ones in the left column below as they are on the drop down list.
Displayed Name Common Synonyms
Basic Science Tower BST, Tower B
Centers for Molecular Medicine CMM
Clinical Sciences Center Health Science Center, HSC, Tower A
Chemistry Building Graduate Chemistry
If you cannot find your building listing or synonym, please contact Bob Holthausen, Lab Safety Specialist, EH&S at (631) 632-9672.
I am unsure of what the official room numbers are for our laboratory or not all the room numbers in our suite are clearly marked.
Contact your building manager for assistance on the room number designations for your laboratory. If the building manager is unsure they can contact Campus Planning, Design and Construction for clarification.

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